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lo. 21. 


Published Semi-monthly. By Subscription, $2.40 Per Annum. November 1, 1893. 
Entered at the New York Post Office as Second-Class Matter. Copyright, 1893, by P. M. Lupton 


The Miotic Oracle; 





Or, the Science of foretelling Eveiits by a 
consideration of the Signs of the Zodiac, 
the Sun and Moon, a?id the Planetary 
System. — With Lists of Lucky and Un- 
lucky Days and Presages drawn there- 

That man at the moment of his birth re- 
ceives the lurking principle of death — 

" The young disease, that must subdue at length, 
Grows with his growth, and strengthens with his 

is as acknowledged an axiom as that nothing in 
this world is immutable — and it is as fully ac- 
knowledged by daily observation and experi- 
ence, that the fate of every person in existence 
is written in the heavens, at the time of each of 
their births — and that the sun, moon, and stars, 
have a visible effect upon the future occurrences 
of our lives, by shedding their genial and ma- 
lign influence upon us at the moment of our first 
entrance into it. In order, therefore, that any 
person may learn from a consideration of the 
situation of the sign of the heavens at the time 
of their birth, what is contained for them in the 
book of fate, it will be necessary for them to 
cast their nativity — the manner of doing this is 
as follows : — 

Having ascertained the exact time of your 
birth, and the hour in which you entered this 
transitory life, procure a Moore's Almanac of 
the year, which will direct you to the sign that 
then reigned, the name of the planet, and the 
state of the moon ; particularly observe whether 
the sun was just entering the sign, whether it 
was near the end, or what was its particular 
progress : if at the beginning, your fate will be 
strongly tinctured with its properties, moderate 
at the meridian, and slightly if the sun is nearly 
going out of the sign. 

Write down the day of the week, see whether 
it is a lucky day or not, the state of the moon, 
the nature of the planets, and the influence de- 
scribed next, and you will, by making your ob- 
servations, ascertain your future destiny with 
very little trouble. 

Thus from a judicious and accurate observa- 
tion of the position of the planets at the moment 
when we first respire the breath of life, may 
easily be gathered what kind of existence our 
destiny has decreed for us — what propensities 
will distinguish our career — what pursuits will 
mark our way, and what success we may rea- 
sonably expect to attend our exertions. Thus, 
an education suited to our particular genius and 
talents may be given us, and we may thereby be 
enabled to turn many of those distinguishing 
peculiarities, which more or less stamp all the 
beings of the human species, to our advantage 
and happiness, that for want of this necessary 
information might become the sources of our 
wretchedness and misery. 

We are enabled to afford our readers some 
useful and entertaining discoveries on the effect 
of the planets over the race of man ; and as the 
Sun is the most powerful and conspicuous, we 
shall proceed to mark his way through the dif- 
ferent signs of the zodiac, and to show the ef- 
fect of his revolutions, beginning, for the sake 
of enabling our readers more readily to find 
what they may want, with the month of Janu- 
ary although the ancients began their year in 


Aquarius, or the Water-bearer. 

About the twentieth of the month the sun en- 
ters this sign : a man born at this period will be 
of an unruly, restless, fickle, and boisterous dis- 
position ; will be given to odd whims and strange 
fancies ; will undertake any thing, however dif- 
ficult, to accomplish any object he may have in 
view ; not contented long in one place ; soon af- 
fronted — slow to forgive ; suspicious and always 
imagining danger, and, instead of endeavoring 
to subdue trouble, meeting it half way. In life 
he will be moderately successful, and enjoy a 


portion of happiness. In love he will display 
an amorous disposition, and be passionately at- 
tached to his mistress, until she yields to his 
wishes, or marries him ; he will then grow indif- 
ferent, and rove until some other object fixes 
his attention. 

A woman born at this time^will be of a stu- 
dious, industrious, and sedentary disposition — 
will be much attached to the employment she is 
brought up to; in love she will be constant and 
moderate — she will make a kind and tender 
mother, and an affectionate wife. 


Pisces, or the Fishes. 

About the twentieth of the month the sun 
enters this sign : a man born at this time will 
be designing, intriguing, selfish, unfaithful to 
his engagements; he will be mean, and subser- 
vient to those whom he thinks he can make use- 
ful to his schemes ; but his end once obtained, 
he will take every opportunity to injure and be- 
tray them : in poverty he will be a sycophant, 
in prosperity a tyrant — haughty to equals and 
inferiors. In life he will generally be unsuccess- 
ful, although for a time he will often appear to 
have succeeded : in love he will be careless, in- 
different, and unsteady — he will make a severe 
father, and an unkind husband. 

A woman born at the same period will be of 
obliging manners, delicate in her ideas, open, 
and sincere in her friendships, an enemy to de- 
ceit — in love she will be faithful, and moderate- 
ly inclined to the joys of Venus : she will be 
affectionate to her family ; make a good and ten- 
der mother and be a prosperous and excellent 


Aries , or the Ram. 

About the twentieth of the month the sun 
enters this sign ;. a man born at this period will 
be of a bashful, meek, and irresolute disposi- 
tion, hard to provoke to a quarrel, but difficult 
to be appeased when roused : in life he will be 
for the most part happy and contented — in love 
he will be faithful and constant, moderately ad- 
dicted to its pleasures — he will be a kind, affec- 
tionate father, a good husband, a sincere friend, 
and of an industrious turn. 

A woman born at the same time will be mod- 
est, chaste, good-tempered, cleanly in her habits, 
industrious, and charitable — in love she will be 
faithful, and in life she will be rather happy 
than otherwise, but be little concerned about 
worldly affairs — she will make an amiable 
mother, be decently fond of her husband, and 
moderately given to the joys of Hymen. 

Taurus, or the Bull. 

About the twentieth of the month the sun 
enters this sign : a man born at this time will 
be of a strong and robust constitution, faithful 
to his engagements, industrious, sober, and 
honest, but prone to anger — in life he will be ar- 
dent in his pursuits, but will meet with many 
vexations and disappointments — in love he will 
be extremely amorous, much given to women, 
of a jealous disposition, liable to infidelity to the 
marriage bed, but on the whole a good husband, 
and a kind father — he will be extremely desir- 
ous of roving in the world, and establishing a 

A woman born at this period will be of a 
courageous and resolute disposition, of an indus- 
trious turn, impatient of control, desirous of 
praise, and not easily daunted, fond of domestic 
life, much attached to those pleasures that are 
consistent with virtue, fond of her husband, in- 
dulgent to her children, and a sincere friend, 
and liberal benefactress — she will be happy in 
the connubial state, and pass her time with 
much satisfaction. - 

Gemini, or the Twins. 

About the twentieth of the month the sun en 
ters this sign : a man born at this period will be 
of an undaunted courage, of a sweet and cheer- 
ful temper, of a lively imagination, stern in his 
resentments, though not easily provoked — he 
will be very ambitious of distinguishing him- 
self for his learning and his knowledge of his 
profession or trade — in life he will be inclined 
to traveling, especially in foreign countries — he 
will meet with many crosses, and much perse- 
cution, but will bear them all with manly forti- 
tude, and great patience — he will be immoder- 
ately attached to women, placing all his happi- 
ness in their arms — he will make a good father, 
but an unfaithful husband. 

A woman born at this period will be of a 
peevish and fretful temper — she will be vindic- 
tive and revengeful, not very industrious, but 
inclined to neatness in dress and in her house 
— in love she will be credulous and jealous, 
much inclined to the pleasures of the marriage 
bed — in life she will meet with many disagree- 
able interruptions to her peace of mind, but be 
of a generous disposition, kind to her children, 
affectionate to her husband, and liberal to her 


Cancer, or the Crab, 

About the twentieth of the month the sun en- 
ters this sign: a man born at this period will be 



of an industrious and sober disposition, diffident 
of his own abilities, not easily excited to mirth, 
firm and inflexible in his determinations — in 
life, he will be faithful to his engagements, suc- 
cessful in his pursuits, and kind to his fellow- 
creatures — in love he will be sincere, moderate- 
ly inclined to the joys of Hymen, faithful to the 
nuptial bed, a tender father, and a kind hus- 

A woman born at this time will be of a cap- 
tious temper inclined to industry, and fond of 
merriment and good cheer — in life she will be 
persevering in her undertakings, tenacious of 
her own opinion, but without provoking obsti- 
nacy — she will be much inclined to the pleas- 
ures of love in a lawful manner, will make a 
good wife, and an affectionate mother, and en- 
joy a reasonable share of happiness and tran- 


Leo, or the Lion. 

About the twentieth of the month the sun en- 
ters this sign : a man born at this period will be 
of an unruly, turbulent, rapacious, and quarrel- 
some disposition, always inclined to dispute 
with his neighbors, and enter into lawsuits — in 
life he will be for ever scheming, without ac- 
complishing his ends ; he will be troublesome 
to others and to himself, and for the most part 
be unhappy — in love he will be indifferent, 
making it a secondary consideration — he will be 
unfaithful whenever his interests so dictate — he 
will make a morose husband, and a negligent 

A woman born at this time will be of an 
abusive and quarrelsome disposition, indolent 
and peevish in her temper, fond of calumniat- 
ing her neighbors — she will be little inclined to 
the pleasures of love, be a very indifferent 
mother, and a sluttish wife — in life she will be 
perpetually in scrapes, and be for the most part 
unhappy herself by endeavoring to make 
others so. 


Virgo, or the Virgin. 

About the twentieth of the month the sun en- 
ters this sign : a man born at this period will be 
of rather a timid disposition, though not 
cowardly — he will be honest and sincere in his 
dealings, much reserved in conversation, cau- 
tious in his undertakings, good-tempered and 
mild, gentle in his behavior and sober in his 
conduct — in life, he will be tolerably happy, 
and moderately successful — in love he will be 
much inclined to lawless pleasures, yet affec- 
tionate to his wife — he will make a good father, 
and a tender husband. 

A woman born at this time will be of a very 
honest, sincere, and candid disposition, much 
inclined to cleanliness in her person, of warm 
desires, modest speech, fond of connubial joys, 
and faithful to her husband — she will make a 
good mother, and an industrious wife. 

Libra, or the Balance. 

About the twentieth of the month the sun en- 
ters this sign : a man born at this period will 
be of an honest, sober, and upright disposition, 
faithful and just in his dealings, a great lover 
of truth, and an enemy to quarrels and disturb- 
ances — in life he will be highly respected, 
whatever may be his situation, rich or poor — if 
he arrives at honors and places of conse- 
quence, he will still retain a veneration for his 
old friends, protect them to the utmost of his 
power, and conduct himself with temper and 
moderation — in love he will be no enemy to 
the pleasures of wedlock, but make an affection- 
ate husband and a kind father. 

A woman born at this time will be of a pru- 
dent, modest, and virtuous disposition, dignified 
in her manners, affable and agreeable in her 
conversation, generous in her temper, in life 
she will be very happy — in the business of love 
she will only consider it as a duty in obedience 
to her husband, and will make an obedient and 
complying wife, and a careful and attentive 


Scorpio, or the Scorpion. 

About the twentieth of the month the sun en- 
ters this sign : a man born at this period will 
be of an amiable and solid disposition, of a 
lively imagination, prudent in his conduct, and 
agreeable in his manners. In life he will be 
subject to many cruel and severe hardships, he 
will have many enemies, be suspected of plots 
and conspiracies against the state ; he will be 
persecuted and calumniated, but by the inter- 
position of friends he will be raised by his mer- 
its, in the end triumph over his enemies, and be 
extricated from his difficulties. In love he will 
be faithful and sincere, much addicted to the 
delights of the connubial state, but obliged to 
make his passions yield to his other concerns in 
life ; he will be a fond father and an affection- 
ate husband. 

A woman born at this time will be of a rash, 
imperious, intriguing, and designing disposition, 
of an unsteady and disagreeable temper, and 
inclined to liquor. In life her schemes will 
generally miscarry through her own folly and 
want of conduct. In love she will yield to its 
pleasures only with a view to serve her purpose, 


and she will be tickle and unfaithful — make a 
bad wife, savage mother, and be the cause of 
her family's Unhappiness. 


Sagittarius, or the Archer. 

About the twentieth of the month the sun en- 
ters this sign ; a man born at this period will 
be of a cold, phlegmatic disposition, of little 
sensibility, furious when in a passion, implaca- 
ble in his resentments, punctual in his dealings. 
In life he will be generally successful, easily 
led by others, and frequently deceived. In love 
he will be moderate in his passions, caressing 
his wife merely for the sake of getting children, 
to whom he will make an excellent father, but 
will be a morose and tyrannical husband. 

A woman born at this time will be of a mas- 
culine disposition, much addicted to calumniate 
others, and spreading scandalous reports of 
those she does not like ; in her behavior she 
will be imperious and disagreeable, a great 
scold, and inclined to strong liquors and quar- 
relling. In life she will make many enemies 
by her want of conduct and little regard to 
what she says, be rather unhappy and unsuc- 
cessful in her pursuits. In love she will be 
constant, but expect to govern her husband — 
she will expect him to do strict justice to the 
marriage bed, to the pleasures of which she 
will be immoderately attached; she will love 
her children but be negligent of them — she 
will be fond of her husband, whilst he gives 
her her own way, and strictly performs the 
marriage rites; but if they are neglected, she 
will lead him a wearisome life, and prove un- 

Capricorn, or the horned Goat. 

About the twentieth of the month the sun 
enters this sign : a man born at this time will 
be of an ambitious, turbulent, and restless dis- 
position, troublesome to himself and others, of 
a dull and lazy habit, void of reflection, and of 
unpleasant manners. In life he will be un- 
happy and unfortunate, owing to his own rash- 
ness and want of consideration. In love he 
will be exceedingly amorous, much attached to 
the female sex, rather fickle in his affections, 
but kind and loving to his wife, punctual in the 
discharge of the nuptial duties ; he will make a 
bad father, but a good husband. 

A woman born at this time will be of a 
meek, sober, and amiable disposition, a good 
neighbor, and a sincere friend, fearful and tim- 
orous, but of engaging manners. In life she 
will be rather happy than otherwise, and easily 
restrained from doing wrong. In love she will 

be of a warm constitution, and yield easily to 
the solicitations of her lovers; in the married 
state she will be faithful and kind, strongly at- 
tached to the hymenial duties, and forward in 
exacting them of her husband ; she will be a 
tender mother and a good wife, though ex- 
tremely credulous of every thing she hears. 

It will be necessary to observe, that the dis- 
positions and events we have mentioned will be 
more forcible in proportion to the progress the 
sun has made in the sign ; and that they will be 
considerably altered by a junction of any of the 
other planets with the sun as their motion is 
very unequal, we can only lay down the gen- 
eral influence they have, leaving it to the judg- 
ment of our readers to apply them : we shall 
here lay down a plan by which they will be en- 
abled to ascertain what planet was mostly in 
conjunction with the sun at the time of their 
birth. When you have ascertained positively 
the month and the day, examine your own dis- 
position, and that with strict impartiality, 
neither attributing to yourself virtues you do 
not possess, nor ascribing to yourself vices to 
which you are not addicted. Separate all your 
qualities in your mind, and try which of them 
has the greatest sway ; by these means you will 
easily discover what planet was predominant at 
the time of your birth — from what we are go- 
ing to describe of them and their influence over 
human nature. 


Is the most malignant of all the planets, and is 
thirty years passing through the twelve signs ; 
thus it happens very rarely that the sun enters 
the same sign with him, at the same time, which 
is absolutely necessary to give an influence over 
man. This may be deemed a very fortunate 
circumstance for mankind, as persons who are 
born under his influence are morose, sour, ty- 
rannical, cruel, and bloody in their dispositions, 
given to murder and robbery, in short, worse 
than savages. Whenever blood is wantonly 
shed, or murder is attended with any shocking 
barbarity, you may be well assured that Saturn 
presided at the birth of those who perpetrated 
such foul deeds, it being the character of this 


Is twenty-three months in performing his revo- 
lution through the signs — his conjunction with 
the sun therefore happens but seldom ; those 
born under this planet are remarkable for their 
ungovernable ambition, to gratify which they 
would trample down the lives and fortunes of 
their fellow-creatures without remorse, and 
sever the dearest and most tender ties which 
nature has given to man. 

t&E MYSTIC Oft ACL ft. 


Is also twenty-three months journeying through 
the signs — persons born under the influence of 
this planet which seldom comes in conjunction 
with the sun, are remarkable for their desire 
for glory, and the reputation of being coura- 
geous. Thus it is that men frequently destroy 
their fellow-creatures to satisfy their idle appe- 
tites, and acquire a reputation for" what they 
falsely conceive to be courage and glory. 


Is the most benignant of all the planets, she 
presides over and inspires that secret desire, 
that natural impulse which pervades all creat- 
ures to propagate their species, that which 
nothing can give so sure, so durable, and such 
frequent transport to the thinking mind ; that 
inspiration to love each other which is found in 
the sexes, depends entirely on her constant at- 
tendance on the sun. Without Venus a tire- 
some and stupefying apathy would diffuse itself 
over the whole creation ; it is to her benign and 
maternal influence is owing the existence of 
that desire that constantly urges us to seek in 
each other the comforts which no individual is 
capable of finding in himself; and it is her 
alone that keeps this vivifying spark alive in the 
human breast. Her mildness restrains and 
meliorates the rugged suggestions of the other 
planets; it is thus that frequently we witness 
the ambitious man losing sight of his object, 
and retiring to enjoy the exquisite bliss which a 
judiciously selected female alone can bestow, 
thus we see the hardy and veteran soldier after 
the fatigues of battle solacing himself in the 
embraces of a favorite female companion, thus 
we see the miser, whose very soul is absorbed 
in treasure, and who deprives himself of every 
comfort and necessary of life, under the benign 
influence of this planet, suffering a beloved 
woman to bring forth his hoards and unlock 
those chests that the calls of his own nature, 
and the distresses of his fellow-creatures, es- 
sayed to open in vain — in short, every bliss of 
which the lover partakes is owing to the influ- 
ence of this planet, who, happily for mankind, 
is found frequently in conjunction with the 
genial sun : Venus may, with great truth be 
said to light the torch of Hymen. 


Is equally benignant with Venus, but hath a 
different influence over man ; he is the sun's 
constant companion and it is to him that we are 
indebted for wit, memory, understanding, vivac- 
ity, and health — but for the predominance of 
some other planet less favorable to man we 
should enjoy a state of uninterrupted happiness, 
be equal in privileges, and be in constant felicity 
from the influence of this beneficent star. 

The Moon 

Performs her journey through the signs in about 
thirty-eight days, when she has the superiority ; 
at the birth of an infant he is dull, inactive, 
heavy, frigid, insensible to those scenes that 
take place around him, his blood circulates 
feebly through his veins, he is a stranger to the 
joys of love, and nothing but the irresistible 
power of Venus can arouse him from his leth- 
argy, or set his passions afloat. He is incap- 
able of sincere attachment, and is like a blank 
in the universe, neither enjoying himself nor 
promoting the happiness of others. 

We shall now present our readers with ac- 
curate lists of Lucky and Unlucky Days, with 
which we shall conclude this division of our 


Which, to those Persons being males born on 
them, will generally prove unfortunate. 

January, 3, 4. 

February, 6, 7, 12, 13, 19, 20. 

March, 5,6, 12, 13. 

May, 12, 13, 20, 21, 26, 27. 

June, I, 2, 9, 10, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24. 

July, 3, 4, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18. 

October, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 31. 

November, I, 3. 

Almost all persons (being of the male sex) 
that are born on the days included in the fore- 
going table, will, in a greater or less degree 
suffer, not only by pecuniary embarrassment 
and losses of property, but will also experience 
great distress and anxiety of mind, much dis- 
satisfaction, dissension, and unhappiness in 
their family affairs, much disaffection to each 
other among the married ones, (indeed few of 
them can ever be happy in the married state,) 
trouble about their children, daughters forming 
unfortunate attachments, and a variety of un- 
toward events of other descriptions which our 
limits do not allow us to particularize. The in- 
fluence of these days are of a quality and 
tendency calculated to excite in the minds of 
persons born on them, an extraordinary itch for 
speculation, to make changes in their affairs, 
commence new undertakings of various kinds, 
but all of them will tend nearly to one point — 
loss of property and pecuniary embarrass- 
ments. Such persons who embark their capi- 
tal 'on credit in new concerns or engagements, 
will be likely to receive checks or interruptions 
to the progress of their schemes or undertak- 
ings. Those, who enter into engagements in- 
tended to be permanent, whether purchases, 
leases, partnerships, or in short any other spec- 



ulation of a description which cannot readily be 
transferred; or got rid of will dearly repent 
their bargains* 

They will find their affairs from time to time 
much interrupted and agitated, and experience 
many disappointments in money matters, 
trouble through bills, and have need of all their 
activity and address to prop their declining 
credit ; indeed almost all engagements and 
affairs that are entered upon by persons born on 
any of these days will receive some sort of 
check or obstruction. The greater number of 
those persons born on these days will be sub- 
ject to weakness or sprains in the knees and 
. ankles, also diseases and hurts in the legs.' 


Which to those persons [being' females) bom 
on them will generally prove unfortunate. 

January, 5, 6, 13, 14, 20, and 21. 

February, 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 22, and 23. 

March, 1, 2, 8, 9, 16, 17, 28, and 29. 

April, 24 and 25. 

May, 1, 2, 9, 17, 22, 29, and 30. 

June, 5, 6, 12, 13, 18, and 19. 

July, 3 and 4. 

September, 9 and 16. 

October, 20 and 27. 

November, 9, 10, 21, 29, and 30. 

December, 6, 14, and 21. 

We particularly advise all females born on 
these days to be extremely cautious of placing 
their affections too hastily, as they will be sub- 
ject to disappointments and vexations in that re- 
spect ; it will be better for them (in those mat- 
ters) to be guided by the advice of their friends, 
rather than by their own feelings, they will be 
less fortunate in placing their affections, than in 
any other action of their lives, as many of these 
marriages will terminate in separations, di- 
vorces, &c. Their courtships will end in elope- 
ments, seductions, and other ways not neces- 
sary of explanation. Our readers must be well 
aware that affairs of importance begun at in- 
auspicious times, by those who have been born 
at those periods when the stars shed their 
malign influence, can seldom, if ever, lead to 
much good ; it is, therefore, that we endeavor 
to lay before them a correct statement drawn 
from accurate astrological information, in order 
that by strict attention and care, they may avoid 
lalling into those perplexing labyrinths .from 
which nothing but^ that care and attention can 
save them. The list of days we have above 
given, will be productive of hasty and clandes- 
tine marriages — marriages under untoward cir- 
cumstances, perplexing attachments, and as a 
natural consequence, the displeasure of friends, 

together with family broils, dissensions, and 
divisions. We now present our readers with a 



With respect to Courtship, Marriage, and 
Love affairs in general — Females that 
were born on the following days may ex- 
pect Courtships and prospects of Mar- 
riage, and which will have a happy ter- 

January, 1, 2, 15, 26, 27, 28. 

February, 11, 21, 25, 26. 

March, 10, 24. 

April, 6, 15, 16, 20, 28. 

May, 3, 13, 18, 31. 

June, 10, 11, 15, 25, 22. 

July, 9, 14, 15, 28. 

August, 6, 7, 10, II, 19, 20, 25. 

September, 4, 8, 9, 17, 18, 23. 

October, 3, 7, 16, 21, 22. 

November, 5, 14, 20. 

December, 14, 15, 19, 20, 22, 23, 25. 

Although the greater number, or indeed 
nearly all the ladies that are born on the days 
stated in the preceding list, will be likely "to 
meet with a prospect of marriage, or become, 
engaged in some love affair of more than ordi- 
nary importance, yet it must not be expected 
that the result will be the same with all of 
them ; with some they will terminate in mar- 
riage — with others in disappointment — and 
some of them will be in danger of forming 
attachments that may prove of a somewhat 
troublesome description. We shall, therefore, 
in order to enable our readers to distinguish 
them, give a comprehensive and useful list, 
showing which of them will be most likely to 
marry. * 

Those born within the limits of the succeed- 
ing List of Hours, on any of the preceding 
days, will be the most likely to marry — or will, 
at least, have Courtships that will be likely to 
have a happy termination. 


January 2d. From 30 minutes past 10 till 15 
minutes past II in the morning; and from 
15 minutes before 9 till 15 minutes before 
1 1 at night. 

15th. From 30 minutes past 9 till 15 min- 
utes past 10 in the morning ; and from 30 
minutes past 7 till 15 minutes past 1 1 at 

26th. From 30 minutes past 8 till 15 min- 
utes past 9 in the morning ; and from 7 till 
15 minutes past 10 at night. 


February nth and 12th. From 30 minutes 
past 7 till 15 minutes past 8 in the morn- 
ing; and from 15 minutes past 6 till 15 
minutes before 9 at night. 
2ist. From 7 till 15 minutes before 8 in the 
morning; and from 15 minutes past 5 till 
15 minutes before 8 at night. 
25th and 26th. From 15 minutes before 7 
till 30 minutes past 7 in the morning ; and 
from 15 minutes before 5 till 30 minutes 
past 7 in the evening. 

March 10th. From 5 till 1 5 minutes before 6 
in the morning ; and from 4 in the after- 
noon till 15 minutes before 7 in the even- 

April 6th. From 15 minutes past 4 till 5 in the 

morning ; and from 30 minutes past 2 till 
15 minutes past 5 in the afternoon. 

20th. From 30 minutes past 3 till 15 min- 
utes past 4 in the morning ; and from 30 
minutes past 1 till 15 minutes past 4 in the 
May 3d. From 15 minutes before 3 till 30 
minutes past 3 in the morning ; and from 
15 minutes before 1 till 30 minutes past 3 
in the afternoon. 

13th. From 2 till 15 minutes before 3 in the 
morning ; and from 12 at noon till 15 min- 
utes before 3 in the afternoon. 

1 8th. From 15 minutes before 1 till 30 min- 
utes past 2 in the morning; and from 15 
minutes before 1 2 at noon till 30 minutes 
past 2 in the afternoon. 

31st. From 15 minutes before I till 30 min- 
utes past I in the morning; and from 15 
minutes past 10 in the morning till 15 min- 
utes before I in the afternoon. 
June 10th and nth. From 15 minutes past 10 
till I in the afternoon ; and from 12 at night 
till I in the morning. 

15th. From 10 in the morning till 2 in the 
afternoon; and from 15 minutes before 12 
at night till 15 minutes before I in the 

25th. From 15 minutes past 9 in the morn- 
ing till 12 at noon; and from II to 12 at 

29th. From 9 in the morning till 1 5 minutes 
before 12 at noon; and from 15 minutes 
before II till 15 minutes before 12 at 
July 9th. From 15 minutes past 8 till n in 
the morning ; and from 10 till 1 1 at night. 

14th and 15 th. From 8 till 1 1 in the morn- 
ing; and from 10 till 1 1 at night. 

28th. From 7 till 10 in the morning ; and 
from 9 till 10 at night. 
August 6th and 7th. From 30 minutes past 6 
till 15 minutes past 9 in the morning; and 
from 15 minutes past 8 till 15 minutes past 
9 at night. 

10 and 11th. From 15 minutes past 6 till 9 

in the morning ; and from 8 till 9 in the 

19th and 20th. From 30 minutes past 5 till 
30 minutes past 8 in the morning ; and from 
30 minutes past 7 till 30 minutes past 8 in 
the evening. 

25th. From 15 minutes past 5 till 8 in the 
morning ; and from 7 till 8 in the even- 
September 4th. From 15 minutes before 5 till 
30 minutes past 7 in the morning ; and from 
30 minutes past 6 till 30 minutes past 7 in 
the evening. 

8th and 9th. From 30 minutes past 4 till 15 
minutes past 7 in the morning ; and from 
15 minutes past 6 till 15 minutes past 7 in 
the evening. 

17th and 1 8th. From 5 till 15 minutes before 
5 in the morning ; and from 1 5 minutes 
before 6 till 15 minutes bo fore 7 in the 

23d. From 30 minutes past 3 till 30 minutes 
past 5 in the morning ; and from 30 min- 
utes past 5 till 30 minutes past 6 in the 
October 3d. From 3 till 15 minutes before 6 
in the morning; and from 15 minutes past 
4 till 15 minutes past 5 in the afternoon. 

7th. From 15 minutes before 3 till 30 min- 
utes past 5 in the morning ; and from 30 
minutes past 4 till 30 minutes past 5 in the 

1 6th. From 2 till 5 in the morning ; and 
from 4 till 5 in the afternoon. 

2 1 st and 22d. From 15 minutes before 2 till 
30 minutes past 4 in the morning ; and from 
30 minutes past 3 till 15 minutes past 4 in 
the afternoon. 
November 5th. From 1 till 15 minutes before 
4 in the morning; and from 15 minutes 
before 3 till 15 minutes before 4 in the 

14th. From 15 minutes past 12 till 3 in 
the morning ; and from 2 till 3 in the after- 

20th. From 15 minutes before 12 till 15 
minutes past 2 in the morning; and 
from 15 minutes past 1 till 2 in the after- 
December 14th and 15th. From 10 till 30 
minutes past 12 in the morning; and from 
12 at noon till 15 minutes before 1 in the 

1 8th and 19th. From 15 minutes before 10 
at night till 15 minutes past 5 in the morn- 
ing; and from 30 minutes past 11 till 15 
minutes past 1 2 at night. 
January 3d. From 30 minutes past 10 till 15 
minutes past 1 1 in the morning ; and from 
15 minutes before 9 till 15 minutes past 
1 1 at night. 

j 2th and 13th. From 15 minutes past 9 till 



10 in the morning; and from 15 minutes 
before 8 to 30 minutes past 10 at night. 

iStli. From 9 till 15 minutes before 10 in 
the morning; and from 15 minutes past 7 
till 10 at night, 

27th. From 9 till 15 minutes before 10 in 
the morning; and from 7 till 15 minutes 
before 10 at night. 
February 1st. From 8 till 30 minutes past 8 in 
the morning ; and from 6 till 30 minutes 
past 8 in the evening. 

nth and 1 2th. From 15 minutes before 8 till 
30 minutes past 8 in the morning, and from 
15 minutes before 6 till 30 minutes past 8 
in the evening. 

17th. From 7 till 15 minutes before 8 in the 
morning; and from 15 minutes past 5 till 8 
in the evening. 
March 1st. From 30 minutes past 6 till 15 min- 
utes past 7 in the morning; and from 30 
minutes past 4 till 15 minutes past 7 in 
the evening. 

1 6th and 17th. From 30 minutes past 5 till 
15 minutes past 6 in the morning; and from 
15 minutes before 4 till 30 minutes past 6 
in the evening. 

19th, 20th, 2 1st, 22d, 23d,* 24th, and 25th. 
From 30 minutes past 5 till 30 minutes past 
6 in the morning; and from 30 minutes 
past 3 till 15 minutes past 6 in the evening. 

26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th. From 15 
minutes past 5 till 15 minutes before 6 in 
the morning; and from 1 5 minutes past 3 
till 6 in the evening. 
April 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. From 
30 minutes past 4 till 30 minutes past 5 in 
the morning ; and from 30 minutes past 2 
till 5 in the afternoon. 

10th, nth, 12th, 13th, and 14th. From 1 5 
minutes before 4 till 1 5 minutes before 5 in 
the morning and from 2 till 30 minutes past 
4 in the afternoon. 

19th, 20th, 2 1 st, 22d, and 23d. From 30 
minutes past 4 in the morning; and from 
15 minutes before 2 till 30 minutes past 4 
in the afternoon. 

25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th. From 3 till 4 
in the morning; and from 15 minutes past 
I till 15 minutes before 4 in the afternoon. 
May 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th. From 15 
minutes past two till 15 minutes past 3 in 
the morning ; and from 30 minutes past 1 2 
at noon till 15 minutes past 3 in the after- 

9th, 10th, nth, 1 2th, and 13th. From 2 tvj 
3 in the morning ; and from 15 minutes past 
1 2 at noon till 3 in the afternoon. 

1 6th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22d. 
From 15 minutes before 2 till 15 minutes 
before 3 in the morning ; and from 1 2 at 
noon till 15 minutes before 3 in the after- 

23d, 24th, 25th, 26th, and 27th. From 15 
minutes past 1 till 15 minutes past 2 in the 
morning ; and from 30 minutes past 1 1 in 
the forenoon till 15 minutes past 2 in the 
June 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6th. From 15 
minutes past 10 in the morning till 1 in the 
afternoon; and from 15 minutes past 12 at 
night till 15 minutes past I the next morn- 

nth. From 15 minutes past 10 in the morn- 
ing till 15 minutes before I in the after- 
noon; and from 12 at night till 1 the next 

20th. From 30 minutes past 9 in the morn- 
ing till 12 at noon; and from 11 till 12 at 

25th. From 15 minutes past nine in the 
morning till 15 minutes past 12 at noon; 
and from n till 12 at night. 
July 5th. From 15 minutes before 8 till 15 
minutes past 10 in the morning ; and from 
15 minutes before 10 till 15 minutes before 
1 1 at night. 

9th. From 15 minutes past 8 till 1 1 in the 
morning; and from 15 minutes past 10 till 
1 1 at night. 
19th. From 30 minutes past 7 till 10 in the 
morning; and from 15 minutes past 9 till 15 
minutes past 10 at night. 

24th. From 7 till 15 minutes before 10 in 
the morning; and from 9 till 10 at night. 
August 2d and 3d. From 30 minutes past 6 till 
15 minutes before 9 in the morning ; and 
from 30 minutes past 8 till 30 minutes past 
9 at night. 

6th. From 15 minutes before 6 till 9 in the 
morning ; and from 30 minutes past 7 till 
30 minutes past 8 at night. 

22d. From 15 minutes past 5 till 8 in the 
morning ; and from 15 minutes past 7 till 15 
minutes past 8 at night. 
September 1st. From 4 till 15 minutes before 
7 in the morning; and 6 till 7 in the even- 

5th. From 30 minutes past 4 till 15 minutes 
before 7 in the morning; and from 30 min- 
utes past 6 till 30 minutes past 7 in the 

14th. From 15 minutes before 4 till 30 min- 
utes past 6 in the morning ; and from 30 
minutes past 5 till 30 minutes past 6 in the 

29th. From 15 minutes before 3 till 30 min- 
utes past 5 in the morning ; and from 30 
minutes past 4 till 30 minutes past 5 in the 
October 3rd. From 3 till 15 minutes befoi 

in the morning; and from 15 minutes be- 
fore 5 till 15 minutes before 6 in the even- 

1 2th. From 15 minutes past 2 till 5 in the 



morning; and from 15 minutes before 4 
till 30 minutes past 4 in the afternoon. 

1 8th and 19th. From 30 minutes past I till 
4 in the morning; and from 15 minutes be- 
fore 3 till 30 minutes past 4 in the after- 
November loth and nth. From 30 minutes 
past 12 at night till 15 minutes past 3 in 
the morning ; and from 30 minutes past 1 
till 30 minutes past 2 in the afternoon. 

15th and 1 6th. From 12 at night till 15 min- 
utes before 3 in the morning; and from 15 
minutes past I till 2 in the afternoon. 

29th and 30th. From 15 minutes past II at 
night till 2 in the morning ; and from I till 
1 5 minutes before 2 in the afternoon. 
December 8th and 9th. From 15 minutes past 
10 at night till I in the morning ; and from 
30 minutes past 12 at noon till 30 minutes 
past I in the afternoon. 

14th, 15th, and 1 6th. From 10 at night till 
15 minutes before I in the morning ; and 
from 15 minutes beforfc 12 till 30 minutes 
past 12 at noon. 

23rd and 24th. From 1 5 minutes past 1 1 till 
1 2 at noon, and from 1 5 minutes past 9 till 
1 2 at night. 

28th. From 15 minutes past 10 till II in the 
morning; and from 9 till 15 minutes before 
1 2 at night. 

We do not presume to assert that every lady 
born on the last mentioned times, will be ex- 
empt from all descriptions of trouble during the 
whole of their lives, but that they will never (in 
spite of whatever may happen to befall them) 
sink below mediocrity. Even servants and those 
born of poor parents will possess some superior 
qualities — get into good company — be much 
noticed by their superiors, and will, in spite of 
any intervening difficulties, establish themselves 
in the world, and rise much above their sphere 
of birth. 

It has often been recorded, and though a 
singular observation, experience has shown it to 
be a true one, that some event of importance is 
sure to happen to a woman in her thirty-first 
year, whether single or married ; it may prove 
for her good, or it may be some great evil or 
temptation; therefore we advise her to be 
cautious and circumspect in all her actions. If 
she is a maiden or widow, it is probable she will 
marry this year. If a wife that she will lose 
her children or her husband : — She will either 
receive riches or travel into a foreign land : at 
all events, some circumstance or other will 
take place during this remarkable year of her 
life, that will have great effect on her future 
fortunes and existence. 

The like is applicable to men in their forty- 
second year, of which so many instances have 
been proved that there is not a doubt of its 

truth : Observe always to take a lease for an 
odd number of years ; even are not prosperous. 
— The three first days of the moon are the best 
for signing papers, and the first five days as 
well as the twenty-fourth for any fresh under- 
taking. But we cannot but allow that a great 
deal depends on our own industry and persever- 
ance, and by strictly discharging our duty to 
God and man, we may often overcome the 
malign influence of a bad planet, or a day 
marked as unlucky in the book of fate. 



Or f the Art of Fortune-Telling by Transposi- 
tion of Names, 

It has often been remarked, although it is a 
fact by no means commonly known, that the 
names given to children at the baptismal font 
joined to their family or surnames, and added 
to titles which may be bestowed upon them in 
after-life, often point out many circumstances 
and events which may befall the parties upon 
whom such names have been bestowed ; and 
that if their parents had paid more attention to 
this part of Astrological divination, those names 
which were unlucky might, by due care and at- 
tention, have been avoided, while those of a 
more fortunate description might have been se- 
lected for their children, and have been ren- 
dered even still more valuable and fortunate, by 
being conjoined with others of a like nature. In 
order that our readers may have a clearer in- 
sight into this branch of fortune-telling, and 
which appears to have been strangely neglected 
by modern practitioners, we shall lay before 
them a few specimens of this admirable system 
of discovering the events of our checkered exist- 
ence ; and from a study of which they will read- 
ily learn how to avoid bestowing on their 
children such as are of a malignant nature ; 
and, at the same time, perceive how the secret 
influence of the stars that preside at our birth, 
act in the minutest manner — even to the giving 
of that name at our baptism, which oftentimes 
explains to the bearer of it, if he could then but 
know it, those events which will assuredly be- 
fall him in the course of his life. 

Of the antiquity of this science it is scarcely 
necessary to speak — it may however be as well 
to remark, that it was formerly in the highest 
repute among the astrologers of the early ages, 
and even some of our ancient English writers 
have not disdained to advocate its cause. One 
of these, the celebrated Cccmden, has in his 



" Remains 99 bequeath to the world an excellent 
treatise on this Subject 1 le refers the origin of 
tins invention to the time of Moses, and con- 
es that it might have had some share in the 
mystical traditions, afterward called Cabala, 
communicated by that divine lawgiver to the 
Chosen seventy. — That this art was practiced by 
the ancient Egyptians there cannot be a doubt, as 
there are even now remaining several of the 
names of the Egyptian monarchs which have 
been transposed and fully point out the princi- 
pal events of their lives. The Greeks also 
practiced the art, but we do not find any ex- 
amples among the Romans, which is somewhat 
surprising, as their seers, astrologers, and sy- 
bils practiced almost every species of divination. 
Among modern nations, the French appear to 
have distinguished themselves for their pro- 
ficiency in it, and which, Camden says, "they 
exceedingly admire and celebrate for the deep 
antiquity and mystical meaning thereof." In- 
deed, to such a height did that nation carry the 
practice of this art in the early ages, that there 
were kept lists of lucky and unlucky names, and 
particular care was taken, when bestowing a 
name on a child, that such only should be 
given as could, by transposition, be formed into 
some fortunate signification. But this often 
failed, for even those very names which, when 
transposed, contained this fortunate significa- 
tion ; yet, by a second transposition, sometimes 
quite the contrary would be indicated, and 

" Foil those, who would have foiPd the stars." 

Having thus introduced this subject to our 
readers, and fully proved its antiquity, it only 
remains for us to lay before them such speci- 
mens of the art, as may enable them to practice 
upon their own names, and by so doing become 
acquainted with that principal occurrence of 
their lives, which may be for their future good 
or evil ; and if the latter, by possessing such 
foreknowledge, by caution and good conduct on 
their parts, alleviate or prevent its affects. We 
shall take these instances from the names of 
well known characters, by which it will be in- 
stantly seen how immediate is the connection 
between the name of the party and the princi- 
pal event of their lives. And first with the 
name of Bonaparte, which is perhaps the most 
complete specimen of the art we could possibly 
lay before our readers, and if properly trans- 
posed fully shows in each transposition the 
character of the man, and points out that unfor- 
tunate occurrence in his life, which ultimately 
proved his ruin — thus 


In the name of Wellington we find his future 
glory perfectly prophesied — thus 

ARTHUR WELLESLEY, Duke of Welling. 

LET WELL FOILED GAUL secure thy re- 


And the like in that of Nelson, — thus 


Which in English means " Honoris to be found 
at the Nile!" 
In the name of SIR FRANCIS BURDETT, 

which fully prophesies the busy scenes of pop- 
ular riot and disturbance in which he would be 

In the name of the late lamented Princess 
Charlotte, we have another proof of the infalli- 
bility of this art — thus 





The following anagram on James Vlth of 
Scotland, fully proves that his future fortune 
was predicted at his baptism — thus 


and accordingly, on the death of Queen Eliza- 
beth, he became James I. of England, and 
thereby possessed the throne which the name 
given him at his birth plainly foretold ! 

The above will be sufficient to instruct our 
readers in this very entertaining and infallible 
mode of discovering future events. It may be 
necessary to observe, that some names will not 
easily form into separate words without the ad- 
dition or subtraction of one or more, letters : 
this is always allowable, — for instance, K may 
be substituted for C — I for J — V for U — and 
vice versa. 

These specimens will be sufficient to prove 
the infallibility of this art ; and many of our 
readers will find, if they transpose the letters of 
their own names after the same fashion, that 
their future good or ill fortune will be thereby 
plainly pointed out. 



Or, the Art of Fortune-Telling by the lines 

of the hand : — commonly called 


The practical part of chiromancy, is that 
which gathereth probable predictions from 
lines, the places of the planets in the hand, and 
from the notes and characters every where 



pointed and marked out in the hands and fin- 
gers. Our readers will therefore be careful to 
let the following series be duly observed : — 


i. — Cardiaca, or the line of life. 

2. — Epatica, or the liver line ; also called the 
natural mean. 

3. — Sephalica, or the line of the head and 

4. — Thoralis, or the table line. 

5. — Restricta, or the dragon's tail. 

6. — Via Solis, or the sun's way. 

7. — Via Lactea, or the milky way. 

8. — Via Saturnia, or Saturn's way. 

9. — Cingulum Veneris, or the girdle of Venus. 
10. — Via Martis, or the way of Mars. 
11. — Mons Veneris, or the mount of Venus. 
12. — Cavea Martis, or the cave of Mars. 
13. — Mons Javis, or Jupiter's mount. 
14. — Mons Saturn, or Saturn's mount. 
15. — Mons Solis, or the Sun's mount. 
16. — Locus Lunce, or the Moon's place. 
17. — Mons Mercurii, or the mount of Mercury. 
18. — Mensa, or the table containing the part of 

19. — Pollex, or the thumb. 
20. — Index, or the fore finger. 
21. — Medius, or the middle finger. 
22. — Annularis, or the ring finger. 
23. — Auricularis, or the little finger. 

It has been a question whether we should 
give judgment by the right hand or by the left, 
for it is certain, that in one hand the lines and 
other signatures are very often more manifest, 
and are thus more plain to be seen and per- 
spicuous than in the other, as well in the hands 
of gentlemen as ladies. 

In consequence of this, many authors have 
been doubtful as to whether in both sexes the 
right or left hand is to be taken, or whether the 
right hand of a gentleman (as some teach,) 
and the left of a lady only. 

To this we answer, that the hand (in both 
sexes) should be used, which shows and exhib- 
its the lines thereof most clearly, and abounds 
with a series of characters and signs, yet so, as 
that the other, whose lines are more obscure, 
may pay its contribution. If in both hands 
they consent, and appear to be fair and comely, 
they declare a constancy of fortune and health. 
The cause of which said diversity is this, he 
who is born in the day time, and hath a mascu- 
line planet (the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter or Mars,) 
lord of his geniture, bears the more remarkable 
sign in his right hand, especially when the sign 
ascending is also masculine. The contrary 
happens to them that are born by by night, as 
often as a feminine planet predominates, and 
the sign ascending is also feminine. If both 
hands agree, it must be, that in a diurnal na- 

tivity the feminine planets rule ; or that there 
falls out a mixture of masculine and feminine ; 
so in the nights by the contrary reason, which 
diversity must necessarily be observed. 


This is also called Cardiaca, or the Heart 

1. This being broad, of a lively color, and 
decently drawn in its bounds, without intersec- 
tions and points, shows the party long lived, 
and subject but to few diseases. 

2. If slender, short, and dissected with ob- 
verse little lines ; and deformed either by a 
pale or black color, it presageth weakness of the 
body, sickness, and a short life. 

3. If orderly joined to the natural mean, 
and beautified in the angle with parallels, or a 
little across, it argues a good wit, or an even- 
ness of nature. 

4. If the same have branches in the upper 
parts thereof, extending themselves toward 
the natural mean, it doth signify riches and 

5. If these branches be extended toward 
the restricta, it threatens poverty, deceits, and 
unfaithfulness of servants. 

6. If in this line there be found some con- 
fused little lines, like hairs, be assured of dis- 
eases, and they to happen, in the first age. 
When they appear below, if towards the cavea, 
in the middle; if inwards the patica, in the de- 
clining age. 

7. If this line be any where broken, it 
threatens extreme danger of life in that part of 
the age which the place of the breach showeth ; 
for you may find out the dangerous or diseased 
years of your age : this line being divided into 
seventy parts, you must begin your number and 
account from the lower part thereof, near re- 
stricta, for the number falling where the branch 
is, determines the year. 

8. If the character of the sun (as commonly 
it is made by astrologers) be ever found in this 
line, it presages the loss of an eye ; but if two 
such characters, the loss of both eyes. 

9. A line ascending from the vital, be 
neath the congress of it and the epatica to the 
tuberculum of Saturn showeth an envious man, 
who rejoiceth at another's calamity, the site of 
others concurring. This also frequently shows 
a most perilous Saturine disease in that where- 
in it toucheth the vital, and it is much worse if 
it cut the same. 

10. But such a line passing from the vital 
to the annular, to the ring finger, promiseth 
honors to ensue, from or by the means of some 
famous lady, or to receive some great favor or 
present from some lady of honor. 

11. The vital line being thicker than ordi« 



nary al the end under the fore linger, denotes a 
laborious old age. 

[2, A line passing through the vital to the 
Mars, foretells of wounds and fevers, 
also of misfortunes in journeys. 



i. This line being straight, continued, and 
not dissected by obverse little lines, denotes a 
healthful body. 

2. If it be short or broken, and reach not 
beyond the concave of the hand, it shows dis- 

ind shortness of life. 

3. Hy how much more the same is pro- 
duced, by so much longer the life may be war- 

4. If cut at the end thereof by a small in- 
tervening line, it threatens poverty in old age. 

5. If in the upper part it be distant from 
the vital by a great space, it shows distemper- 
atures of the heart, as palpitation, syncope, &c. 

6. This also shows prodigality, especially if 
the table be broad. 

7. If tortuous (that is, if it wind and turn 
several ways,) unequal, of a different color, 
and dissected, it argues an evil constitution of 
the liver, and thence diseases, proceeding from 
the weakness thereof : covetousness also, and a 
depravity both of nature and wit, especially if 
it be under the region of the middle finger, and 
approach toward the cardiaca, thereby making 
a short or narrow triangle. 

8. If decently drawn and well colored, it is 
a sign of a cheerful and ingenious disposition. 

9. If it has a sister, it promises inheritances. 

10. If continued with some little hard knots, 
it denotes manslaughters, either perpetuated, or 
to be committed, according to the number of 
these said knots. 

11. If therein a cross be found under the 
region of the middle finger, it announces death 
to be at hand. 

12. If it terminates with a fork toward the 
ferient, it is a sign of depraved wit, of hypo- 
crisy and evil manners. 

13. When it tends to the mensa, it is a 
token of a slanderous and reproachful tongue, 
and of envy. 

14. When it projects a remarkable cleft 
through the vital to the mons veneris, and the 
sister of Mars, especially if the same be of a 
ruddy color, it warns you to be aware of 
thieves, and also intimates fraud and deceit of 

15. This cleft likewise insinuates a most 
vehement heat of the liver, proceeding from the 
rays of Mars ; so that the life becomes in dan- 
ger, seeing that the line of life is dissected. 

16. This line having some breach, yet such 
a one as that, nevertheless it seems to be al- 
most continued, shows that the manner of life 

will be, or is, already changed ; and this in a 
declining age, if the breach be under the ring 
finger ; but, if under the middle finger, in the 
strength of years. 


1. This is called the line of the head and 
brain, which, if (arising from the place in a 
due proportion) it connects the lines of the 
liver and heart in a triangular form, have a 
lively color, and no intersection falling out be- 
tween, doth declare a man of admirable pru- 
dence, and one of no vulgar wit and fortune. 

2. By how much more decent the triangle 
is, so much better shall the temperature, wit, 
and courage be : but if it be obtuse, it argues 
an evil disposed nature, and a man that is rude. 
If no triangle, far worse — a fool, &c, with a 
short life. 

3. The superior being a right angle, or not 
very acute, foretells the best temperature' of the 
heart ; but when it is too acute, especially if it 
touch the line of life, upon the region of the 
middle finger, it argues covetness. 

4. The left angle, if it be made upon the 
natural mean in the ferient, and be a right 
angle, confirms the goodness of the intellect. 

5. But when the cephalica projects unequal 
clefts to the mons lunae, thereby making unusual 
characters; in gentlemen it denounces weak- 
ness of the brain, and dangerous sea voyages, 
but in the ladies' hands it shows frequent sor- 
rows of mind, and difficulties in child-bearing. 

6. Equal lines (thus projected) presage the 
contrary in both sexes, viz. in gentlemen, a 
good composure of the brain, and fortunate 
voyages by sea : in ladies, cheerfulness and fe- 
licity in child-bearing, 

7. This one thing is peculiar to the cephal- 
ica ; if it project a cleft or a manifest star, up- 
ward to the cavea martis, it signifies boldness 
and courage ; but if it let fall the same down- 
ward, thefts, &c. 

8. The cephalica, joined to the dragon's tail 
by a remarkable concourse, promises a prudent 
and joyful old age. 

9. The same drawn upward in the shape of 
a fork, toward the part of fortune, signifies 
subtlety in managing affairs, and also craftiness 
either to do good or bad. 

10. If in this said fork a mark appears re- 
sembling the part of fortune, as it is noted by 
astrologers, that gives an ansurance of riches 
and honor to succeed by ingenuity and art. 


I. This is also called the line of fortune ; it 
is termed likewise the mensa, because it makes 
up the table of the hand ; which said line, 
when it is long enough, and without incisures, 



argues a due strength in the principal members 
of man, and also constancy ; the contrary if it 
be short, crooked, cut or parted. 

2. If it terminate under the mount of Saturn, 
it shows a vain lying fellow. 

3. If projecting small branches to the mount 
of Jupiter, it promises honors. 

4. If there it be naked and simple, it is a 
sign of poverty and want. 

5. If cutting the mouth of Jupiter, cruelty 
of mind and disposition, with excessive wrath. 

6. If it projects a breach between the fore 
and middle finger in a gentleman, it threateneth 
a wound in his head ; in a lady, danger in 

7. Three lines ascending directly upward 
from this line, viz. one to the space between the 
middle and fore finger, a second to the space 
between the middle and ring finger, and a third 
to the space between the ring and the little 
finger, argues a contentious person in many 

8. A little line only thus drawn to the in- 
terval or space between the middle finger and 
the ring finger, sorrow or labor. 

9. If annexed to the natural mean, so that 
it makes an acute angle, it bringcth sorrow and 

10. If the natural mean be wanting, and the 
thoral annexed to the vital, it threatens decolla- 
tion, or a deadly wound. 

11. If no mensa at all, it shows a man 
malevolent, contentious, faithless, inconstant, 
and of base condition. 

12. Confused little lines in the mensa, de- 
note sickness ; if under Mercury, in the former 
part of the age, under the sun, in the prime 
thereof; under the middle finger, in old age. 

13. When in this line there are certain 
points observed, they argue strength of the 
genitals, and burning lust. 

V.— Of the CAUDA DRACONIS, or the 
RESTRICT A, and the Lines arising thence. 

1. If this be double or treble, and drawn by 
a right and continued track, it promiseth a good 
composure of the body. 

2. That line which is nearest the hand, con- 
tinued, and of a good color, assureth of great 

3. But if the same line be cut in the middle, 
crooked and very pale, it announces debility of 
body and want of all things. 

4. A cross or star upon the restricta, fore- 
shows tranquillity of life in old age. 

5. If there be a star, simple or double, or 
any lines near the tuberculum of the thumb ; 
in ladies they denote misfortune or infamy. 

6. A line running from the restricta through 
the mons veneris, presageth adversities, either 
by the means of some kindred or a wife. 

7. A line extended from the restricta to the 

mons lunae, denotes adversities and private 
enemies; if it be crooked, it doubles the evil, 
and betokeneth perpetual servitude. 

8. Such a line also being clear and straight, 
and reaching so far as the region of the moon, 
foretells many journeys by sea and land. 

9. If it extend to the tuberculum of the 
fore finger, it informs the gentlemen that he 
shall live in a foreign country in great estima- 

10. If to the epatica, it argues an honest 
behavior and prolongeth life. 

11. If to the mons solis (be it simple or 
double,) it shows exceeding good, and enableth 
to govern or rule in great affairs. 

12. By the same reason, if it pass to the 
mons Mercurii, it betokeneth that the gentleman 
is of a sufficient capacity for any employment. 
But, if it reach not the mons Mercurii, but is 
broken about the middle and end beneath the 
mons Mercurii, that makes out a prating fellow, 
a liar, &c. 

13. If directly ascending to the mons Sat- 
urni, it signifies a good position of Saturn in 
the geniture, whose decree shall shortly follow. 
But if crookedly both toward the restricta and 
the epatica especially, it shows man laborious, 

VI.— Of the VIA SOLIS, or the Sun's Way. 

This being whole, equally drawn and well 
colored promiseth the favor of great men and 
great honors. But if dissected and unequal, the 
contrary, and exposes to divers impediments, 
and envy in attaining the same. 

VII.— Of the VIA LACTEA, or the Milky 

This well proportionate and continued pres- 
ages that journeys will be fortunate both by sea 
and by land, a ready wit, and the favor of the 
ladies (Venus assenting,) of a composed and 
graceful speech ; but if it be cut or distorted, it 
argues infelicity and lies : but whole and as- 
cending to the little finger, it is a sign of great 

VIII.— Of the SATURNIA, or the Line of 

1. This being fully and wholly protracted to 
the middle finger, is an argument both of pro- 
found cogitations, and likewise of fortunate 
events in counsels and actions. 

2. Combust or deficient, an evil sign por- 
tending many misfortunes, unless either posi- 
tions favor it. 

3. Bending backward in the cavea of the 
hand, toward the ferient, in the form of a semi- 
circle, threatens imprisonment. 

4. A line drawn from the vital through the 
epatica to the tuberculum of Saturn (if it touch 
the Saturnia,) the same. 



IX.— Of the CINGULUM VENERIS, or the 
Girdle of Venus. 

If this line have a sister, it argues intemper- 
ance and lust in both sexes, and baseness in 
venereal concessions, a filthy man, especially 
who abhors not an abominable unnatural crime ; 
and, if dissected and troubled, it shows losses 
and infamy by reason of lusts. 

X.— Of the VIA MARTIS, the Way or Line 
of Mars, or the Vital Sister. 

This fine (as often as it appeareth) augments 
and strengthens the things signified by the car- 
diaca, but particularly, it promises good success 
In war, provided it be clear and red. 

Some Observations concerning Lines. 

1. The quantity of all lines must be wisely 
observed, that is, the length and depth ; so like- 
wise their quality, that is, their complexion and 
shape, whether they are crooked or straight ; 
next their action, which is to touch or cut other 
lines. Their passion to be touched or cut of 
others ; and, lastly, their place and position. 

2. We must know, that the lines are some- 
times prolonged until certain years of our age, 
otherwise shortened ; now they wax pale, then 
they become plain and strong, and as it were 
luxuriate with a kind of redness, and this as 
well in the principal as less principal lines. 
Again, as touching the less principal, and such 
as are found in the tubercula of the planets, it 
is most certain, that some do one time quite 
vanish, and that at another time others arise of 
a different shape and complexion ; the cause of 
which, I suppose to be no other than the vari- 
ous progressions of the alphabetical places in 
their nativities ; that is to say, fortunate and un- 
fortunate, to the influence whereof man himself 
is wonderfully subject. The signs of his hand 
are presented at different times with quite dif- 
ferent faces. Such a virtue, such a love, resid- 
eth in the imagination of the greater world to- 
toard the lesser. And therefore, the most stu- 
dious in chiromancy cannot attain the knowl- 
edge of particulars by one inspection only, made 
to a certain year of the person's age; things 
that worthily merit our observations, yet known 
or approved of but by a few. 

XL— The MENSA, or part of FORTUNE. 

1. This space being great and broad, and 
the figure decent, declares a liberal man, mag- 
nanimous, and of a long life. 

2. But if small and narrow, it indicates a 
slender fortune and fearfulness. 

3. A cross or star within it, clear and well 
proportioned especially under the region of the 
ring finger, betokeneth honors and dignities to 
ensue from, or by means of great and noble 

personages. If the character of Jupiter, it 
then promises great ecclesiastical dignities, &c. 

4. The same star or cross tripled, excel- 
lently increaseth portents of good fortune ; but 
if it be cut by confused little lines, the good 
fortune is thereby diverted, and anxieties and 
labors threatened in defending his honors, espe- 
cially if they are under the region of the ring 

5. A cross or star in the uppermost part of 
the mensa, is a sign of fortunate journeys. 

6. The mensa sharpened by the concourse 
of the thoral and cardiac lines, point out deceits 
and danger of life. 

7. If no mensa be found in the hand, it 
shows obscurity both of life and fortune. 

8. Good and equal lines in this space do de- 
clare the fortune to be good, but if evil and dis- 
composed they quite overthrow it. 

9. A little circle shows perfection of wit, 
and the obtaining of sciences, the others assent- 
ing thereunto. 

XII.— Of the FINGERS,— The POLLEX, or 

Overthwart lines, that are clear and long un- 
derneath the nail and joint of the thumb, con- 
fer riches and honor. A line passing from the 
upper joint of the thumb to the cardiaca, 
threatens a violent death, or danger, by means 
of some married lady. Lines every where dis- 
persed in the lower joint of the thumb, describe 
men that are contentious, and such as rejoice in 
scolding, &c. A line surrounding the thumb in 
the middle joint, portends the man shall be 
hanged. Equal furrows drawn under the lower 
joint thereof, argue riches and possessions. If 
the first or second joint want incisures, it shows 
drowsiness and idleness. 

XIIL— The INDEX, or Fore Finger. 

Many lines in the uppermost joint and they 
proceeding overthwartly, denote inheritances; 
by running so in the middle joint, an envious 
and evil disposed person. 

Right lines running between these joints, de- 
clare (in the ladies) a numerous issue. In 
gentlemen, bitterness of the tonge. If they are 
in the first joint near unto Jupiter's mouth, they 
manifest a jovial disposition, that is they point 
to the man whom Jupiter favored well in his 
nativity. That woman who hath a star in the 
same place, may safely be pronounced unchaste 
and lascivious. 

XIV.— MEDIUS, or the Middle Finger. 

This finger presenting little gridirons in the 
joints thereof, plainly declares an unhappy and 
melancholy wit, but if equal lines, it manifesteth 
fortune by metals, &c. A star there presages a 
violent death by drowning, &c, If a cross line 



be extended from the root thereof upward, 
through the whole finger into the end of the 
last joint it argues folly and madness. 

XV.— ANNULARIS, or the Ring Finger. 

A line arising from mons solis, and ascending 
by a right track through the joints thereof, it 
shows a noble frame. Equal lines in the first 
joint demonstrates honor and riches. Over- 
thwart lines, the enmity of great men. How- 
beit, if these lines shall seem to be intersected, 
it is the better, because they argue impedi- 

XVI.— AURICULARIS, or the Little Finger. 

From the joint thereof, as from the mount 
itself are judgments and decrees passed con- 
cerning merchandize, favors, and a star in the 
first joint near the tuberculum, argues ingenuity 
and eloquence. 

Other obtuse signs the contrary; but when 
there appear unfortunate signs in the first and 
second joints, they mark out a thief and a very 
deceitful person. If adverse lines in the last 
joint, perpetual inconstancy. 

Some there are who predict the number of 
wives from the little lines in the mons Mercurii 
at the outmost part of the hand, and I have of- 
ten observed them come at the truth ; but yet I 
will not confirm any thing in this respect, be- 
cause it properly appertains to Venus and her 

If the end of this finger reach not so far as 
to touch the last joint of the ring finger, it sig- 
nifies a wife most imperious in all things, the 
truth thereof is often proved. 

Observations on the Fingers. 

The structure of the hand itself is most ad- 
mirable in respect to the proportion it beareth 
to the face, and certain parts thereof, which is 
this :— 

i. The whole hand is of equal length with 
the face. 

2. The greater joint of the fore finger equals 
the height of the forehead. 

3. The other two (to the extremity of the 
nail) is just the length of the nose, viz. from 
the intercelia, or place between the eyebrows to 
the tip of the nostrils. 

4. The first and greater joint of the middle 
finger, is just as long as it is between the 
bottom of the chin, and the top of the under 


5. But the third joint of the same finger is of 
equal length, with the distance that is between 
the mouth and the lower part of the nostrils. 

6. The largest joint of the thumb gives the 
width of the mouth. 

7. The distance between the bottom of the 
chin, and the top of the lower lip, the same. 

8. The lesser joint of the thumb is equal to 
the distance between the top of the under lip, 
and the lower part of the nostrils. The nails 
obtain just the half of their respective upper- 
most joints, which they call omychios. 



Or, the Science of foretelling future events 
by Moles, Marks, Scars, or other signs on 
the skin. Showing their situation, and 
by that the indication they give of a per- 
sons disposition and future lot in life. 

These little marks on the skin; although 
they appear to be the effect of chance, or acci- 
dent, and might easily pass with the unthinking 
for things of no moment, are nevertheless of the 
utmost consequence, since from their color, sit- 
uation, size, and figure, may be accurately gath- 
ered the temper of, and the events that will 
happen to the person bearing them ; though moles 
are, in their substances, nothing else than ex- 
crescences, or ebullitions which proceed from 
the state of the blood whilst the fcetus is con- 
fined in the womb, yet they are not given in 
vain, as they are generally characteristic of the 
disposition and temper of those that bear them ; 
and it is also proved by daily experience, that 
from the shape, situation, and other circum- 
stances, they bear a strong analogy to the events 
which are to happen to a person in future life. 
But before I presume to give any directions to 
those who are to form the prognostic, who are 
desirious to be duly enabled to pronounce an 
infallible judgment, I shall, in the first place, 
teach you herein the common prognostications 
by moles found in the various parts of the body, 
according to the doctrine of the ancients. And, 
first it is essentially necessary to know the size 
of the mole, its color, whether it be perfectly 
round, oblong, or angular; because each of 
these will add to or diminish the force of the 
indication. The larger the mole, the greater 
will be the prosperity or adversity of the per- 
son ; the smaller the mole, the less will be his 
good or evil fate. If the mole is round, it in- 
dicates good ; if oblong, a moderate share of 
fortunate events ; if angular, it gives a mixture 
of good and evil ; the deeper the color, the 
more it announces favor or disgrace ; the lighter, 
the less of either. If it is very hairy, much 
misfortune may be expected ; if but few long 
hairs grow upon it, it denotes that your under- 
takings will be prosperous. 

We shall further remark only, that moles of a 
middling size and color are those which we are 
now going to speak of. The rest may be gath- 
ered from what we have just above mentioned, 



is it may frequently happen that modesty 
will sometimes hinder persons from showing 
then moles, you must depend upon their own 
representation of them for your opinion. 

On the Wrist, or between tkcti and the Fin- 
ger ends, 

Shows the person to be of an ingenious and in- 
dustrious turn, faithful in his engagements, 
rous and constant in his affections, rather of 
a saving disposition, with a great degree of 
sobriety ami regularity in his dealing. It fore- 
shows a comfortable acquisition of fortune, with 
a good partner, and beautiful children, but some 
disagreeable circumstances will happen about 
the age of thirty, which continue four of five 
years. In a man, it denotes being twice mar- 
ried — in a woman only once, but that she will 
survive her husband. 

Between the Elbow and the Wrist. 

Shows a placid and cheerful disposition, indus- 
try, and a love of reading, particularly books of 
science, — it foretells much prosperity and hap- 
piness toward the middle of life, but after hav- 
ing undergone many hardships, if not impris- 
onment—it also denotes that your eldest son 
will rise to honors in the state, and marry a 
woman not of his own country, who will bring 
him much riches. 

Near either Elbow t 

Shows a restless and unsteady disposition, with 
a great desire of traveling — much discontented 
in the married state, and of an idle turn — it in- 
dicates no very great prosperity, rather a sink- 
ing than rising condition, with many unpleasant 
adventures, much to your discredit — marriage, 
to a person who will make you unhappy, and 
children who will be disobedient, and cause you 
much trouble. 

On the right or left Arm, 

Shows a courteous disposition, great fortitude, 
resolution, industry, and conjugal fidelity — it 
foretells that the person will fight many battles, 
and be successful in all ; that you will be pros- 
perous in your undertakings, obtain a decent 
competency, and live very happy — it denotes 
that a man will be a widower at forty, but in a 
woman it shows that she will be survived by her 

On the left Shoulder, 

Shows a person of a quarrelsome and unruly 
disposition, always inclined to dispute for tri- 
fles, rather indolent, but much inclined to the 
pleasures of love, and faithful to the conjugal 
vows. It denotes a life much varied either 

with pleasures or misfortunes — they indicate 
many children, and moderate success, in busi- 
ness, but dangers by sea. 

On the right Shoulder, 

Shows" a person of a prudent and discreet tem- 
per, one possessed of much wisdom, given to 
great secrecy, very industrious, but not very 
amorous, yet faithful to conjugal ties — it indi- 
cates great prosperity and advancement in life, 
a good partner, and many friends, with great 
profit from a journey to a distant country, about 
the age of thirty- five. 

On any part from the Shoulders to the 

Shows and even and mild temper, given to 
sloth, and rather cowardly, very amorous, but 
unfaithful — it denotes decay in health and 
wealth, with troubles and difficulties in the de- 
cline of life, and much vexation from children. 

On the Loins, 

Shows industry and honesty, an amorous dispo- 
sition, with great vigor, courage, and fidelity — 
it foretells success in business, and in love, 
many children, acquirement of riches and 
honor, with much traveling — it also indicates a 
great loss by lending of money, and quarrelling 
among friends, who will attempt to decieve 

On either Hip, 

Shows a contented disposition, given to indus- 
try, amorous and faithful in engagements, of an 
abstemious turn — it foretells moderate success 
in life, with many children, who will undergo 
many hardships with great fortitude, and arrive 
at ease and affluence by dint of their industry 
and ingenuity. 

On, the right Thigh, 

Shows the person to be of an agreeable tem- 
per, inclined to be amorous, and very courage- 
ous — it also denotes success in life, accumula- 
tion of riches by marriage, and many fine chil- 
dren, chiefly girls. 

On the left Thigh. 

Shows a good and benevolent disposition, a 
great turn for industry, and little inclined to the 
pleasures of love — it indicates many sorrows in 
life, great poverty, unfaithful friends, and im- 
prisonment by false swearing. 

On the left Knee, 

Shows a hasty and passionate disposition, ex- 
travagant and inconsiderate turn, with no great 



iucliv ition to industry and honesty, much given 
to the pleasures of Venus, but possessed of much 
benevolence — it indicates good success in un- 
dertakings, particularly in contracts, a rich mar- 
riage, and an only child. 

On the right Knee, 

Shows an amiable temper, honest disposition, 
and a turn for amorous pleasures and industry 
— it foretells great success in love, and the 
choice of a conjugal partner, with few sorrows, 
many friends, and dutiful children. 

On either Leg. 

Shows a person of a thoughtless, indolent dis- 
position, of an amorous turn, much given to ex- 
travagance and dissipation — it denotes many 
difficulties through life, but that you will sur- 
mount them all — it shows that imprisonment 
will happen to you at an early age, but that in 
general you will be more fortunate than other- 
wise ; you will marry an agreeable person, who 
will survive you, by whom you will have four 
children, two of which will die young. 

On either Ankle \ 

Shows an effeminate disposition, given to fop- 
pery in dres«, and cowardice in a man ; but in 
a woman it denotes courage, wit, and activity — 
they foretell success in life with an agreeable 
partner, accumulation of honors and riches and 
much pleasure in the affairs of love. 

On either Foot, 

Shows a melancholy and inactive disposition, 
little inclined to the pleasures of love, given to 
reading and a sedentary life — they foretell sick- 
ness, and unexpected misfortunes, with many 
sorrows and much trouble, an unhappy choice 
of a partner for life, with disobedient and un- 
fortunate children. 

On the right side of the Forehead, or right 

Shows an active and industrious disposition, 
much given to the sports of love — it denotes 
that she will be very successful in life, marry 
an agreeable partner, and arrive at unexpected 
riches and honors, and have a son, who will be- 
come a great man. 

On the right Eyebrow, 

Shows a sprightly active disposition, a great 
turn for gallantry, much courage, and great 
perseverance — it denotes wealth, and success in 
love, war, and business ; that you will marry 
an agreeable mate, live happy, have children, 
and die in an advanced old age, at a distance 
from home. 

On the left Eyebrow, Te?nple, or side of the 

Shows an indolent, peevish temper, a turn for 
debauchery and liquor, little inclined to amor- 
ous sports, and very cowardly — it foretells pov- 
erty, imprisonment, and disappointments in all 
your undertakings, with undutiful children, and 
a bad tempered partner. 

On the outside corner of either Eye , 

Shows a sober, honest, and steady disposition, 
much inclined to the pleasures of love — it fore- 
tells a violent death, after a life considerably 
varied by pleasures and misfortunes — in general 
it foreshows that poverty will keep at a dis- 

On either Cheek, 

Shows an industrious, benevolent, and sober 
disposition, given to be grave and solemn, lit- 
tle inclined to amorous sports, but of a steady 
courage and unshaken fortitude — it denotes a 
moderate success in life, neither becoming rich 
nor falling into poverty — it also foretells an 
agreeable and industrious partner, with two 
children, who will do better than the parents. 

On the Chin, 

Shows an amiable and tranquil disposition, in- 
dustrious and much inclined to traveling, and 
the joys of Venus — it denotes that the person 
will be highly successful in life, accumulating a 
large and splendid fortune, with many respect- 
able and worthy friends, an agreeable conjugal 
partner, and fine children — but also indicates 
losses by sea and in foreign countries. 

On either Lip, 

Shows a delicate appetite, a sober disposition, 
and much given to the pleasures of love, of an 
industrious and benevolent turn — it denotes 
that the person will be successful in undertak- 
ings, particularly in love affairs — that you will 
rise above your present condition, and be greatly 
respected and esteemed, that you will endeavor 
to obtain some situation, in which you will at 
first prove unsuccessful, but afterward prevail. 

On the Nose, 

Shows a hasty and passionate disposition, much 
given to amorous pleasures, faithful to engage- 
ments, candid, open, and sincere in friendship, 
courageous and honest, but very petulant, and 
rather given to drink — it denotes great success 
through life and in love affairs, that you will 
become rich, marry well, have fine children, 
and be much esteemed by your neighbors and 
acquaintance — that you will travel much, pa* 
ticularly by water. 



On the Throat, 

Shows .i friendly and generous disposition, of a 
sober turn, given to industry, extremely amor- 
ous, and much inclined to indulge in the joys 
oi Venus — it denotes riches by marriage, and 
great success afterward in your undertakings, 
with fine children, who will go to a far distant 
country, where they will marry, grow rich, and 
return to their native land. 

On the side of the Neck, 

Shows a meek and sober disposition, moderate- 
ly inclined to the pleasures of love, but firm 
and steady in friendship, rather given to indus- 
try — it denotes much sickness, and that you 
will be in great danger of suffocation, but that 
you will rise to unexpected honors and dignity, 
receive large legacies, and grow very rich — 
but also that your children will fall into poverty 
and disgrace. 

On the right Breast^ 

Shows an intemperate and indolent disposition, 
rather given to drink, strongly attached to the 
joys of love — it denotes much misfortune in life, 
with a sudden reverse from riches to poverty — 
many unpleasant and disagreeable accidents, 
with a sober and industrious partner — many 
children, mostly girls, who will all marry well, 
and be a great comfort to your old age — it 
warns you to beware of pretended friends, who 
will harm you much. 

On the left Breast, 

Shows an industrious and sober disposition, am- 
orous, and much given to walking— it denotes 
great success in life and in love, that you will 
accumulate riches, and have many children, 
mostly boys, w r ho will make their fortunes by 

On the Bosom, 

Shows a quarrelsome and unhappy temper, 
given to low debauchery, and exceedingly am- 
orous, indolent and unsteady — it denotes a life 
neither very prosperous nor very miserable, 
but passed without many friends or much es- 

Under the left Breast over the Heart, 

Shows a rambling unsettled disposition, given 
to drinking and little careful of your actions : 
very amorous, and much given to indulge indis- 
criminately in the pleasures of love, in a man. 
In a woman it indicates sincerity in love, in- 
dustry, and a strict regard for character — in life 
it denotes a varied mixture of good and bad 
fortune, the former rather prevailing — it denotes 

imprisonment for debt, but not of long duration. 
To a woman it denotes easy labors, and chil- 
dren who will become rich, live happy and re- 
spected, and marry well. 

On the right Side near any part of the Ribs, 

Shows an indolent cowardly disposition, given 
to excessive drinking, of an inferior capacity, 
and little inclined to the pleasures of love— it 
denotes an easy life, rather of poverty than 
riches, little respected, a partner of an uneven 
and disagreeable temper, with undutiful chil- 
dren, who will fall into many difficulties. 

On the Belly, 

Shows an indolent slothful disposition, given to 
gluttony, very selfish, addicted to the pleasures 
of love and drink, negligent of dress, and 
cowardly — it denotes small success in life, 
many crosses, some imprisonment, and travel- 
ing, with losses by sea ; but it foretells that 
you will marry an agreeable partner of a sweet 
temper, have children who will be industrious 
and become very respectable in life. > 

On the Privy Members, 07 parts, 

Shows a generous, open and honest disposition, 
extremely disposed to gallantry, and the joys of 
Venus, given to sobriety, and of undaunted cou- 
rage — it denotes great success in the latter part 
of life, but many and severe misfortunes in the 
former, which will be borne with fortitude — it 
also foretells a happy marriage and fine chil- 
dren, who will be happy, thrive well and grow 
rich and respectable — in man it shows that he 
will have natural children, who will cut a great 
figure in life, but he will experience much 
plagueand vexation from their mother. 



Or, Prognostics drawn from the Color and 
Nature of the Hair of Men and Women, 
as also from the Forehead, Eyebrows, 
Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Chin, and whole as* 
semblage of Features, 

1. The gentleman whose hair is very black 
and smooth, hanging far over his shoulders; 
and in large quantity, is mild but resolute; 
cool, until greatly provoked ; not much inclined 
to excess of any kind, but may be persuaded to 
it. He is constant in his attachment, and not 
liable to many misfortunes. 

2. A lady, of the same kind of hair, is mod* 
erate in her desires of every kind, addicted U 



reflection, and though not subject to violence in 
love, is steady in her attachments, and no enemy 
to its pleasures ; of a constitution neither vigor- 
ous nor yet feeble. 

3. If the hair is very black, short, and curl- 
ing, the gentleman will be given to liquor, 
somewhat quarrelsome, and of an unsettled 
temper, more amorous, and less steady in his 
undertakings, but ardent at the beginning of an 
enterprise. He will be very desirous of riches, 
but will often be disappointed in his wishes 

4. The same may be said of a lady. 

5. A gentleman with dark brown, long, and 
smooth hair, is generally of a robust constitu- 
tion, obstinate in his temper, eager in his pur- 
suits, a lover of the fair sex, fond of variety, in 
his ordinary pursuits exceedingly curious, and 
of a flexible disposition. He will live long, 
unless guilty of early intemperance. 

6. A lady of the same kind of hair will be 
nearly the same as the gentleman, but more 
steady in her conduct and attachments, espe- 
cially in love. She will be of a good constitu- 
tion, have many children, be much respected, 
en J°y g°°d health, and a reasonable share of 

7. If the hair is short and bushy, it will 
make very little alteration in the gentleman or 
lady, but that the gentleman will be more for- 
ward to strike when provoked, and the lady 
will be more of a scold. 

8. A gentleman with light brown long 
smooth hair, is of a peaceable, even, and rather, 
a generous temper ; will prevent mischief if in 
his power, but when very much provoked will 
strike furiously ; but is afterward sorry for his 
passion and soon appeased; strongly attached 
to the company of the ladies, and will protect 
them from any insult. Upon the whole, he is 
in general an amiable character, affable and 

9. A lady of the same kind of hair, is 
tender-hearted, but hasty in temper; neither 
obstinate nor haughty ; her inclinations to love 
never unreasonable; her constitution will be 
good, but she will be seldom very fortunate. If 
the hair is short and bushy, or apt to curl by 
nature, the gentleman will be more industrious 
and the lady more sedentary. 

10. A gentleman with fair hair will be of a 
weak constitution ; his mind given much to re- 
flection, especially in religious matters. He will 
be assiduous in his occupation, but not given to 
rambling ; very moderate in his amorous 
wishes, but not live to an old age. 

11. A lady of this colored hair is on the 
contrary of a good constitution ; never to be 
diverted from her purposes ; very passionate in 
love affairs, never easy unless when in com- 
pany, and delights in hearing herself praised, 
especially for beauty ; delights in dancing and 

strong exercises, and commonly lives a great 

12. A gentleman with long red hair is cun- 
ning, artful and deceitful; he is very much 
addicted to traffic of some kind, restless in his 
disposition, constantly roving, and desirous of 
enjoying the pleasures of love. He is covetous 
of getting money, though he often spends it 
foolishly ; he is indefatigable, and no obstacle 
will induce him to forsake his enterprise until 
he has seen the issue of it. He is inclined to 
timidity, "but by reflection may correct it, and 
pass for a man of courage. 

13. A lady of the same kind of hair, is glib 
of tongue, having words at will, talkative and 
vain; her temper is impatient and fiery, and 
will not submit to contradiction ; she has a con- 
stant flow of spirits, and much given to the 
pleasures of love. However delictate her per- 
son may seem, her constitution is generally vig- 
orous ; but she seldom lives to see old age, for 
very obvious reasons; her promises are seldom 
to be depended upon, because the next object 
that engrosses her attention makes her forget- 
ful of every thing that preceded it, and will 
always resent any disappointment she may meet 

I will now proceed to give some few instruc- 
tions concerning the hair in other particulars, by 
the following remarks : — 

14. If the hair falls off at the fore part of 
the head, the person will be easily led, though 
otherwise rational, and will often find himself 
duped, when he thinks he is acting right ; he 
will likewise frequently meet with disappoint- 
ments in money matters, which will either hurt 
his credit, or force him to shorten his expenses. 

15. If the hair falls off behind, he will be 
obstinate, peevish, passionate, and fond of com- 
manding others, though he has no right, and 
will grow angry if his advice is not followed. 
However preposterous, he will be fond of hear- 
ing and telling old stories, and tales of ghosts, 
goblins, fairies ; but will be a good domestic 
man, and provide for his family to the utmost 
of his power. 

16. If the hair forms an arch round the 
forehead, without being much indented at the 
temples, both the gentleman and the lady will 
be innocent, credulous, peaceable, moderate in 
all their desires, and though not ardent in their 
pursuits, will still be persevering. They will 
be mild, moderate, good-natured, prosperous and 

17. If the hair is indented at the temples, 
the person will be affable, steady, good-na- 
tured, prudent, and attentive to business, of a 
solid constitution, and long lived. 

18. If the hair descends low upon the fore- 
head, the person will be selfish and designing ; 
of a surly disposition, unsociable, and given to 
drinking. He will also be addicted to avarice, 



and his mind will be always intent upon the 
means of carrying on his schemes, &c. 

19. The forehead that is large, round, and 
smooth, announces the lady or gentleman to be 
frank, open, generous, and free, good-natured, 
and a safe companion ; of a good understand- 
ing, and scorns to be guilty of any mean 
actions ; faithful to his promises, just in his 
dealings, steadfast to his engagements and sin- 
cere in his affections; he will enjoy a moderate 
state of health, &c. 

20. If the forehead is flat in the middle, the 
gentleman or lady will be found to be vain- 
glorious, and but little disposed to generosity ; 
very tenacious of his honor, but brave ; he will 
be fond of prying into the secrets of others, 
though not with an intention of betraying 
them ; he will be fond of reading newspapers, 
history, novels, and plays ; ardent, and very 
cautious of his own reputation, &c. 

21. If there is a hollow across the forehead, 
in the middle, with a ridge as of flesh above, 
and another below, the gentleman will be a 
good scholar, the lady a great manufacturer, or 
attentive to whatever occupation she may be 
engaged in. They will be warm in argument 
or debate — they will be firm and steady in any 
point they fix their minds upon, and by their 
perseverance will generally carry their object, 
yet they will meet with many crosses, but will 
bear them with patience. 

22. If the forehead jut out immediately at 
and over the eyebrows, running flat up to the 
hair, the gentleman or lady will be sullen, 
proud, insolent, imperious, and treacherous ; 
they will be impatient when contradicted, apt 
to give great abuse, and to strike if they think 
they can do it with advantage. They will also 
impose upon any person, never forgiving an in- 
jury, and by their misconduct make themselves 
many enemies. 

23. If their temples are hollow, with the 
bones advancing toward the forehead on either 
side, so that the space between must be neces- 
sarily flat, with a small channel or indenture 
rising from the upper part of the nose to the 
hair, the gentleman or lacty will be of a daring 
and intrepid temper, introducing themselves 
into matters wherein they have no business, de- 
sirous of passing for wits, and of a subtle and 
enterprising nature ; greedy of praise, quick in 
quarrel, and of a wandering disposition ; very 
lewd, and full of resentment when they feel 
their pride hurt. In short, they delight in mis- 
chief, riots, &c. 

24. If the eyebrows are very hairy, and that 
hair long and curled, with several of the hairs 
starting out, the gentleman or lady is of a 
gloomy disposition, litigious, and quarrelsome, 
although a coward; greedy after the affairs of 
this world, perpetually brooding over some 
melancholy subject, and not an agreeable com- 

panion. He will be diffident, penurious, and 
weak in his understanding; never addicted to 
any kind of learning. He will pretend much 
friendship, but will make his affected passion 
subservient to his pecuniary designs, and also 
given to drinking, &c., &c. 

25. If a gentleman or lady has long eye- 
brows, with some long hairs, they will be of a 
fickle disposition, weak-minded, credulous, and 
vain, always seeking after novelties, and neg- 
lecting their own business ; they will be talk- 
ative, pert, and disagreeable in company ; very 
fond of contradiction, but will not bear disap- 
pointment patiently; and will also be much 
addicted to drinking, &c. 

26. If the eyebrows are thick and even, that 
is, without any or few starting hairs, the gentle- 
man or lady will be of an agreeable temper, 
sound understanding, and tolerable wit ; 
moderately addicted to pleasure, fearful of 
giving offence, but intrepid and persevering in 
support of right ; charitable and generous, sin- 
cere in their professions of love and friendship, 
and enjoy a good constitution. 

27. If the eyebrow is small, thin of hair, and 
even, the gentleman or lady will be weak- 
minded, timorous, superficial, and not to be de- 
pended on ; they will be desirous of knowledge, 
but will not have patience and assiduity enough 
to give it the necessary attention ; they will be 
desirous of praise for worthy actions, but will 
not have spirit or perseverance enough to per- 
form them, in that degree of excellence that is 
requisite to attract the notice of wise men. 
They will be of a delicate constitution, &c. 

28. If the eyebrow is thick of hair toward 
the nose, and goes off suddenly very thin, end- 
ing in a point, the gentleman or lady will be 
surly, captious, jealous, fretful, and easily pro- 
voked to rage ; in their Jove they will be in- 

29. The eye that is large, full, prominent, 
and clear, denotes a gentleman or lady to be of 
an ingenuous and candid disposition, void of 
deceit, and of an even, agreeable, and affable 
disposition ; modest and bashful in love, though 
by no means an enemy to its gratification ; firm, 
though not obstinate; of a good understanding, 
of an agreeable but not brilliant wit ; but clem 
and just in argument, inclined to extravagance, 
and easily imposed upon. 

30. The eye that is small, but advanced in 
the head shows the gentleman or lady to be of 
a quick wit, sound constitution, lively genius, 
agreeable company and conversation, g 
morals, but rather inclined to jealousy : attentive 
to business, fond of frequently changing nil 
place, punctual in fulfilling his engagements, 
warm in love, prosperous in his undertakings, 
and generally fortunate in most tilings. 

31. The gentleman or lady whos 

sunk in the head, is of a jealous, distrust ful. 



malicious, and envious nature, deceitful in their 
words and actions, never to be depended upon ; 
cunning in over reaching others, vain-glorious, 
and associates with lewd and bad company, 

32. The gentleman or lady who squints, or 
have their eyes turned awry, will be of a pen- 
urious disposition, but punctual in their deal- 

33. A black eye is lively, brisk, and pene- 
trating, and proves the person who possesses it 
to be a sprightly wit, lively conversation, not 
easily imposed upon, of a sound understanding, 
but if taken on the weak side, may be led astray 
for awhile. 

34. A hazel eye shows the person to be of a 
subtle, piercing, and frolicsome disposition, 
rather inclined to be arch, and sometimes mis- 
chievous, but good-natured at the bottom. He 
will be strongly inclined to love, and not ever 
delicate in the means of gratifying that pro- 

35. A blue eye shows the person to be of a 
meek and gentle temper, affable and good- 
natured, credulous, and incapable of violent at- 
tachments ; ever modest, cool, and undisturbed 
by turbulent passions, of a strong memory, in 
constitution neither robust nor delicate, subject 
to no violent impressions from the vicissitudes of 
life, whether gopd or bad. 

36. A grey eye denotes the person to be of 
weak intellects, devoid of wit, but a plain, plod- 
ding, downright drudge, that will act as he is 
spirited up by others. He will be slow in 
learning anything that requires attention, how- 
ever, he will be just to the best of his under- 

37. A wall eye denotes the person to be a 
hasty, passionate, and ungovernable temper, 
subject to sudden and violent anger; haughty to 
his equals and superiors, but mild and affable 
to his inferiors. 

38. A red, or as it is vulgarly called, a saucer 
eye, denotes the person to be selfish, deceitful, 
and proud, and furious in anger, fertile in the 
invention of plots, and indefatigable in his reso- 
lution to bring them to bear. Imperious in his 
family, anxious for riches, and suspicious that 
others are forming designs against him, is 
ardent in love, but strongly attached to the first 
object that catches his fancy. 

39. A nose that comes even on the ridge, 
flat on the sides, with little or no hollow be- 
tweed the eyes, declares the man to be sulky, 
insolent, disdainful, treacherous, and self-suffi- 
cient ; if it has a point descending over the nos- 
trils, he is avaricious and unfeeling, vain- 
glorious and ignorant; peevish, jealous, quick 
in resentment, yet a coward at the bottom. 

40. A nose that rises with a sudden bulge a 
little below the eyes, and then falls again into a 
kind of hollow below, is petulant and noisy, 

void of science, and of a very light understand- 

41. The nose that is small, slender, and 
peaked, shows the person to be of a fearful dis- 
position, jealous, fretful, and insidious, ever 
suspicious of those about him, catching at every 
word that he can interpret to his own advan- 
tage to ground his dispute upon, and also very 
curious to know what is said and done. 

42. The nose that is small, tapering round 
in the nostrils, and cocked up, shows the person 
to be ingenuous, smart, of a quick apprehension, 
giddy, and seldom looking into consequences . 
but generous, agreeable, so as to carefully avoid 
giving offence ; but firm and resolute in doing 
justice when he receives an injury. 

43. The lips that are thick, soft, and long, 
announces the person to be of weak intellects, 
credulous, and slightly peevish; but by little 
soothing easily brought back to a good humor. 
He is much addicted to the pleasures of love, and 
scarcely moderate in his enjoyment of them, yet 
he is invariably upright in his conduct, and of a 
timorous bashful temper. 

44. If the under lip is much thicker than 
the upper and more prominent, the person is of 
a weak understanding, but artful, knavish, and 
given to chicanery to the full extent of his 
ability. He is of a cowardly nature, unless 
strongly excited by another. 

45. The lips that are moderately plump and 
even, declare the person to be good-humored, 
humane, sensible, judicious, and just, neither 
giddy nor torpid, but pursuing in every particu- 
lar a just medium. 

46. The lips that are thin, show the person 
to be of a quick and lively imagination, ardent 
in the pursuit of knowledge, indefatigable in 
labor, not too much attached to money, eager in 
the pursuit of love, more brave than otherwise, 
and tolerably happy in life. 

47. The lips that are thin and sunk inwards, 
denote the person to be of a subtle and perse- 
vering disposition, everlasting in hatred, and 
never sparing any pains to compass his revenge ; 
in love or friendship much more moderate and* 

48. The chin that is round, with hollow be- 
tween it and the lip shows the person to be of a 
good-humored disposition kind and honest ; he is 
sincere in his friendship, and ardent in his love ; 
his understanding is good, and his genius capa- 
cious. If he has a dimple it makes him better. 

49. The chin that comes down flat from the 
edge of the lip, ends in a kind of chisel-form, 
shows the person to be silly, credulous, ill- 
tempered, and greedy of unmerited honors, 
capricious, wavering and unsteady; he will 
affect great modesty in the presence of others, 
though he will not scruple to do the vilest actions, 
when he thinks himself secure from discovery, 
A dimple makes no alteration. 



50. The chin that is pointed upward; shows 
the person to be much given to contrivances. 
However fair he may speak to you, you can 
never depend on his friendship, as his pur- 
pose is only to make you subservient to his own 
designs. In love his generosity will be of the 
same stamp. 

51. Of the face in general, I shall say, that 
the person whose features are strong, coarse, 
and unpleasant to the eye, is of a selfish, brutal, 
rough, and unsocial disposition; greedy of 
money, harsh in expression, but will sometimes 
fawn with a bad grace to gain his ends. 

52. The face that is plump, round, and 
ruddy, denotes the person to be of an agreeable 
temper, a safe companion, hearty and jovial, 
fond of pompany, of sound principles and a 
clear understanding, faithful in love, &c. 

53. The face that is thin, smooth, and 
even, with well-proportioned, features, shows 
the person to be of a good disposition, but lively, 
penetrating, and active ; somewhat inclined to 
suspicion, yet of an agreeable conversation; 
assiduous in the pursuits of knowledge, and 
strongly addicted to the delights of love. 

54. A face whose cheek bones jut out with 
thin jaws, is of a restless and thinking disposi- 
tion; fretful, and apprehensive of what may 
happen on the slighest cause, or what may 
never happen at all; always foreboding evil 
without any plausible reason for such fears; 
more disposed than capable of enjoying the 
pleasures of love. 

55. A face that is pale by nature, denotes a 
timorous disposition, but greatly desirous of the 
pleasures of love. 

56. A face that is unequally red, whether 
streaked or appearing in spots, shows the per- 
son to be weak both in mind and body, yield- 
ing easily to affliction and sickness. 

57. A face blotched, shows, the person to be 
addicted to drinking and vice, and not even 
free from any vice, though they have frequently 
the art to conceal the inclination. 

58. The head that is large and round, shows 
that the person has tolerable understanding, but 
not near so good as he imagines; however, 
upon the whole, he is rather harmless, and not 
so much given to vice. 

59. The head that is small and round, or if 
the face comes tapering, shows the person of 
acute, penetrating disposition, much given to 
bantering and humor, but of very great sensi- 
bility ; sometimes hurried by caprice, but com- 
monly faithful in love. 

60. The head that is flat on either side and 
deep from the face to the back, shows the per- 
son to be of a good understanding, deep pen- 
etration, great memory, and of an even and 
agreeable temper, but slow of belief, and not 
easily imposed upon. He is warm in his af- 
fections, just in his dealings, laborious ia 

his profession, and much addicted to sobri- 

We shall conclude this division of our work, 
by presenting our readers with the following 
curious and instructive information in Physi- 
ognomy : 

Strength of Body is known by a stiff hair, 
large bones, firm and robust limbs, short muscu- 
lar neck, firm and erect, the head and breast 
high, the forehead short, hard, and peaked, with 
bristly hair, large feet, rather thick than broad, | 
a harsh unequal voice, and choleric com- 

Weakness of Body is distinguished by a 
small ill-proportioned head, narrow shoulders, 
soft skin, and melancholy complexion. 

The signs of Long life are strong teeth, a 
sanguine temperament, middle stature, large, 
deep, and ruddy lines in the hand, large 
muscles, stooping shoulders, full chest, firm 
flesh, clear complexion, slow growth, wide ears, 
and large eyelids. 

Short Life may be inferred from a thick 
tongue ; the appearance of grinders before the 
age of puberty, thin struggling and uneven 
teeth confused lines in the hand, of a quick but 
small growth. 

A Good Genius may be expected from a thin 
skin, middle stature, blue bright eyes, fair com- 
plexion, straight pretty strong hair, and affable 
aspect, the eyebrows joined, moderation in mirth, 
an open cheerful countenance, and the temples a 
little concave. 

A Dunce may be known by a swollen neck, 
plump arms, sides, and loins, a round head, 
concave behind, a large fleshy forehead, pale 
eyes, a dull heavy look, small joints, snuffing 
nostrils, and a proneness to laughter, little 
hands, an ill-proportioned head, either, too big 
or too little blubber lips, short fingers, and thick 

Fortitude is promised from a wide mouth, a 
sonorous voice, grave, slow, and always equal, 
upright posture, large eyes, pretty open and 
steadfast, the hair high above the forehead, the 
head much compressed or flattened, the fore- 
head square and high, the extremities large and 
robust, the neck firm though not fleshy, a large 
corpulent chest, and brown complexion. 

Boldness is characterized by a prominent 
mouth, rugged appearance, rough forehead, 
arched eyebrows, large nostrils and teeth, short 
neck, great arms, ample chest, square shoulders, 
and a froward countenance. 

Prudence is generally distinguished by a 
head which is flat on the sides, a broad square 
forehead, a little concave in the middle, a soft 
voice, a large chest, a thin hair, light eyes, 
either blue, brown or black, large eyes, and an 
aquiline nose. 

A good Memory is commonly attached to 
tnose persons who are smaller, yet better formed 



in the upper than the lower parts, not fat but 
fleshy, of a fair delicate skin, with the poll of 
the head uncovered, crooked nose, teeth thick 
set, large ears with plenty of cartilage. 

A bad Memory is observable in persons 
who are larger in their superior than inferior 
parts, fleshy though dry and bald. — N. B. This 
is expressly contrary to the opinion of Aristotle, 
who says ; that the superior parts being larger 
than the inferior signify a good memory, and 
vice versa. 

A good Imagination and thoughtful Dispo- 
sition is distinguished by a large prominent 
forehead, a fixed and attentive look, slow respir- 
ation, and an inclination of the head. 

A good Sight is enjoyed by those persons who 
have generally black, thick, straight eye-lashes, 
large bushy eyebrows, concave eyes, contracted 
as it were inward. 

Short-sighted People have a stern, earnest 
look, small short eyebrows, large pupils and 
prominent eyes. 

Sense of Hearing, those who possess the 
same in perfection, have ears well furnished 
with gristle, well channelled and hairy. 

The Sense of Smelling is most perfect in 
those who have large noses, descending very 
near the mouth, neither too moist nor too 

A nice Faculty of Training is peculiar to such 
as have a spongy, porous, soft tongue, well 
moistened with saliva, yet not too moist. 

Delicacy in the Touch belongs to those who 
have a soft skin, sensible nerves, and nervous 
sinews, moderately warm and dry. 

Irascibility is accompanied by an erect pos- 
ture, a clear skin, a solemn voice, open nostrils, 
moist temples, displaying superficial veins, 
thick neck, equal use of both hands, quick 
pace, blood-shot eyes, large, unequal, ill-ranged 
eyes, and choleric disposition. 

Timorousness resides where we find a con- 
cave neck, pale color, weak-winking eyes, soft 
hair, smooth plump breast, shrill tremulous 
voice, small mouth, thin lips, broad thin hands, 
and small shambling feet. 

Melancholy is denoted by a wrinkled counte- 
nance, dejected eyes, meeting eyebrows, slow 
pace, fixed look, and deliberate respiration. 

An amorous Disposition may be known by a 
fair slender face, a redundancy of hair, rough 
temples, broad forehead, moist shining eyes, 
wide nostrils, narrow shoulders, hairy hands 
and arms, well shaped legs. 

Gayety attends a serene open forehead, rosy 
agreeable countenance, a sweet musical tone 
of voice, an agile body and soft flesh. 

Envy appears with a wrinkled forehead, 
frowning, dejected, and squinting look, a pale 
melancholy countenance, and a dry rough 

Intrepidity often resides in a small body, 

with red curled hair, ruddy countenance, frown- 
ing eyebrows, arched and meeting, eyes blue 
and yellowish, large mouth, and red lines in 
the hand. 

Gentleyiess and Complacency may be dis- 
tinguished by a soft and moist palm, frequency 
of shutting the eyes, soft movement, slow, 
speech, soft, straight and lightish-colored hair. 

Bashfulness may be discovered by moist 
eyes, never wide open, eyebrows frequently 
lowered, blushing cheeks, moderate pace, slow 
and submissive speech, bent body, and glowing 
ears of a purple hue. 

Temperance or Sobriety is accompanied with 
an equal respiration, a moderate-sized mouth, 
smooth temples, eyes of an ordinary size, either 
fair or azure, and a short, flat body. 

Strength of Mind is signified by light curled 
hair, a small body, shining eyes, but a little de- 
pressed, a grave intense voice, bushy beard, 
large broad back and shoulders. 

Pride stands confessed with arched eyebrows, 
a large prominent mouth, a broad chest, slow 
pace, erected head, shrugging shoulders, and 
staring eyes. 

Luxury dwells with a ruddy or pale complex- 
ion, downy temples, bald pate, little eyes, thick 
neck, corpulent body, large nose, thin eyebrows, 
and hands covered with a kind of down. 

Loquacity may be expected from a bushy 
beard, broad fingers, pointed tongue, eyes of a 
ruddy hue, a large prominent upper lip, and a 
sharp pointed nose. 

Perverseness may be dreaded, when we per- 
ceive a high forehead, firm, short, thick, im- 
moveable neck, quick speech, immoderate 
laughter, fiery eyes, and short fleshy hands and 

Impudence may be inferred from fiery staring 
eyes, eager look, circular forehead, round, 
ruddy countenance, elevated chest, a flat nose, 
and loud laughter, &c. 

As connected with this part of our subject, 
we subjoin the following Rules. 


The signs of a Choleric Disposition, are 

1. The habit of the body hot in touch, dry, 
lean, hard and hairy. 

2. The color of the face yellow. 

3. A natural dryness of the mouth and 

4. The thirst great and frequent. 

5. Activity and inquietude of the body. 

6. The pulse hard, swift, and often beating. 

7. The spittle bitter. 

8. The dreams are most of yellow things, of 
brawls, of fights, and quarrels. 



The Signs of a sanguine Constitution, are 

1. The habit of the body hot in touch, 
Beshy, soft and hairy. 

The color of the body fresh, sanguine, 
and lively. 

V natural and constant blush in the face. 

4. The pulse soft, moist, and full. 

5. The sweetness of the spittle. 

(>. 1 )reams most commonly of red things, of 
h Miity, feasting, dancing, music, and all jovial 
and pleasing recreations. 

7 . A continual habit of pleasantness and af- 

8. Often affected with jests, mirth, and 

The Signs of a Phlegmatic Constitution, are 

1. The habit of the body cold and moist, in 
touch soft, fat, gross, and not hairy. 

2. A constant natural whiteness, or wan- 
ness in the face. 

3. The pulse soft, slow, and rare. 

4. The thirst little, and seldom desiring 

5. The dreams usually are of white things, 
floods, inundations, and accidents belonging to 

6. Sleep much and frequent. 

7. Slowness and dullness of the body to ex- 

The Signs of a Melancholy Constitution, are 

1. The body in touch cold, dry, lean, and 

2. The body of a dark, dull, gloomy, leaden 

3. The spittle in little quantity, and sour. 

4. Pulse little, rare, and hard. 

5. The dreams often of black and terrible 
things — as of spirits, ghosts, dreadful appari- 
tions, choking and beheading; mad beasts, as 
oxen, wolves, and tigers, ready to devour you. 

6. Greatly oppressed with fear. 

7. A stability in cogitations, and constancy 
in the performance of the thing intended. 

The Physiognomical Signs of a good Genius , 

A straight erect body, neither over tall or 
short, between fat and thin, the flesh naturally 
soft, the skin neither soft nor rough, but a me- 
dium between ; the complexion white, verging 
to a blush of redness ; the hair between hard 
and soft, usually of a brown color, the head 
and face of a moderate size, the forehead rather 
high, the eyes manly, big, and clear, of a blue 
or hazel color, the aspect mild and humane, the 
teeth so mixed, that some are broad and some 
are narrow, a subtle tongue, and the voice be- 

tween intense and remiss, the neck comely and 
smooth ; the channel-bone of the throat appear- 
ing and moving ; the back and ribs not over 
fleshy, the shoulders plain and slender, the 
hands indifferently long and smooth, and equally 
distant, the nails white, mixed with red, and 
shining, and the carriage of the body erect in 



Or the Science of Foretelling Events by 
Cards, Dice and Dominoes. 

As many of those events about to happen 
may be easily gathered from the Cards, we have 
here affixed the definition which each card in 
the pack bears separately ; by combining them 
the reader must judge for himself, observing the 
following directions in laying them out. First, 
the person whose fortune is to be told, if a man, 
must choose one of the four kings to represent 
himself — if a woman, she must select one of the 
queens ; then the queen of the chosen king, or 
the king of the chosen queen will stand for the 
husband or wife, mistress or lover of the party, 
whose fortune is to be told, and the knave of 
the suit for the most intimate person of their 
family — you must then shuffle and cut the cards 
well, and let the person whose fortune is to be 
ascertained, cut them three times, showing the 
bottom card : this must be repeated three times 
— then shuffle them again, let them be cut 
once, and display them in rows on the table, 
taking care always to have an odd number in 
each row, nine is the right numbe^r, and to 
place your cards exactly under each other; 
afi^r this consult the situation in which the per- 
son stands by the definition we have here an- 
nexed to each card, and after having repeated it 
three times, form your conclusions ; remember 
that every thing is within your circle as far as 
you can count thirteen any way from the card 
that represents the person, his wife or her hus- 
band, and their intimate friend ; and also that 
the thirteenth card every way is of the greatest 
consequence ; either the whole pack, or only 
the picquet cards may be used. 

Another mode with the picquet cards is to 
shuffle and cut them, take three cards from the 
top ; if there be two of a suit, take out the 
highest card ; if three, take all : when you have 
gone through the pack, shuffle and cut the re- 
mainder, and do as before, and repeat the same 
a third time ; then take a general view of all 
the cards drawn, and next couple them, a top 
and a bottom card, then shuffle and cut them 
into three heaps, laying one apart in the first 



round to form a fourth heap ; the first heap at 
the left hand relates to yourself entirely, the 
next to your family ; the third is the confirma- 
tion of the former two — you must proceed a 
second and third time, adding each time one to 
the single card, and then three single cards give 
the connection of the operation ; observe, you 
must add the card which represents the person 
whose fortune is consulted to the three, if it be 
not there already. 

We have witnessed a great number of most 
wonderful and useful conclusions which have 
been produced by this science and many future 
events have been foretold; but much depends 
herein on the ingenuity and skill of the artist, 
who after having duly obtained the true and full 
meaning that each card in the pack bears sepa- 
rately, and in its independent state, he must be 
also most fully enabled to form, judge, and vary 
all their several mixtures, company, and combi- 
nations, which are easily deducted, and calcu- 
lated by any person of an ordinary common ca- 
pacity, for these cards (like the planets, men, 
and other things) are often somewhat altered 
and changed from their natural state by the 
mixture of the company in which they are 
found, which said rule must always be duly at- 
tended to throughout the whole course of prac- 
tice in the same. This divination by cards is a 
kind of a geomantic lot, and these kind of lots 
were always held in the highest estimation and 
repute by the ancients, so that they would per- 
form no work of great importance without first 
consulting these kind of lots ; for whatever di- 
vination and predictions of human events are 
made and formed in this way and manner, must 
of necessity, besides the lot, have some sublime 
occult cause, which indeed shall not be a cause 
by accident, such as Aristotle (and some in our 
present day) describes fortune to be ; for, in the 
series of causes, a cause by accident can never 
be the prime and sufficient cause. No, we 
must look higher, and find out a cause which 
may know and intend the effect. It is no mat- 
ter whether we make cards or any thing else 
the instrument with which we work in these 
high mysteries; let the instrument be what it 
will, we well know how, and by whom, the 
particular and general effects of every action, 
subject, matter, and thing, are always produced ; 
therefore we must not place this in corporeal 
nature, but in immaterial and corporeal sub- 
stances, which indeed administer the lot, and 
dispense the signification of the truth ; as in 
men's souls or departed spirits, or in celestial 
intelligences. Now that there is in a man's 
soul a sufficient power and virtue to direct such 
kind of lots, it is hence manifest, because there 
is in our souls a divine virtue and similitude, 
apprehension and power of all things, and all 
things have a natural obedience to it, and so of 
necessity have a motion and efficacy to that 

which the soul desires, with a strong vehement 
desire, and all the virtues and operations of nat- 
ural and artificial things obey it, when it is 
carried forth into the excess of desire, and then 
all lots of what kind soever are assisting to the 
appetite of such a mind, and acquire to them- 
selves wonderful virtues of passages, as from 
that, so from the celestial opportunity in that 
hour in which the excess of such like appetite 
doth most of all exceed in it. And this is that 
ground and foundation of all astrological and 
geomantic questions; wherefore the mind being 
thus elevated in the excess of any desire, taketh 
of itself an hour and opportunity most conven- 
ient and efficacious, on which the figure of the 
heavens being made and set, the artist may 
then judge the same, and plainly know con- 
cerning any subject, matter, or thing, which he 
may desire or be inquisitive to know. There- 
fore, whatsoever kind of presage these sort of 
lots portend and promise, it cannot be made by 
mere chance, but form a spiritual cause, by 
virtue whereof the phantasy or hand of him 
that casteth the lot is moved, either by that 
power which proceeds from the soul of the op- 
erator, through the great excess of his affection, 
or from a celestial influence, or from a certain 
spirit assisting or moving from on high. Let 
the said instruments, which are used in these 
kind of operations, be made and composed of 
what they will, whether of Cards, or Geo- 
mancy, or any thing else, the effect is still the 
same, seeing that there are a kind of certain 
lots that have a divine power of oracles, and 
are as it were indexes of divine judgment. 

This method of using the cards is both inno- 
cent and will afford you amusement, while that 
common, destructive, and most pernicious habit 
of gaming, would otherwise tend to promote 
and complete the ruin of both your soul and 

How many very respectable females have 
there been thus ruined. How many fine young 
men have there been brought to the scaffold, 
and other such wretched doleful places, by this 
most dangerous vice, gaming! We have 
many times seen and witnessed, even in com- 
mon families, living in country villages, that the 
losers (even when they have been playing for 
nothing) have had their countenances deranged 
and disfigured to an excessive degree, accom- 
panied by language the most diabolical they 
could possibly invent, in order to vent their rage 
and passion on what they term ill-luck, even to 
the utter destruction of their souls and bodies, 
together with the discomposure and abuse of 
the company in which they chance to be mixed, 
and are both a disgrace to themselves and all 
around them ; yet this is what they generally 
call an innocent game of cards ; let us ask our 
readers what must be the case when they are 
playing for large and considerable sums of 



money ! then their peace of mind, and the hap- 
piness and tranquility of their poor unfortunate 
families must go to ruin. — Reader, let us always 
avoid such destructive and most dangerous com- 
pany; lest we, like a great many other such 
unfortunate beings, may chance to meet our re- 
pentance when it comes too late. 

The Ace of Clubs, 

Is a letter, and promises great wealth, much 
prosperity in life, and tranquility of mind. 

The King of Clubs, 

Announces a man who is humane, upright, af- 
fectionate, and faithful in all his engagements — 
he will be happy himself, and make every 
one with whom he has connection so if he 

The Queen of Clubs, 

Shows a tender, mild, and rather amorous dis- 
dosition; one that will probably yield her 
maiden person to a generous lover before the 
matrimonial knot be tied ; but that they will be 
happy, love each other, and be married. 

The Knave of Clubs, 

Shows a generous, sincere, and zealous friend, 
who will exert himself warmly for your interest 
and welfare. 

The Ten of Clubs, 

Denotes great riches to come speedily from an 
unexpected quarter — but it also threatens that 
you will at the same time lose some very dear 

The Nine of Clubs, 

Shows that you* will displease some of your 
friends by too steady an adherence to your own 
way of thinking nor will your success in the 
undertaking reconcile them to you, or procure 
you your own approbation. 

The Eeight of Clubs, 

Shows the person to be covetous, and extremely 
fond of money; that he will obtain it, but that 
it will rather prove a torment than a comfort to 
him, as he will not make a proper use of it. 

The Seven of Clubs, 

Promises the most brilliant fortune, and the 
most exquisite bliss that this world can afford ; 
but beware of the opposite sex, from them you 
can alone experience misfortune, 

The Six of Clubs> 

Shows you will engage in a very lucrative part- 
nership, and that your children will behave 

The Five of Clubs, , 

Declares that you will shortly be married to a 
person who will mend your circumstances. 

The Four of Clubs, 

Shows incontinence for the sake of money, and 
frequent change of object. 

The Tray of Clubs, 

Shows that you will be three times married, 
and each time to a wealthy person. — This card 
will equally answer for a woman's being kept 
by three rich men according to her station. 

The Deuce of Clubs, 

Shows that there will be some unfortunate op- 
position to your favorite inclination, which will 
disturb you. 

The Ace of Diamonds, 

Shows a person who is fond of rural sports, a 
great builder, and a gardener ; one who de* 
lights in planting, and lays out groves, woods, 
shrubberies, and other amusements; but that 
his enterprises of this nature will have success 
or disappointment according to the cards that 
are near it — likewise signifies a letter and a 

The King of Diamonds, 

Shows a man of fiery temper, preserving his 
anger long, seeking for opportunities of re- 
venge, and obstinate in his resolutions. 

The Queen of Diamonds, 

Signifies that the woman will be a steady and 
industrious housekeeper ; that she will be fond 
of company, be a coquette, and not over vir- 

The Knave of Diamonds, 

However nearly related, will look more after 
his own interest than yours ; he will be tena- 
cious of his own opinion, and will not fly off if 

The Ten of Diamonds, 

Signifies a journey — promises a country hus- 
band or wife with great wealth and many chil- 
dren ; the next card to it will tell the number 
of children — it also signifies a purse of gold. 



The Nine of Diamonds, 

Declares that the person will be of a roving 
disposition ; never contented with his lot, and 
for ever meeting with vexations and disap- 
pointments, and risk a shameful end. 

The Eight of Diamonds, 

Shows that the persons in their youth will be 
enemies to marriage, and thus run the risk of 
dying unmarried ; but if they marry, it will be 
with a person whose disposition is so ill-assorted 
to theirs, that it will be the cause of misfor- 

The Seven of Diamonds, 

Shows that you will spend your happiest days 
in the country, where, if you remain, your hap- 
piness will be uninterrupted ; but if you come 
to town you will be tormented by the infidelity 
of your partner, and the squandering of your 

The Six of Diamonds t 

Shows an early marriage, and premature wid- 
owhood; but that your second marriage will 
probably make you worse off. 

The Five of Diamonds, 

Shows you a well assorted marriage with a mate 
who will punctually perform the hymeneal 
duties ; and that you will have good children, 
who will keep you from grief. 

The Jour of Diamonds, 

Shows the incontinence of the person you will 
be married to, and very great vexation to your- 
self, through the whole course of your life. 

The Tray of Diamonds, 

Shows that you will be engaged in quarrels, 
lawsuits, and domestic disagreements; your 
partner for life will be of a vixen and abusive 
temper, fail in the performance of the nuptial 
duties, and make you unhappy. 

The Deuce of Dia?nonds, 

Shows that your heart will be engaged in love 
at an early period ; that your parents will not 
approve your choice; and that if you marry 
without their consent, they will hardly forgive 

The Ace of Hearts, 

Signifies merry-making, feasting, and good 
humor ; if the ace be attended by Spades it 
foretells quarrelling in your cups, and ill temper 

to your family while you are in a state of intoxi- 
cation; if by Hearts, it shows cordiality and 
affection between the parties ; if by Diamonds, 
your feast .will be from home, perhaps in the 
country ; if by Clubs , the occasion of the meet- 
ing will be upon some bargain or agreement ; 
if your ace of hearts is in the neighborhood of 
face-cards of both sexes, with Clubs near, it will 
be about a match-making, if all the face-cards 
are kings or knaves, or both, it will concern the 
buying or selling of some personal property ; if 
all queens, it regards conciliation between 
parties; and if queens and knaves, it will be 
about there conciliation and re-union of a married 

The King of Hearts, 

Shows a man of a fair complexion, of an easy 
and good-natured disposition, but inclined to be 
hasty and passionate, and rash in his undertak- 

The Queen of Hearts, 

Shows a woman of a very fair complexion, or 
of great beauty ; her temper rather fiery, verg- 
ing on the termigant ; one who will not make 
an obedient wife, nor one who will be very 
happy in her own reflections. 

The Knave of Hearts, 

Is a person of no particular sex, but always the 
dearest friend or nearest relation of the consult- 
ing party, ever active and intruding, equally 
jealous of doing harm or good as the whim of 
the moment strikes, passionate and hard to be 
reconciled, but always zealous and warm in the 
cause of consulting party, though probably not 
according to their fancy, as they will be as in- 
dustrious to prevent their schemes as to forward 
them, if they do not accord with his own dispo- 

You must pay great attention to the cards that 
stand next to the knave, as from them alone 
you can judge whether the person it represents 
will favor your inclinations or not. 

The Ten of Hearts, 

Shows good nature, and many children — it is a 
corrective to the bad tidings of the cards that 
may stand next to it, and if its neighboring 
cards are of good import, it ascertains and con- 
firms their value. 

The Nine of Hearts, 

Promises wealth, grandeur, and high esteem ; 
if cards that are unfavorable stand near it, you 
must look for disappointments and a reverse ; if 
favorable cards follow these last at a small dis 
tance, expect to retrieve your losses whether of 
peace or of goods. 


The Bight of lharts, 

iti oul I strong inclination to get intoxi- 

1 1 this, ii accompanied with unfavorable 

Cards, Will be attended with loss of property, 

decay of health, and falling off of friends ; if 

by favorable cards, it indicates reformation and 
from the bad consequences of the 

The Seven of Hearts t 

Shows the person to be of a fickle and unfaith- 
ful disposition, addicted to incontinence, and 
subject to the mean art of recrimination to ex- 
cuse themselves, although without foundation. 

The Six of Hearts, 

Shows a generous, open, and credulous disposi- 
tion, easily imposed upon, and ever the dupe of 
flatterers, but the good-natured friend of the 
distressed. — If this card comes before your king 
or queen you will be the dupe; if after you will 
have the better. 

The Five of Hearts, 

Shows a wavering unsteady disposition, never 
attached to one object, and free from any vio- 
lent passion or attachment. 

The Four of Hearts, 

Shows that a person will not be married until 
very late in life, and that this will probably pro- 
ceed from a too great delicacy in making a 

The Tray of Hearts, 

Shows that your own imprudenee will greatly 
contribute to your experiencing the ill-will of 

The Deuce of Hearts, 

Shows that extraordinary success and good for- 
tune will attend the person ; though if unfavor- 
able cards attend, this will be a long time de- 

The Ace of Spades, 

Totally relates to the affairs of love, without 
specifying whether lawful or unlawful. 

The King of Spades, 

Shows a man who is ambitious, and certainly 
successful at court or with some great man, who 
will have it in his power to advance him.; but 
let him beware of a reverse. 

The Queen of Spades, 

Shows a person that will be corrupted by the 
great of both sexes — if she is handsome great 
attempts will be made on her virtue. 

The Knave of Spades, 

Shows a person who, although they have your 
welfare at heart, will be too indolent with zeal, 
unless you take frequent opportunities of arous- 
ing their attention. 

The Ten of Spades, 

Is a card of bad import ; it will . in a great 
measure counteract the good effect of the other 
cards ; but unless it be seconded by other unfor- 
tunate cards, its influence may be gotten over. 

The Nine of Spades, 

Is the worst card in the whole pack, it portends 
dangerous sickness, a total loss of fortune, cruel 
calamity, and endless dissensions in your 

The Eight of Spades, 

Shows that you will experience strong opposi- 
tion from your friends, whom you imagine to be 
such ; if this card comes close to you, abandon 
your enterprise, and adopt another plan. 

The Seven of Spades, 

Shows the loss of a most valuable friend, whose 
death will plunge you into very great distress. 

The Six of Spades, 

Announces a mediocrity of fortune, and very 
great uncertainty in your undertakings. 

The Five of Spades, 

Will give very little interruption to your suc- 
cess : it promises you good luck in the choice 
of a companion for life, that you will meet with 
one very fond of you, and immoderately at- 
tached to the joys of Hymen, but shows your 
temper to be rather sullen. 

The Four of Spades, 

Shows speedy sickness, and that your friends 
will injure your fortune. 

The Tray of Spades, 

Shows that you will be unfortunate in marriage, 
that your partner will be incontinent, and that 
you will be made unhappy. It always signifies 



The Deuce of Spades, 

Always signifies a coffin, but whom it is for 
must depend entirely on the other cards that 
are near it. It foretells grievious affliction, 
spite, quarrelling, and death. 


By which Fortunes are told in a singular 
and most diverting manner. 


Four young persons, but not more, may play 
at this game ; or three, by making a dumb 
hand, or steeping partner, as at whist. Play 
this game exactly the same in every game, 
making the queen, whom you call Venus, above 
ace, the aces in this game only standing for one, 
and hearts must be first led off by the person 
next the dealer. He or she who gets most 
tricks this way (each taking up their own, and 
no partnership) will have most lovers, and the 
king and queen of hearts in one hand shows 
matrimony at hand ; but woe to the unlucky 
one that gets no tricks at the deal, or does not 
hold a heart in their hand, they will be unfortu- 
nate in love, and long tarry before they marry. 


Three are enough for this game, the nines, 
the threes, and the aces ; deal them equally ; 
those who hold kings, hold friends ; queens are 
rivals ; knaves, shame ; knave alone, lover ; 
three, surprises ; ace, sorrow ; two together, 
shows a child before marriage ; if a king alone 
is in her hand with the aces, she stands a good 
chance ; but if a queen is with him, she will 
never marry the father ;- the nine of hearts gives 
the wish that you have most at heart ; the nine 
of diamonds, money ; and the nine of clubs, a 
new gown or coat; but the nine of spades is 
sorrow. A queen and a knave in one hand, 
bids fair for a secret intrigue. 


Let each one present deposit any sum agreed 
on, but of course some trifle ; put a complete 
pack of cards, well shuffled, in a bag or reticule. 
Let the party stand in a circle, and the bag 
being handed around, each draw three. Pairs 
of any are favorable omens of some good for- 
tune about to occur to the party, and gets from 
the pool th sum back that each agreed to pay. 
The king of hearts is here made the god of love, 
and claims double, and gives a faithful swain to 
the fair one who has the good fortune to draw 
him ; if Venus, the queen of hearts is with him, 
it is the conquering prize, and clears the pool ; 
fives and nines are reckoned crosses and misfor- 

tunes, and pay a forfeit of the sum agreed on to 
the pool, besides the usual stipend at each new 
game ; three nines at one draw shows the lady 
will be an old maid ; three fives, a bad husband. 


Let three, five, or seven young women stand 
in a circle, and draw a card out of a bag ; she 
who gets the highest card out, will be married 
first of the company, whether she be at the 
present time maid, wife, or widow ; and she 
who has the lowest, has the longest time to stay 
ere the sun shines on her wedding-day ; she 
who draws the ace of spades will never bear the 
name of wife ; and she who has the nine of 
hearts in this trial, will have one lover too 
many to her sorrow. 


By this game you may amuse yourself and 
friends, and at the same time learn some curi- 
ous particulars of your future fate ; and though 
apparently a simple, yet it is a sure method, as 
several young persons have acknowledged to the 
sybil who first presented them with the rules. 

Several may play at the game, it requiring no 
number, on leaving out nine on their board, not 
exposed to view ; each person puts a halfpenny 
in the pool, and the dealer double. The ace of 
diamonds is made principal, and takes all the 
other aces, &c. like Pam at Loo; twos and 
threes in your hand are luck; four, a contin- 
uance in your present state ; fives, trouble ; 
sixes, profit ; sevens, plague ; eight, disappoint- 
ments ; nines, surprises ; tens, settlement ; knaves, 
sweethearts ; kings and queens, friends and ac- 
quaintances ; ace of spades, death ; ace of clubs, 
a letter ; and the ace of diamonds, with the ten 
of hearts, marriage. 

The ace of diamonds being played first, or if 
it be not cut, the dealer calls for the queen of 
hearts, which takes next ; if the ace be not cut, 
and the queen conquers, the person who played 
her will marry that year without a doubt, though 
it may perhaps seem unluckily at the time ; but 
if she loses her queen, she must wait longer : 
the ace and queen being called, the rest go in 
rotation ; as at whist, kings taking queens, 
queens knaves, and so on, and the more tricks 
you have, the more money you get off the board 
on the division of each game ; those who hold 
the nine of spades will soon have some trouble, 
and they are also to pay a penny to the board ; 
but the fortunate fair one who holds the queen 
and knave of hearts in the same hand, will soon 
be married; or if she is already within the pale 
of matrimony, she will have a great rise in life 
by means of her husband : those who hold the 
ace of diamonds and queen of hearts, clear the 
money off the board, and end that game ; it also 
betokens great prosperity 




[a i certain and innocent \v;iy of finding 
out common occurrences about to take place. 
Take three dice, shake them well in the box 
with your left hand, and then east them out on 
a board or table, on which you had previously 
drawn a circle with chalk, but never throw on 
Monday <^i Wednesday. 

Three — a pleasing surprise. 

FOUR — a disagreeable one. 

Five — a stranger who will prove a friend. 

Six — loss of property. 

SEVEN -undeserved scandal. 

ElGl IT — merited reproach. 

Nine — a wedding. 

Ten — a christening, at which some important 
event will occur to you. 

Eleven — a death that concerns you. 

Twelve— a letter, speedily. 

Thirteen — tears and sighs. 

Fourteen — a new admirer. 

Fifteen — beware that you are not drawn 
into some trouble or plot. 

Sixteen — a pleasant journey. 

Seventeen — you will either be on the water, 
or have dealing with those belonging to it, to 
your advantage. 

Eighteen — a great profit, rise in life, or 
some most desirable good will happen almost 
immediately ; for the answers to the dice are 
always fulfilled within nine days. To show the 
same number twice at one trial, shows news 
from abroad, be the number what they may. If 
the dice roll over the circle, the number thrown 
goes for nothing, but the occurrence shows 
sharp words, and if they fall to the floor it is 
blows ; in throwing out the dice, if one remains 
on the top of the other, it is a present, of which 
I would have the females take care. 


Lay them with their faces on the table, and 
shuffle them ; then draw one, and see the num- 
ber. — N. B. Never play on a Friday. 

Double-six — receiving a handsome sum of 

Six- five — going to a public amusement. - 

Six-four — law-suits. 

Six-three — ride in a coach. 

Six-two — present of clothing. 

Six-one — you will soon perform a friendly 

Six-blank — guard against scandal, or you 
will suffer by your inattention. 

Double-five — a new abode to your advant- 

Five-four — a fortunate speculation. 

Five-three — a visit from a superior. 

Five-two — a water-party. 

Five-one — a love intrigue. 

Five-blank — a funeral, but not of a relation. 

Double-four — drinking liquor at a distance. 

FOUR-THREE — a false alarm at your house. 

Four-two — beware of thieves or swindlers. 
— Ladies, take notice of this ; it means more 
than it says. 

Four-one — trouble from creditors. 

Four-blank — receive a letter from an angry 

Double-three — sudden wedding, at which 
you will be vexed. 

Three-two — buy no lottery tickets, not enter 
into any game of chance, or you will lose. 

Three-one — a great discovery at hand. 

Three-blank — an illegitimate child. 

Double-two — you will be plagued by a 
jealous partner. 

Two-one — you wall mortgage or pledge some 
property very soon. 

Double-one — you will soon find something 
to your advantage in the street or road. 

Double-blank — the worst presage in all the 
set of dominoes ; you will soon meet trouble 
from a quarter for which you are quite unpre- 

It is useless for any person to draw more 
than three dominoes at one time of trial, or in 
one and the same month, as they will only de- 
ceive themselves ; shuffle the dominoes each 
time of choosing ; to draw the same dominoe 
twice makes the answer stronger. 


the art of foretelling future events 

by charms, spells, and incantations, 

To be resorted to at certain seasons of the 
year, and on particular Fasts and Fes* 
tivals ; by which Dreams, Tokens, and 
other insights into Futurity may be ob- 
tained, but more particularly with re* 
gard to marriage. 

Magic Laurel. 

Rise between three and four in the morning 
of your birth-day, with cautious secrecy ; so as 
to be observed by no one, and pluck a sprig of 
laurel ; convey it to your chamber, and hold it 
over some lighted brimstone for five minutes, 
which- you must carefully note by a watch or 
dial ; wrap it in a white linen cloth or napkin, 
together with your own name written on writing 
paper, and that of the young man who addresses 
you (or if there is more than one, write all the 
names down ;) write also the day of the week, 
the date of the year, and the age of the moon ; 
then haste and bury it in the ground, where 
you will be sure it will not be disturbed foi 



three days and three nights ; then take it up 
and place the parcel under your pillow for three 
nights, and your dreams will be truly prophetic 
as to your destiny. 

The Three Keys. 

Purchase three small keys, each at a differ- 
ent place, and going to bed tie them together 
with your garter, and place them in your left 
hand glove, along with a small flat dough cake, 
on which you have pricked the first letters of 
your sweetheart's name; put- them in your 
bosom when you retire to rest; if you are to 
have that young man you will dream of him, 
but not else. 

This charm is the most effectual on the first or 
third of a new moon. 

The Card Charm. 

Select all the hearts and diamonds from the 
pack, put them in one of your stockings, and 
place them under your pillow any Friday night : 
as soon as you wake on Saturday morning, pro- 
vided the fourth hour has struck, not else, draw 
a card ; according to the number of pips, so 
many years will elapse before you appear at the 
altar of Hymen. Hearts show a loving hus- 
band, diamonds the richest husband or wife ; 
the kings show that you will never marry ; the 
queen, a troublesome rival; the knave of dia- 
monds, a fatal seduction ; and the knave of 
hearts, early widowhood. 

The magic Ring. 

Borrow a wedding ring, concealing the pur- 
pose for which you borrow it ; but no widow's 
or pretended marriage will do, it spoils the 
charm ; wear it for three hours at least before 
you retire to rest, and then suspend it by a hair 
off your head over your pillow; write within a 
circle resembling a ring, the sentence from the 
matrimonial service, beginning with, with this 
ring 1 thee wed y and over the circle write your 
own name in full length, and the figures that 
stand for your age ; place it under your pillow 
and your dream will fully explain who you are 
to marry, and what kind of a fate you will have 
with them. If your dream is too confused to 
remember it, or you do not dream at all, it is a 
certain sign you will never be a bride. 

The Witches' Chain. 

Let three young women join in making a long 
chain, about a yard will do, of Christmas, juni- 
per, and misletoe berries, and at the end of 
every link put an oak acorn. Exactly before 
midnight let them assemble in a room by them- 
selves, where no one can disturb them ; leave a 
window open, and take the key out of the key- 
hole and hang it over the chimney-piece ; have 
a good fire, and place in the midst of it a long 

thinnish log of wood, well sprinkled with oil, 
salt, and fresh mould, then wrap the chain round 
it, each maiden having an equal share in the 
business ; then sit down, and on your left knee 
let each fair one have a prayer-book opened at 
the matrimonial service. Just as the last acorn 
is burnt, the future husband will cross the room ; 
each one will see her own proper spouse, but he 
will be invisible to the rest of the wakeful 
virgins. Those that are not to wed will see a 
coffin, or some misshapen form, cross the room ; 
go to bed instantly, and you will have remark- 
able dreams. This must be done either on a 
Wednesday or Friday night, but no other. 

The nine Keys. 

Get nine small keys, they must all be your 
own by begging or purchase, (borrowing will 
not do, nor must you tell what you want them 
for;) plait a three-plaited band of your own 
hair, and tie them together, fastening the ends 
with nine knots ; fasten them with one of your 
garters to your left wrist on going to bed, and 
bind the other garter round your head , then 
say — 

St. Peter take it not amiss, 
To try your favor I've done this ; 
You are the ruler of the keys, 
Favor me then, if you please ; 
Let me then your influence prove, 
And see my dear and wedded love. 

This must be done on the eve of St. Peter's 
and is an old charm used by the maidens of 
Rome in ancient times who put great faith 
in it. 

The Mysterious Watch. 

Request any person to lend you his watch, 
and ask him if it will go when laid on the 
table. He will, no doubt, answer in the affirm- 
ative ; in which case, place it over the eud of 
the concealed magnet, and it will presently 
stop. Then mark the precise spot where you 
placed the watch, and moving the point of the 
magnet, give the watch to another person, and 
desire him to make the experiment ; in which he 
not succeeding, give it to a third (at the same 
time replacing the magnet,) and he will imme- 
diately perform it, to the great chagrin of the 
second party. 

This experiment cannot be effected, unless 
you take the precaution to use a very strongly 
impregnated magnetic bar, and that the balance 
wheel of the watch be of steel, which may be 
ascertained by previously opening it, and look- 
ing at the works. 

The Magic Rose. 

Gather your rose on the 27th of June, and, 
let it be full blown, and as bright a red as yon 
can get j pluck it between the hours of fckrs* 



in Kn the morning, take rare to have no 
witness ol the transaction; convey it to your 
chamber, and hold it over a chafing dish, or 

mvenient utensil, for the purpose, in 

which then- is eh.uvoul and sulphur of brim- 
stone, hold your rose over the smoke about five 
minutes, and you will see it have a wonderful 
»n the flower. Before the rose gets the 
K>1, put it in a sheet of writing-paper, on 
which is written your own name and that of the 
young man you love best ; also the date of the 
year and the name of the morning star that has 
the ascendancy at that time; fold it up, and seal 
it neatly with three separate seals, then run and 
bury the parcel at the foot of the tree from 
which you gathered the flower; here let it re- 
main untouched till the 6th of July, take it up at 
midnight, go to bed and place it under your 
pillow, and you will have a singular and most 
eventful dream before morning, or at least be- 
fore your usual time of rising. You may keep 
the rose under you three nights without spoiling 
the charm ; when you have done with the rose 
%nd paper, be sure to burn them. 

Midsummer-day Charm, to know yout hus- 
band' s Trade. 

Exactly at twelve, on Midsummer-day, place 
n bowl of water in the sun, pour in some boil- 
ing pewter as the clock is striking, saying 
thus : — 

Here I try a potent spell, 
Queen of love, and Juno tell, 
In kind union unto me, 
What my husband is to be, 
This the day, and this the hour, 
When it seems you have the power, 
For to be a maiden's friend, 
So, good ladies, condescend. 

A tobacco-pipe full is enough. When the 
pewter is cold, take it out of the water, and 
drain it dry in a cloth, and you will find the 
emblems of your future husband's trade quite 
plain. If more than one you will marry twice ; 
if confused and no emblems, you will never 
marry ; a coach shows a gentleman for you. 

St. Agnes day. — Charm to know who your 
husband shall be. 

Falls on the 2 1st of January : you must pre- 
pare pourself by a twenty-four hours' fast, 
touching nothing but pure spring water, begin- 
ning at midnight on the 20th to the same again 
on the 2ist; then go to bed, and mind you 
sleep by yourself, and do not mention what you 
are trying to any one, or it will break the spell ; 
go to rest on your left side, and repea these 
lines three times— 

St. Agnes be a friend to me, 

Is the gift I ask of thee ; 

Let me this night my husband see — 

and you will dream of your future spouse ; if 
you see more than one in your dream, you will 
wed two or three times, but if^you sleep and 
dream not, you will never marry. 

St. Magdalene. 

Let three young women assemble on the eve 
of this saint in an upper apartment, where they 
are sure not to be disturbed, and let no one try 
whose age is more than 21, or it breaks the 
charm ; get rum, wine, gin, vinegar, and water, 
and let each have a hand in preparing the po- 
tion. Put it in a ground glass vessel, no other 
will do ; then let each young woman dip a sprig 
of rosemary in, and fasten it in her bosom, and 
taking three sips of the mixture, get into bed ; 
and the three must sleep together, but not a 
word must be spoken after the ceremony be- 
gins, and you will have true dreams, and of such 
a nature that you cannot possibly mistake your 
future destiny. It is not particular as to the 
hour in which you retire to rest. 

A Christmas Spell. 

Steep misletoe berries, to the number of nine, 
in a mixture of ale, wine, vinegar, and honey, 
take them on going to bed, and you will dream 
of your future lot ; a storm in this dream is very 
bad ; it is most likely you will then marry a 
sailor, who will suffer a shipwreck at sea ; but to 
see either sun, moon, or stars, it is an excellent 
presage ; so are flowers ; but a coffin is an index 
of a disappointment in love. 

A Lent Charm. 

To be tried on any Friday in Lent, Good 
Friday excepted, when it is improper to try any 
thing of the kind, and the mind ought to be 
more seriously disposed. Write twelve letters 
of the common alphabet on separate pieces of 
card, also twelve figures, and the same number 
of blank cards, then put them in a bag and 
shake them well, and let each present draw 
one ; a blank shows a single life ; a figure, in- 
trigue, or crim con. and a letter a happy mar- 


If you receive one of those love tokens, and 
cannot guess at the party who sent, or are in any 
doubt, the following method will explain it to a 
certainty : prick the fourth finger of your left 
hand, and with a crow-quill write on the back 
of the valentine the day and hour in which you 
were born, and the date of the year, also of the 
present one, the moon's age, and the name of 



present morning star, all of which you will find 
in the almanac, and the sign into which the sun 
has entered ; try this on the first Friday after you 
receive the valentine, but do not go to bed till 
midnight ; place the paper in yonr left shoe, and 
put it under your pillow y lay on your left side, 
and repeat three times — 

St. Valentine, pray condescend 
To be this night a maiden's friend ; 
Let me now my lover see, 
Be he of high or low degree ; 
By a sign his station show, 
Be it weal or be it wo, 
Let him come to my bed-side f 
And my fortune thus decide. 

The young woman will be sure to dream of 
the identical person who sent the valentine, and 
may guess by the other particulars of the dream, 
if or not he is to be her spouse. 

Fast of St. Annes. 

This is a hard trial, but what is not impos- 
sible to any young lady who wishes to know her 
lot in marriage, that most important change in 
human life. 

Prepare yourself three days previous to the 
eve of this female saint, by living on bread and 
water and sprigs of parsley, and touch no other 
thing whatever, or our labor will be lost ; the 
eve begins at the sixth hour. Go to bed as 
soon as you once begin to undress; get into 
bed, lay on your left side with your head as low 
as possible, then repeat the following verse 
three times : — 

St. Anne, in silver clouds descend, 

Prove thyself a female's friend ; 

Be it good, or bring it harm, 

Let me have knowledge from the charm 

Be it husbands one, two, three 

Let me »n rotation see ; 

And if fate decrees me four 

(No modest maid can wish for more.) 

Let me view them in my dream, 

Fair and clearly to be seen ; 

But if the stars decree 

Perpetual virginity, 

Let me sleep on, and dreaming not, 

I shall know my single lot. 

Cupid's Nosegay. 

On the first night of the new moon in July, 
take a red rose, a white rose, a yellow flower, 
a blue one, a sprig of rue and rosemary, and 
nine blades of long grass ; bind all together 
with a lock of your own hair ; kill a white 
pigeon sprinkle the nosegay with the blood from 
the heart, and some common salt, wrap the 
flowers in a white handkerchief, and lay it 
under your head on the pillow, when you go to 

rest, and before morning you will see your fate 
as clear as if you had your nativity cast by the 
first astrologer in the kingdom ; not only in re- 
spect to love, lovers, or marriage, but in the 
other most important affairs of your life ; storms 
in this dream foretell great trouble, &c. 

Love presents and witching Spells. 

Take three hairs from your heaa, roll them 
up in a small compact form, and anoint them 
with three drops of blood, from the left hand 
fourth finger, choosing this because the anato- 
mists say a vein goes from that finger to the 
heart: wear this in your bosom (taking care 
that none knows the secret) for nine days and 
nights : then enclose the hair in a secret cavity 
of a ring or a brooch, and present it to your 
lover. While it is in his possession, it will have 
the effect of preserving his love, and leading his 
mind to dwell on you. A chain or plait of your 
own hair mixed with that of a goat, and 
anointed with nine drops of the essence of am- 
bergris, will have similar effect. Flowers pre- 
pared with your own blood, will have an effect 
on your lover's mind ; but the impression will 
be very transient, and fade with the flowers. If 
your love should be fortunate and likewise mar- 
ried to the object of your wishes never reveal to 
him the nature of the present you made him, or 
it may have the fatal effect of turning love into 

The Ring and Olive Branch. 

Buy a ring, it matters not it being gold, so 
as it has the resemblance of a wedding ring, 
and it is best to begin this charm on the per- 
son's birthday. Pay for the ring with some 
trifling coin, for whatever change is received, 
must be given to the first beggar you meet in 
the street ; and if no one asketh alms of you, 
give it to some poor person ; there will be no 
occasion to go far before one can be found to 
whom it will be acceptable — be sure to note 
what might be said in return, such as God bless 
you, or wishing good fortune, as is usual. When 
arrived at home, write it down on a sheet of 
paper, at each of four corners, and in the 
middle put the two first letters of your name, 
your age, and the letters of the planets then 
reigning, as morning and evening stars ; get a 
branch of olive, and fasten the ring on the 
stalk with a string or thread, which has been 
steeped all day in honey and vinegar, or any 
composition of opposite qualities, very sweet 
and very sour ; cover your ring and stalk with 
the written paper carefully wrapped round and 
round ; wear it in your bosom till the ninth 
hour of the night, then repair to the next 
church-yard and bury the charm in the grave of 
a young man who died unmarried : and, while 
you are so doing, repeat the letters of your 



christain name three times backward ; return 
home, and keep as nuiet a possible, till you go 
to bed which must be before eleven o'clock; 
put a light in your chimney, or some safe 
place ; and, before midnight, or just about that 
time, your husband that is to be, will present 
himself at the foot of the bed, but will pres- 
ently disappear. If you are not to marry, none 
will come ; and, in that case, if you dream be- 
fore morning, of children, it shows you will 
have them unmarried; and if you dream of 
crowds of men, beware of prostitution. 

Love Letters. 

On receiving a love letter that has any par- 
ticular declaration in it, lay it wide open; then 
fold it in nine folds, pin it next to your heart, 
and thus wear it till bed time ; then place it in 
your left hand glove, and lay it under your 
head. If you dream of gold, diamonds, or any 
other costly gem, your lover is true, and means 
what he says ; if of white linen, you will lose 
him by death ; and if of flowers, he will prove 
false. If you dream of his saluting you, he is 
at present false, and means not what he pro- 
fesses, but only to draw you into a snare. 

To know if a Woman with Child will have 
a Girl or Boy. 

Write the proper names of the father and 
the mother, and of the month she conceived 
with child, and likewise adding all the numbers 
of those letters together, divide them by seven ; 
and then if the remainder be even, it will be a 
girl if uneven, it will be a boy. 

To know if a Child new-born shall live or 

Write the proper names of the father and 
mother, and of the day the child was born, and 
put to each letter its number, as you did before, 
and unto the total sum, being collected to- 
gether, put twenty-five, and then divide the 
whole by seven ; and then, if it be even, the 
child shalL die ; but if it be uneven, the child 
shall live. 

To know if any one shall enjoy their love or 

Take the number of the first letter of your 
name, the number of the planet, and the day of 
the week ; put all these together, and divide 
them by thirty ; if it be above, it will come to 
your mind, and if below, to the contrary : and 
mind that number which exceeds not thirty. 

To find out the two first letters of a future 
Wife s or Husband' s Name, 

Take a small Bible and the key of your front 
street-door, and having opened to Solomon's 

Songs, chap. viii. ver. 6 and 7, place the wards 
of the key on those two verses, and let the bow 
of the key be about an inch out of the top of 
the Bible ; then shut the book, and tie it round 
with your garter, so as the key will not move, 
and the person who wishes to know his or her 
future husband or wife's signature, must sus- 
pend the Bible, by putting the middle finger of 
the right hand under the bow of the key, and 
the other person in like manner on the other 
side of the bow of the key, who must repeat 
the following verses, after the other person's 
saying the alphabet, one letter to each time re- 
peating them. It must be observed, that you 
mention to the person who repeats the verses, 
before you begin, which you intend to try first, 
whether sirname or christian name ; and take 
care to hold the Bible steady and when you 
arrive at the appointed letter the book will turn 
round under your finger, and that you will find 
to be the first letter of your intended's nam^. 

Solomon's Songs, chap. viii. ver. 6 and 7. 

" Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal 
upon thine arm; for love is strong as death, 
jealousy is cruel as the grave ; the coals thereof 
are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement 

"Many waters cannot quench love, neither 
can the floods drown it ; if a man would give 
all the substance of his house for love, it would 
be utterly contemned." 

To know how soon a Person will be Married. 

Get a green pea-pod, in which are exactly 
nine peas, hang it over the door, and then take 
notice of the next person who comes in, who is 
not of the family, and if it proves a bachelor, 
you will certainly be married within that year. 

On any Friday throughout the year — Take 
rosemary flowers, bay leaves, thyme, and sweet 
marjoram, of each a handful ; dry these, and 
make them into a fine powder then take a tea- 
spoonful of each sort, mix the powders together ; 
then take twice the quantity of barley flour and 
make the whole into cake with the milk of a 
red cow. This cake is not to be baked, but 
wrapped in clean writing-paper, and laid under 
your head any Friday night. If the person 
dreams of music, she will wed those she de- 
sires, and that shortly ; if of fire, she will be 
crossed in love ; if a church, she will die single. 
If any thing is written, or the least spot of ink is 
on the paper, it will not do. 

To know what Fortune your future Husband 
will be. 

Take a walnut, a hazel-nut, and nutmeg; 
grate them together, and mix them with butter 
and sugar, and make them up into small pills, 
of which exactly nine must be taken on going 



to bed ; and according to her dreams, so will be 
the state of the person she will marry. If a 
gentleman, of riches ; if a clergyman, of white 
linen ; if a lawyer, of darkness ; if a tradesman, 
of odd noises and tumults ; if a soldier or sailor, 
of thunder and lightning; if a servant, of 

Bride Cake. 

A slice of the bride-cake thrice drawn through 
the wedding-ring, and laid under the head of an 
unmarried woman, will make her dream of her 
future husband. — The same is practiced in the 
north with a piece of the groaning cheese. 

Another way to see a future spouse in a 
dream : the party inquiring must lie in a differ- 
ent county from that in which she commonly 
resides, and on going to bed, must knit the left 
garter about the right-legged stocking, letting 
the other garter and stocking alone ; and as you 
rehearse the following verse, at every comma 
knit a knot : 

This knot I knit, to know the thing I know not 

That I may see, the man that shall my husband 
How he goes, and what he wears, 
And what he does all days and years. 

Accordingly in a dream he will appear, with 
the insignia of his trade or profession. 

Another, performed by charming the moon, 
thus : — at the first appearance of the new moon, 
immediately after new-year's day, go out in the 
evening, and stand over the spears of a gate or 
stile, and looking on the moon, repeat the fol- 
lowing lines : — 

All hail to thee, moon ! all hail to thee ! 
I pr' thee, good moon, reveal to me 
This night, who my husband must be ! 

The party will then dream of her future hus- 

1 A spell, to be used at any convenient time. 

Make a nosegay of various colored flowers, 
one of a rose, a sprig of rue and some yarrow off 
a grave, and bind all together with the hair of 
your head ; sprinkle them with a few drops of 
the oil of amber, using your left hand, and bind 
the flowers round your head when you retire to 
rest under your night cap ; and put on clean 
sheets and linen, and your future fate will ap- 
pear in your dream. 

Promise of Marriage. 

If you receive a written one, or any declara- 
tion to that effect in a letter, prick the words 
with a sharp-pointed needle on a sheet of paper 

quite clear from any writing; fold it in nine 
folds, and place it under your head when you 
retire to rest. If you dream of diamonds, cas- 
tles, or even a clear sky, there is no deceit, and 
you will prosper ; trees in blossom, or flowers, 
show children : washing or graves, shows you 
will lose them by death ; and water shows they 
are faithful, but that you will go through severe 
poverty, with the party for some time, though 
all may end well. 

Strange Bed. 

Lay under your pillow a prayer-book, opened 
at the matrimorial service, bound round with 
the garters you wore that day, and a sprig of 
myrtle on the page that says with this ring i 
thee wed, and your dream will be ominous, 
and you will have your fortune as well told as if 
you had paid a crown to an astrologer 


This is to be tried on the third day of the 
month between September and March. Let 
any number of young women, not exceeding 
nine, and minding that there is an odd one in 
the company assembled together and each 
string nine acorns on a separate string, or as 
many acorns as there are females in company, 
but not more ; wrap them round a long stick of 
wood, and place it in the fire, just as the clock 
strikes twelve at night ; say not a word, but sit 
round the fire till all the acorns are consumed, 
then rake out the ashes, and retire to bed al- 
most directly, repeating — 

May love and marriage be the theme, 

To visit me in this night's dream; 

Gentle Venus, be my friend, 

The image of my lover send ; 

Let me see his form and face, j 

And his occupation trace ; 

By a symbol or a sign, 

Cupid, forward my design. 


This is a weed commonly found in abun- 
dance on graves, toward the close of the spring 
and beginning of summer. It must be plucked 
exactly on the first hour of morn, place three 
sprigs either in your shoe or glove saying — 

Good morning, good morning, good yarrow, 

And thrice a good morning to thee ; 

Tell me before this time to-morrow, 

Who my true love is to be. 

Observe, a young man must pluck the weed 
off a young maiden's grave, and a female must 
select that of a bachelor's ; retire home to bed 
without speaking another word, or it dissolves 
the spell ; put the yarrow under your pillow, 
and it will procure a sure dream on which you 
may depend. 



A Charm, to be used on the eve of any fast 
directed in the Calendar, 

This takes a week's preparation, for you must 
abstain from meat or strong drink ; go not to 
bed till the clock has struck the midnight hour, 
and rise before seven the next morning ; the 
whole seven days you must neither play at 
cards, or any game of chance, nor enter a place 
of public diversion ; when you go to bed on the 
night of trial eat something very salt, and do 
not drink after it and you may depend on hav- 
ing very singular dreams, and being very thirsty 
you will probably dream of liquids ; wine is ex- 
cellent, and shows wealth or promotion : brandy, 
foreign land ; rum, that you will wed a sailor, 
or one that gets his living on the sea ; gin, but 
a middling life ; cordials, variety of fortune ; 
and water, if you drink it, poverty ; but to see a 
clear stream is good. — Children are not good to 
behold in this dream, nor cards, nor dice, they 
forebode the loss of reputation, or that you will 
never marry. 

How to ?nake the Dumb-Cake. 

In order to make the dumb-cake with per- 
fection, it is necessary strictly to observe the 
following instructions : — 

Let any number of young women take a 
handful of wheaten flour, (and from the mo- 
ment the hand touches the flour, not a word is 
to be spoken by any of them during the pro- 
cess,) and place it on a sheet of white paper ; 
then sprinkle it over with as much salt as can 
be held betwixt the finger and thumb ; then 
one of the damsels must bestow as much of her 
own water as will make it into dough ; which 
being done, each of the company must roll it 
up, and spread it thin and broad; and each 
person must, at some distance from each other, 
make the first letters of her Christian and sur- 
name, with a large new pin, toward the end of 
the cake (if more Christian names than one, 
the first letter of each must be made ;) the 
cake must be then set before the fire, and each 
person must sit down in a chair, as far distant 
from the fire as the room will admit, not speak- 
ing a single word all this while. 

This must be done soon after eleven at night, 
and between that and twelve each person must 
turn the cake once, and in a few minutes after 
twelve, the husband of her who is to be first 
married will appear to lay his hand on that part 
of the cake which is marked with her name. 



Or, the Science of Foretelling future Events 
by Dreams. 
Abuse.— To dream that you are abused and 
insulted, is a certain sign some dispute will 

happen between you and some person with 
whom you have business, therefore, after such 
a dream, you should be particularly, careful of 
yourself, and be as gentle and mild as possi- 
ble, that you may not give those with whom 
you have dealings any advantage over you— 
if you are in love, be assured that some one 
has attempted to injure you with the object of 
your affections, and that they have in a great 
measure succeeded — you should, therefore, af- 
ter such a dream, be particularly complaisant 
and attentive; by this means you will eradi- 
cate the unfavorable impressions that have 
been made against you — if you have a law- 
suit, keep a sharp lookout after your attorney, 
for such a dream in that case denotes, that he 
is endeavoring to sell your cause— avoid, after 
such a dream, taking a journey by land, or a 
voyage by sea, for eight and forty hours, be- 
cause such a dream forebodes accidents by 

Adultery. — To dream of the commission 
of this sin, forebodes great troubles and mis- 
fortunes — if you are in love, you will certainly 
fail in marrying the object of your wishes — if 
you have a law-suit, it will certainly go against 
you, by the treachery of those who pretended 
to be your friends — if you are in business, 
some heavy loss will happen to you. Such a 
dream announces, that you are in great dan- 
ger of losing your liberty — and if you are 
about to take a voyage by sea, omit it for the 
present, for you will never reach the destined 
port. To dream that you were tempted to 
commit this crime, and that you resisted it, is 
a happy omen — everything will flourish with 
you — be sure it is a good time to begin trade 
after such a dream — if you have a law-suit, 
all will go in your favor, with credit to your- 
self, and confusion to your opponents— if you 
are about to undertake a long journey, it will 
be pleasant and successful to your object — if 
you are going to sea, you will have an agreea- 
ble voyage, fine weather, and a quick arrival 
at the port of destination — if you are in love, 
press the object of your wishes, for they w r ill be 

Abel. To dream of this second son of 
Adam, the victim of his brother's vengeance 
and jealousy, and the first man that stained the 
earth with his blood, is a favorable omen, por- 
tends future elevation and grandeur — if you 
have a law-suit, it will terminate in your favor 
— if you are in love, the mistress of your heart 
will be kind and faithful — if you are about to 
commence trade, your business will thrive, and 
you will become rich — if you are a farmer, be 
sure of good crops the ensuing season — if you 
are about to undertake a journey, it will be 
prosperous to you; in short, expect to rise to 
honors, dignity, and affluence, observe one 
thing, that should he speak to you in your 



dream, you should be very careful to mind 
what he says, as otherwise you may mar all 
your good fortune, and reverse every benefit 
that fortune has in store for you, 

Abraham. To dream of this Patriarch is 
favorable to the person who dreams — it in gen- 
eral denotes accumulation of riches and of 
honor — in a woman, it denotes that she will 
have many children — if you are in love, it de- 
notes you will have many rivals — if you have a 
law-suit, it forebodes that many difficulties will 
occur — if you are in business, then it portends 
a great increase of your business, and that you 
will employ many hands to conduct it ; you 
must also be very observant of what he says to 
you, for he will perhaps inform you how to 
avoid some misfortune, or how to attain to 
riches and honors. 

Adam. To dream you see this father of 
men, this inhabitant of Paradise, who was be- 
trayed by Eve into sin, is a happy omen — if he 
looks pleasant, be sure you will succeed in what- 
ever you undertake — if you are in love, expect 
your mistress to smile on your love, and to re- 
ward your constancy — if you have a law-suit, 
expect it to be given much in your favor by the 
judge — if you are a farmer, expect an abundant 
crop, and that your pigs, poultry, and cattle, 
will increase very fast, and be of a good 
kind, and fetch the best price at market 
— if you are about to quit your native 
place, abandon the idea for depend some bene- 
fit is in store for you in the place where you had 
birth — if you have already quitted it, I would 
advise you, if you can, to return, for there lies 
your fortune and prosperity : do not undertake 
journeys, unless, absolutely necessary, for al- 
though they would be successful, yet you will 
be still more fortunate by resting at home ; if 
he looks displeased and angry, then you must 
use great caution in all your dealings, for some, 
mischief is intended you, but you will get the 
better of it ; but on no account undertake a 
voyage by sea, neither borrow or lend money, 
for at least a month or two, because, if you do, 
you will lose what you lend, and what you bor- 
row will bring you into trouble ; be careful if 
he speaks to you, to mind what he says and 
observe it as faithfully as you possibly can. 

Adversary. To dream you meet with an 
adversary, denotes that you will overcome 
some obstacle to your happiness — if you are a 
lover, you will conquer some powerful rival, 
and be happy in your love ; it also denotes, 
that your affairs are going on well — if you 
are soliciting a place, it portends you are 
about to get it — if you are in trade, it fore- 
bodes some good orders, and an increase of 
business — if you quarrel, and he overcomes 
you, it is a good sign, for you will conquer all 
obstacles to your promotion, happiness, and 
fortune; but, if you conquer him, then it de- 

notes that you will never rise to any great 
preferment by the means you are at present 
adopting ; that many things will miscarry with 
you, but in general you will be fortunate — 
should he draw blood of you, you will surely 
lose your liberty for a time, but will afterward 
be flourishing and happy. 

Acquaintance. To dream you quarrel or 
fight with an acquaintance, is an unlucky omen ; 
it forebodes a division amongst your own family, 
much to the injury and prejudice of the dreamer 
— if you are in love, your mistress will prove 
unfaithful, and marry some other man that she 
has told you she most hates — if you are in 
business, some heavy loss will befall you ; you 
will disagree with some of your best friends on 
the most trivial matters which will end in an 
open rupture — if you are a farmer, expect a bad 
crop, the murtra amongst your cattle ; that your 
pigs and poultry will fail, and not fetch good 
prices — if you have a law-suit, depend, that 
your attorney will neglect you, that your wit- 
nesses will be tardy and backward, and that 
finally you will lose your cause. Do not for 
some time undertake a journey by land, or a 
voyage by sea : enter for the present into no 
new undertaking, for you will be unsuccess- 
ful; quit, if you can, your present place of res- 
idence ; and, above all, avoid lending money, 
for you will surely lose it, together with the 
friendship'of those to whom you lend it. 

Ague. To dream you have an ague, denotes 
nothing very particular, more than that you are 
in danger of becoming a drunkard, and a glut- 
ton. If you have any relation or friend that is 
ill, it denotes they will recover — and if you 
have a lawsuit, that it will be settled in your 
favor — if you are in love, it forewarns you, that 
if you do not immediately marry, you will lose 
your mistress — if you dream another has an 
ague, then it denotes a variety of fortune, that 
you will sometimes be rich, and sometimes 
poor ; that you will have much trouble, lose 
your liberty ; and die before you are fifty. Jo 
dream your sweetheart has an ague, is a lucky 
omen, it shows you are beloved, and that you 
will be happy with the object of your wishes, 
but never very rich. 

Angels. To dream you see angels in your 
sleep, is a sure sign, that some one is near you 
— therefore be mindful of the rest of your 
dream, for it will come to pass pretty accurate- 
ly ; should you only dream you see nothing but 
an angel, or angels, then it denotes health, pros- 
perity, and much happiness, with many chil- 
dren, who will all turn out good. If a woman 
with child dreams of them, she will have a good 
time, and perhaps twins — if you are in love, 
nothing can be more favorable, and all your un- 
dertakings will prosper, and be advantageous to 


Apparitions, To dream you see a ghost. 


hobgoblin, spectre, and such kind of things, is 
ol a very unfortunate nature, they denote vexa- 
tion and disappointment — if you are in love, it 
is a certain sign of your not being beloved in 
return, that the object of your affections either 
hates you or despises you — depend upon it some 
one is about to deceive you and that you are in 
the habit of friendship with one who is your 
most inveterate enemy — do not undertake a 
journey just at this time, for it will be unfortu- 
nate to you — and be careful of contracting 
debts, for such a dream forebodes great trouble 
through some one to whom you shall owe 

ASPS. To dream of asps, denotes that you 
will become extremely rich, and have great 
quantities of money by you — if you are in love, 
it imports that your love will be returned, and 
that your sweetheart will become, through your 
means extremely wealthy. 

Bailiffs. To dream you are arrested by 
bailiffs, is a sign you will escape some heavy 
misfortune ; but it also foretells, that your pres- 
ent sweetheart will never marry you, and that 
you will be over-reached in a bargain. 

Bacon. To dream of bacon, denotes the 
death of some friend or relation, and enemies 
will endeavor to do you a mischief — in love, it 
denotes disappointment and discontent. 

Bagpipes. To dream of this instrument of 
Scottish music, indicates, that the dreamer will 
experience great trouble, and that he will labor 
to little purpose— in love, it denotes that the 
marriage state will be full of cares, and that 
you will in it experience much poverty and dis- 
tress — It also denotes bad success at sea, and 
forebodes ship-wreck, and a narrow escape from 

Basin. To dream you are eating or drink- 
ing out of a basin, is a certain sign that you 
will soon be in love — but without great care 
you will not marry the first object of your affec- 
tions — it denotes prosperity in trade ; and to the 
farmer, a good crop — if you are a seafaring man, 
it indicates that at the next port you touch you 
will fall in love. 

Bathing. To dream of a bath is a very un- 
propitious omen ; expect after it to experience 
many hardships and much sorrow — if you are 
in love, your sweetheart will experience many 
crosses and losses. But to dream you are bath- 
ing yourself in clear water, denotes happiness, 
prosperity, and success in love — if the water is 
dirty, then it fortells shame and sorrow, and a 
disappointment in love. 

Beans. To dream of beans, is an unfavor- 
able dream ; it is the forerunner of troubles and 
quarrels — if you are in love, expect a difference 
to happen between you and your sweetheart. 

Bees. To dream of these little industrious 
insects, who collect the sweets of every flower, 
have a variety of interpretations according to 

their different situations. To dream they sting 
you, denotes loss of good character, and, if you 
are in love, of your sweetheart. 

To dream you see them at work, is a very 
lucky dream, it forebodes success by your in- 
dustry — if you are a farmer be sure of good 
crops — if you are in love, be sure you will 
marry the object of your affections, and that 
you will have many children and become rich. 
To dream you see them making their honey 
under your own roof, is the best omen in the 
world ; be sure that it denotes dignity in the 
state, riches, a good husband or wife, and many 
good children ; in short, that whatever you take 
in hand will be prosperous — if you are solicit- 
ing a place, depend you will gain it, and after- 
ward be promoted. For the rich to dream of 
bees is rather unlucky ; but, to the poor, they 
denote comfort, affluence, and success. 

Beheading. To dream you see any one be- 
headed, is a good omen — if you are in love, 
you will marry the object of your affections — if 
you are in a prison, you will speedily gain your 
liberty — if you are in trouble of any kind, it 
will speedily vanish— it denotes also that you 
will see some friend who has long been absent, 
and that he will be in good health. 

Bells. To dream you hear the bells ring- 
ing ; denotes a speedy marriage, and that you 
will receive some very good news. 

Buildings. To dream of being amongst 
buildings, denotes that you will change your 
present place of residence and that you will 
make many new friends in life ; if you are in 
love, it foretells your sweetheart is about to re 
move at a distance from you, and that you will 
be in danger of losing the affections of your 
lover by new faces. 

Battle. To dream you see a battle in the 
streets forewarns you against secret enemies, 
who will endeavor to harm you — if you are in 
love, your sweetheart is false to you. 

Cage. To dream of letting birds out of a 
cage, denotes a speedy marriage : to a person 
in business it denotes success, and to a farmer 
it denotes good crops. 

Cats. To dream of these domestic animals, 
is indicative of much trouble and vexation — it 
denotes to the lover, that your sweetheart is 
treacherous — if you keep servants, they are un- 
faithful, and will rob you. To dream you kill a 
cat, denotes that you will discover a thief, and 
prosecute him to conviction — expect also to lose 
your own liberty through the insincerity of some 
pretended friend. 

Cattle. To dream you see cattle feeding, 
denotes great prosperity, and unexpected suc- 
cess ; to a lover, it foretells a happy marriage, 
with many children, and to the man it shows, 
that his wife will receive some unexpected 
legacy. To dream you are driving cattle, de- 
notes that you will become rich by industry ; if 



you are in love, it shows that you will have 
many rivals, but that you will distance them 
all. To dream you see fat cattle, also denotes a 
plentiful year. To dream you see lean and 
hungry cattle, denotes scarcity and famine. 

Chickens. To dream of a hen and 
chickens, is the forerunner of ill luck, your 
sweetheart will betray you and marry another 
— if you are a farmer, you will have a bad crop, 
and lose many of your poultry — if you are in 
trade, some sharper will defraud you — if you 
go to sea, you will lose your goods and narrowly 
escape shipwreck. 

Climbing. To dream you are climbing up a 
tree, denotes that you will arrive at some honor 
in the state, and that you will be successful in 
life — If you are in love, you will marry your 
sweetheart, after a long courtship. To dream 
you are climbing up a very steep hill or place, 
foretells many difficulties in life, and much 
sickness ; if you reach the top, you will get over 
all your difficulties, and recover from your ill- 
ness ; but if you awake before you have attained 
the top, you will be disappointed in love, and 
other projects in life, and die in your next illness. 

Church. To dream of a church, is porten- 
tous of evil. If you are in a church during 
divine service, you will be engaged in a law- 
suit, or some quarrel, that will go very near to 
ruin you — if you are in love, your sweetheart is 
unfaithful, and prefers another — if you expect 
a place ; it forebodes disappointment — if you 
are in trade, you will never thrive in your pres- 
ent situation. 

Crowns. To dream you see these emblems of 
royalty, portends success and elevation to dig- 
nities either in the church or state ; for a maid 
to dream of a crown, shows she will marry a 
very industrious man, or one who is rich ; her 
husband will be prosperous in life, and have 
many children by her; all of whom will do 
well except the youngest ; if you are in trade, 
you will thrive exceedingly, marry an industrious 
woman, and become rich. To dream of crown- 
pieces of money forbodes misfortunes ; disap- 
pointments in love ; prisons, and bad success in 

Coal-pit. To dream you are in a coal-pit, 
foretells that you will shortly lead a widow to 
the hymeneal altar — to a maid it denotes a 
speedy marriage with her sweetheart, who will 
become rich and rise to honors in the state— -to 
the trader, it indicates that he will shortly be 
tricked out of a quantity of goods. 

Comet. To dream you see one of these ex- 
traordinary aethereal substances^is ominous of 
war, plague, famine, and death — to the lover it 
forebodes an entire frustration of his hopes — to 
the farmer, failure of crops, and to the seaman, 
storms and shipwrecks — after such a dream — 
change, if possible, you present place of resi- 

Cucumbers. To dream of cucumbers, de« 
notes recovery to the sick, that you will speedily 
fall in love, or that if you are in love, you will 
marry the present object of your affection — it 
also denotes moderate success in trade — to the 
sailor they foretell a pleasant voyage, and a 
sweetheart in a distant clime. 

Dancing. To dream you are dancing at a 
ball, wake, or entertainment, foretells that you 
will shortly receive some joyful news from a 
long absent friend, and that you are about to 
inherit some unexpected legacy — it foretells 
success and happiness in love—that your sweet- 
heart is kind and true, and will make you very 
happy in marriage — to the sailor, it denotes a 
pleasant and successful voyage — increase of 
children to married persons, and of business to 
those in trade. 

Darkness. To dream you are in a very 
dark place, or that you are in the dark, is a very 
unfavorable omen — to the lover it denotes the 
loss of your sweetheart — to the trader, loss by 
debts, business, and a prison — to the farmer, bad 
crops — to the sailor, shipwreck and misfortune. 
To dream you get out of darkness into light, 
denotes good to the dreamer — if you are in 
prison, you will speedily be released ; if you 
are accused of a crime, you will be acquitted 
with honor — if you are in poverty, it foretells 
you will rise to riches and honor — if you are in 
love, it denotes a happy marriage, and many 
children, with an industrious husband or wife — 
expect also to hear some glad tiding from a far 
distant country. 

Death. To dream you see this grim looking 
bundle of bones, denotes happiness and long 
life — that you will be either speedily married 
yourself, or else assist at a wedding. To dream 
that you are dead, also denotes a speedy mar- 
riage, and that you will be successful in all 
your undertakings — to those that are married it 
foretells young children, and that they will be 
dutiful, and give you great comfort. To dream 
you see another person dead, denotes ill usage 
from friends — if you are in love, your sweet- 
heart will prove false — if you are in trade, 
sharpers will take you in — if you are a farmer, 
you will lose money by horses, and be waylaid 
as you return from market. 

Deer. To dream you see deer in a park, 
denotes war and famine — to the lover, it fore- 
tells some very unpleasant dispute with your 
sweetheart — to the tradesman it denotes trouble, 
and a prison through a quarrel with your cred- 
itors — to the seaman, it denotes bad success and 
a stormy voyage — expect after such a dream to 
quarrel with your friends, and be much injured 
by it. 

Dice. To dream you are playing at dice or 
backgammon, denotes much good to the dreamer 
— expect to marry the present object of your 
► affections, to be very happy, and become rich — 



it foretells B good legacy — to the farmer, it in- 
dicates a very ^ood crop, especially of hay: if 
you are in trade, you will succeed and arrive at 
riches and honor. 

DlRT, To dream of being in the dirt or 
mire, or that you are in a bog, or that you are 
traveling near a very dirty road, or that your 
clothes and flesh are very dirty, is a very unfavor- 
able omen — it portends sickness, and misfortune 
— if you have a good place, expect to lose it — 
if you are in love, expect your sweetheart to 
discard you — if you are in trade, expect heavy 
losses, and to be quite reduced — if you are go- 
in^ to sea, it certainly forewarns you of ship- 
wreck, and a loss of goods — it also denotes that 
the rent of your house or land will be raised 
upon you. 

Ditches. To dream of deep ditches, steep 
mountains, rocks, and other eminences, surely 
foretells danger and misfortune — expect thieves 
to rob your dwelling — that your children will be 
undutiful, and bring you into trouble — if you 
are in love, it foretells unhappiness if you 
marry your present sweetheart — if you are in 
trade, it denotes loss of goods, if not of lib 

Dolphins. To dream you see dolphins 
playing in the water, denotes the loss of your 
sweetheart and the death of some near relation 
or friend — it is an unfavorable dream, signifies 
that your present pursuits will not be for your 
advantage, the dreamer would do well to quit 
his present habitation. 

Drowning. To dream you are drowning, 
or that you see another drowned or drowning, 
portends good to the dreamer, and denotes that 
he will escape many difficulties, settle near his 
native place, marry, have children, and become 
happy and rich — to the lover, it denotes that 
your sweetheart is good tempered, and inclined 
to marry you ; if you are a sailor, it foretells a 
favorable and pleasant voyage. 

Drunkenness. To dream you are drunk, is 
one of those dreams by which the dreamer is 
forewarned of that of which at present he 
knows nothing — it denotes, that person whom 
yet you do not know will become a very good 
friend, and promote your welfare ; that through 
his means you will acquire riches and honors — 
to a woman it denotes that she will be beloved 
by a man who yet she has not seen, who will, if 
she marries him, make her very happy ; and to 
a man, it denotes that he is tenderly beloved by 
a woman whom he does not at present think of, 
who will' make him extremely happy, and bring 
him money. 

Earthquake. To dream of an earthquake, 
warns you that your affairs are about to take a 
very great change ; if you see many houses 
tumbled into ruins, then it will be much for the 
better ; should the houses appear to stand, then 
for the worse — it always denotes changes in the 

government, in which the dreamer is much in- 
terested; for the lover, it foretells that your 
sweetheart is about to take a journey, and that 
it is a great chance if you ever see each other 

Eating. To dream you are eating, is a very 
unfavorable omen, it portends disunion amongst 
your family ; losses in trade, and disappointment 
in love — storms and shipwreck by sea. To 
dream you see others eating, is of a contrary 
tendency, and foretells success in all your pres- 
ent enterprises; that your sweetheart is kind 
and faithful, and that if you marry the present 
object of your affections that you will grow rich, 
be happy, and have dutiful children.. 

Eclipse of the sun. To dream you see an 
eclipse of the sun, denotes that you will lose 
some male friend, your father, if he be alive ; 
and that you will experience some uneasiness by 
the means of S9me treacherous friend : to a 
woman with child it foretells a son, who will be 
a great man. 

Eclipse of the moon. To dream you see 
an eclipse of the moon, denotes that you will 
lose some female friend, your mother, if she be 
living; you will experience great uneasiness 
on account of a woman ; your sweetheart will 
be unfaithful ; poverty will overtake you, and 
misery end your days. 

Elephants. To dream of an elephant is a 
very fortunate dream ; it denotes an acquire- 
ment of riches ; if you are in love, it denotes a 
speedy marriage with your sweetheart, and 
many children, chiefly boys, who will distin- 
guish themselves by their learning. 

Fall. To dream you fall from any very 
high place, or from a tree, denotes loss of place 
and goods ; if you are in love, it surely indi- 
cates that you will never marry the present ob- 
ject of your affections : to the tradesman, it de- 
notes a decline of business : and to the sailor, 
storms and shipwreck. 

Fair. To dream you are at a fair, is a bad 
omen ; it denotes that some pretended friend is 
about to do you an injury : if you are in trade, 
keep a keen look out, for some swindler will 
certainly attempt to defraud you : if you are a 
farmer, be careful next time you go to market, 
for some one will waylay you, attempt to rob 
you : if you are in love, it denotes that some 
rival is attempting to rob you of those upon 
whom you have placed your affections. 

Feasting. To dream you are at a feast, de- 
hotes that you will meet with many disappoint- 
ments, particularly in the thing which you are 
most anxious about : in love, it forebodes much 
uneasiness between sweethearts : and to them 
which are married, it foretells undutiful chil- 
dren, with many heavy losses. 

Fields. To dream you are in green fields is 
a very favorable omen : in love, it denotes suc- 
cess and happiness : to the tradesman, success 



and riches : to the sailor, a pleasant and prof- 
itable voyage : to the farmer, plenty and 
health : if you are soliciting any place of favor 
be sure you will obtain it. To dream you are 
in ploughed fields, forebodes some severe dis- 
putes that will be brought upon you by some 
person who has no children : to the lover it de- 
notes disappointment : to the married unhappi- 
ness, and undutiful children : to the tradesman, 
loss of business and a prison. To dream you 
are in a meadow covered with flowers, is a very 
favorable omen : to a man it indicates a very 
handsome wife, who will bring him lovely chil- 
dren, and make him very happy : to a woman, 
it denotes that she will marry a handsome 
young feliow, by whom she will have beautiful 
children, that she will become rich, and live to 
a good old age ; to the tradesman, it betokens 
success, good orders, and riches : if you are so- 
liciting a place of favor, it portends you will 
surely obtain it. 

Fighting. To dream you are fighting, de- 
notes to the lover, that you will lose the object 
of your affections through a foolish quarrel : it 
also forebodes much opposition to your wishes, 
with loss of character and property. After such 
a dream, I would advise the dreamer to quit 
his present situation ; because such a dream in- 
dicates that you will not prosper in it : to the 
sailor it denotes storms and shipwreck, with dis- 
appointment in love. 

Fire. To dream of this subtle element, de- 
notes health and happiness to the lover, mar- 
riage with the object of your affections, and 
many children : it also denotes that you will be 
very angry with some one on a trifling occasion. 
To dream you see burning lights descending, as 
it were from heaven, is a very bad sign indeed : 
it portends some dreadful accident to the 
dreamer, such as being hanged, losing your 
head, having your brains dashed out, breaking 
your legs, getting into prison, or other strange 
accidents : to the lover, it also denotes the loss 
of the affections of your sweetheart : to the 
tradesman, bad success in business. To dream 
that you are burnt by fire, denotes great danger, 
and that enemies will injure you : to the sailor, 
storms and shipwreck. 

Fishing. To dream you are fishing, is a 
sure sign of sorrow and trouble ; if you catch 
any fish you will be successful in love and busi- 
ness ; if you catch none you will never marry 
your present sweetheart, nor succeed in your 
present undertakings, if they slip out of your 
hands after you have caught them, the person 
you marry will be of a roving disposition, and 
some pretended friend will deceive you. 

Floods. To dream of a flood, shows that 
you will meet with great opposition from rich 
neighbors, and that a rich rival will attempt to 
alienate the affections of your mistress : to the 
tradesman, it denotes law-suits, loss of business, 

and a prison : to the sailor it denotes much suc- 
cess by sea, but danger on shore : to the farmer, 
it indicates loss of cattle, and a dispute with his 
landlord. To dream you are drowned in a 
flood, denotes that you will quit your native 
land, and after many hardships and perils, re- 
turn to it rich and happy, that you will many a 
pretty woman, and have fine children. 

Flying. To dream you are flying, is a very 
excellent omen : it foretells elevation of for- 
tune ; that you will arrive at dignity in the 
state, and be happy. If you are in love, your 
sweetheart will be true to you, and if you mar- 
ry, you will have many children, who will all 
do well, and be very happy ; it indicates that 
you will take a long journey, which will turn 
out advantageously to you. 

Flowers. To dream you are gathering 
flowers, is a very favorable omen ; e*xpect to 
thrive in every thing you undertake, and that 
you will be successful in love, marry happily, 
and have beautiful children ; should they wither 
under your hands, then expect heavy losses in 
trade ; that your sweetheart will die ; or if you 
are married, that you will lose your husband or 
wife, and also your favorite child. 

Fortune. To dream you make a sudden 
fortune, is a very bad omen : to the tradesman, 
it forebodes losses in trade, quarreling with his 
creditors, and the loss of liberty : to the lover, 
it denotes that your sweetheart does not return 
your love : to the sailor, it indicates storms and 
shipwrecks. If you are soliciting a place, you 
will not be successful. To dream you are 
adopting the means of acquiring a fortune, is 
favorable, it portends a good legacy and success 
in love. 

Fountain. To dream you are at a fountain, 
is a very favorable omen ; if the waters are 
clear, it denotes riches and honors; and in love, 
it foretells great happiness in the marriage state, 
and that your sweetheart is of an amiable dis- 
position, and true to you : but if the waters ap- 
pear muddy, then it denotes vexation and 
trouble ; disappointment in business, incon- 
stancy in your sweetheart, and misery in the 
marriage state. 

Friend. To dream you see a friend dead, 
betokens hasty news of a joyous nature ; if you 
are in love, it foretells a speedy marriage with 
the object of your affections. 

Gallows. To dream of the gallows, is a 
most fortunate omen, it shows that the dreamer 
will become rich, and arrive at great honors : to 
the lover, it shows the consummation of his 
most sanguine wishes: and that by marriage 
you will become rich and happy, have many 
children, particularly a son, who will become a 
great man and be the founder of his family's 

Garden. To dream you are walking in a 
garden, is of a very favorable nature ; it por* 



tends elevation in fortune and dignity : to the 
lover it denotes great success and an advan- 
OUS marriage : to the tradesman, it prom- 
ises increase of business : to the farmer, plenti- 
ful crops: and to the sailor, pleasant and pros- 
perous voyages. 

GIFTS, To dream you have any thing given 
you, is a sign that some good is about to happen 
to you : it also denotes that a speedy marriage 
will take place betwixt you and your sweet- 
heart. To dream you have given any thing 
away, is the forerunner of adversity ; and in 
love, denotes sickness and inconstancy in your 
sweetheart or partner. 

Horses. To dream of these useful animals 
is symptomatic of good ; if you are mounted on 
a tine bony horse, you will marry a rich person, 
who will do well, and make you happy ; it also 
shows that you will change your situation in 
life ; if you fall from your horse difficulties will 
occur, and some unexpected disaster befall you. 

Hunting. To dream you are hunting a fox, 
and that he is killed shows much trouble through 
the pretensions of false friends, but that you 
will discover them, and overcome all their 
machinations : if you are hunting a hare, it is 
indicative of bad success, you will be disap- 
pointed in your favorite object, be what it may : 
hunting a stag, if he is caught alive, denotes 
good to the dreamer, and that he will be suc- 
cessful in all his present undertakings. 

Inn. To dream of being in an inn, is a very 
unfavorable dream, it denotes poverty and want 
of success in undertakings : expect soon to be 
yourself, or some of your family, committed to 
prison : if you are sick, it denotes you will 
never recover : to the tradesman it shows loss of 
trade and servants. 

Knives. To dream of knives, is a very 
unpropitious omen; it betokens law-suits, 
poverty, disgrace, strife, and a general failure in 
the pursuit of your projects : in love, it shows 
that your sweetheart is of a bad temper, and un- 
faithful, and that if you marry, you will live in 
enmity and misery. 

Ladder. To dream that you climb a ladder, 
is a very good prognostic ; it denotes that you 
will better your situation in life, and arrive at 
honors in the state : in love, it denotes a happy 
marriage with the object of your affections, and 
that you will become by industry rich, and set- 
tle your children happily. 

Leaping. To dream you are leaping over 
walls, bars or gates, is a sign that you will en- 
counter many difficulties in your present pur- 
suits, and that your sweetheart will not marry 
you : if you are leaping over ditches, drains or 
hedges, it is a favorable omen, you will be suc- 
cessful in love, trade, or other concerns : it also 
denotes that you will enter into a partnership 
with more than one person, by which you will 
accumulate riches, and become very respectable. 

Lion. To dream of seeing this king o! 
beasts, denotes that you will appear before your 
betters, and that you will be promoted to some 
lucrative office, accumulate riches, and marry a 
woman of great spirit: it argues success in 
trade, and prosperity from a voyage by sea. 

Mad. To dream you are mad, or that you 
are in company with mad people, is very good 
to the dreamer ; it promises long life, riches, 
happy marriage, success in trade, and good 
children; if you are a farmer, some accident 
will happen to a part of your live stock, but wfti 
have plentiful crops : if you have a law-suit, it 
will be determined greatly in your favor. 

Marriage. To dream you are married, is 
ominous of death, and very unfavorable to the 
dreamer ; it denotes poverty, a prison, and mis- 
fortunes. To dream you assist at a wedding, is 
the forerunner of some pleasing news and great 
success. To dream of lying with your newly 
married husband or wife, threatens danger and 
sudden misfortunes, and also that you will lose 
a part of your property ; to the sailor, it argues 
storms and shipwrecks, with a narrow escape 
from death. 

Monkeys. To dream of these mischievous 
creatures, is ominous of evil: they announce 
deceit in love ; unfaithfulness in the married 
state ; undutiful children ; malicious enemies : 
and an attack by thieves. 

Moon. To dream of the moon is a very 
favorable omen, it denotes sudden and unex- 
pected joy : great success in love, and that the 
dreamer is tenderly beloved. To dream of see- 
ing the new moon is good for tradesmen, far- 
mers, and lovers ; it is the forerunner of success 
and happiness. 

Mountains. To dream you see steep and 
craggy mountains, presage difficulties in accom- 
plishing your designs ; if you ascend them and 
gain the top, you will be successful in whatever 
you undertake, become very rich, and arrive at 
great honors in the state : to a maid they de- 
note that she will marry a man who will be- 
come rich and powerful, and that her children 
will be people of consequence. 

Music. To dream you hear delicious music, 
is a very favorable omen, it denotes joyful news 
from a long absent friend : to married people, it 
denotes sweet-tempered children ; in love, it 
shows that your sweeheart is very fond of you, 
is good-tempered, sincere and constant. Rough 
and discordant music foretells trouble, vexation, 
and disappointment. 

Nightingale. To dream of this pretty 
warbler is the forerunner of joyful news: great 
success in business: of plentiful crops, and of a 
sweet tempered lover. For a married woman 
to dream of a nightingale, show that she will 
have children, who will be great singers. 

Orchard. To dream you are in an orchard, 
denotes that you will become rich by the u> 



heritance of a good legacy : that you will marry 
much to your advantage. For a married per- 
son to dream of being in an orchard, shows an 
increase of children, and that they will become 
rich and live happy ; it also denotes that you will 
have a son that will rise to a great preferment 
in the state, and be a great friend to the poor : 
in love, it denotes affection and constancy in 
your sweetheart, and that you will travel before 
you marry. 

Owl. To dream of this bird of night is a 
very bad omen, it foretells sickness, poverty, im- 
prisonment, and want of success in your under- 
takings ; it also forewarns you that some male 
friend will turn out perfidious, and endeavor to 
do you a very great injury, in which,- without 
the utmost caution on your part he will suc- 

Peacock. To dream of seeing this beautiful 
bird is a very good omen, it denotes great suc- 
cess in trade : to a man, a very beautiful wife, 
much riches, and a good place ; to a maid, a 
good and rich husband : to a widow, that she 
will be courted by one who will tell her many 
fine tales, without being sincere : it also denotes 
great prosperity by sea, and a handsome wife in 
a distant part. 

Pigeons. To dream you see pigeons flying, 
imports hasty news of a very pleasant nature, 
and great success in your undertakings : they are 
very favorable to lovers, as they announce con- 
stancy in your sweetheart, but also that the per- 
son you love will be absent from you a long 
while on a journey : if your lover is at sea, they 
denote that he has a pleasant voyage, continues 
faithful, and will return rich. 

Pit. To dream of falling into a deep pit, 
shows that some very heavy misfortune is about 
to attend you : that your sweetheart is false, and 
prefers another ; to a sailor, it forebodes some 
sad disaster at the next port you touch at. To 
dream you are in a pit, and that you climb out 
of it without much trouble, foreshows that you 
will have many enemies, and experience much 
trouble, but that you will overcome them and 
surmount your difficulties, marry well, and be- 
come rich : to a sailor, it denotes that he will 
experience shipwreck, and be cast on a foreign 
shore, where he will be hospitably received, 
fall in love, and marry a rich and handsome 
wife, quit the sea, and live at ease on shore. 

Racing. To dream you are running a race, 
is a token of good, presages much success in life, 
and that you will speedily hear some joyful 
news : in love it denotes that you will conquer 
all your rivals, and be happy in the union with 
the object of your affections. To dream you 
are riding a race, shows disappointment and 
anger, bad success in trade and in love : to a 
married woman, it denotes the loss of her hus- 
band's affection, and that her children will be 
in trouble. 

Rain. To dream of being in a shower of rain 
if it be gentle and soft, denotes great success in 
your present undertakings : it is particularly 
favorable to lovers, as it denotes constancy, af- 
fection, and a sweet temper: to the sailor, it 
promises good fortune by sea, and that he will 
marry a beautiful girl, be happy, and have 
children : if it be very heavy rain, accompanied 
with thunder and lightning, then expect to be 
assailed by thieves, to experience disappoint- 
ments and misfortunes : such a dream denotes 
inconstancy and perfidy in your lover, and that 
another is preferred. 

Rainbow. To dream you see a rainbow, 
denotes great traveling and change of fortune: 
it also foretells sudden news of a very agreeable 
nature : it announces that your sweetheart is of 
a good temper and very constant, and that you 
will be very happy in marriage : great success 
in business through the means of trading with 
foreign parts. 

Ravens. To dream you see a raven, is a 
very unfavorable token, it denotes mischief and 
adversity : in love, it shows falsehood, and to 
the married they forebode much mischief 
through the adultery of your conjugal partner ; to 
the sailor, they betoken shipwreck, and much 
distress on a foreign shore. 

Roses. To dream of those fragrant flowers 
during the season which brings them forth, is a 
certain token of happiness and success : in love, 
they show your sweetheart to be faithful, and 
that you will marry and have many children : 
to the sailor, they indicate a pleasant and pros- 
perous voyage with some unexpected' good for- 
tune at sea ; to the tradesman and farmer, in- 
crease of business and abundant crops. If a 
married woman dreams of them, she will be 
shortly with child of a son, who will become a 
great man, and render his parents very happy ; 
to a maiden they show her sweetheart to be in- 
dustrious, and one calculated to make her very 
happy in the connubial state. To dream of 
these flowers when out of season, indicates dis- 
tress and disappointment : to the tradesman they 
forebode bankruptcy and »a prison : to the mar- 
ried, loss of their mates and children ; to the 
sailor, shipwreck and storms; to the farmer, 
bad crops, to the lover, infidelity in your sweet- 

River. To dream you see a flowing river, 
and that the waters are smooth and clear, pres- 
ages happiness and success in life : to the 
lover, it shows constancy and affection in the 
object of your love, and that, if you marry, you 
will pass a very contented and happy life, have 
fine children, mostly girls, who will be very 
beautiful : to the tradesman and farmer, it shows 
prosperity and gain ; to the sailor, that his 
sweetheart will be kind and constant, and that 
his next voyage will be lucrative and pleasant. 
If the water appears disturbed and muddy, or 



yellow tinge, then it denotes that you will 
go to sea, where you will acquire considerable 
riches. If you have a law-suit, such a dream 
surely foretells that you will gain your case. 

SHAVING. To dream you are being shaved, 
or that your head lias been shaved, is a very un- 
favorable omen : in love, it denotes treachery and 
disappointment: and in the married state, infi- 
delity and discord : to the tradesman, it argues 
loss o( goods and business: to the sailor, an un- 
pleasant and stormy voyage, and that he will be 
defrauded on a foreign shore : if you have a 
law-suit, it shows you that you are sold by your 
attorney, and will surely lose your cause : to the 
farmer, it prefigures bad crops and diseases 
amongst his live stock, also that he will be 
tricked by sharpers at a fair. 

Sheep. To dream you see a flock of sheep 
feeding, is a favorable omen, it denotes success 
in life ; to the lover, it indicates your sweetheart 
to be faithful, of an amiable temper, and ^in- 
clined to marry you : in the married state it 
denotes children, who will be very happy, be- 
come rich, and be great comforts in the evening 
of life : to the tradesman, it foretells increase of 
business and accumulation of wealth, but also 
forewarns him that he has a servant unworthy 
of his confidence : to the sailor, nothing can be 
a greater sign of good luck, his next voyage 
will be pleasant and lucrative, and his sweet- 
heart kind and true. To dream you see them 
dispersing, and running away from you, shows 
that pretended friends are endeavoring to do 
you an injury, and that your children will meet 
with persecution and great troubles: in love, 
such a dream shows your sweetheart to be fickle, 
and little calculated to make you happy. To 
dream you see sheep shearing, is indicative of 
loss of property, and the affections of the person 
you love, also of your liberty. To dream you 
are shearing them yourself, shows that you will 
gain an advantage over some person who meant 
to harm you, and that you will get the better of 
difficulties, and marry the object of your affec- 

Shoes. To dream you have a new pair of 
shoes, denotes much success in life, and triumph 
over your enemies ; in love, they prognosticate 
speedy marriage and infidelity. In the married 
state, an increase of children. If a maiden 
dream she has a new pair of shoes, it denotes 
that a man will attempt to be rude with her, but 
that her honor will be saved by the interpo- 
sition of a stranger, who will either marry her, 
or some friend of hers. To dream your shoes 
are worn out and bad, shows decay in circum- 
stances and loss of friends, in love, it foretells 
the infidelity of your lover, who will marry an- 
other. After such a dream I advise those who 
can, to change their place of residence, their 
present situation being hereby denoted to be un- 
favorable for them. 

Shooting. To dream you are out a shoot- 
ing, is very favorable if you kill much game : to 
the lover, it shows a mistress kind and good- 
humored, who will make him an excellent and 
notable wife : to the tradesman and farmer, suc- 
cess and riches : to the sailor, wealth acquired 
in a distant country : but if you dream you kill 
little or no game, then it presages bad luck, and 
disappointment in love. To dream you are 
shooting with a bow and arrows, is a very 
favorable dream, particularly to lovers and 

Silk. To dream you see silk, either in 
pieces or for sewing, signifies prosperity, and 
success in undertakings ; to the lover, it denotes 
a sweetheart of an industrious disposition, good 
tempered, and very faithful : in trade, it fore- 
tells increase of business, by means of women. 
To dream you are clothed in silk, foretells that 
you will rise to honors in the state, and become 
rich, but that you will quarrel with a rich 
neighbor, who will endeavor to do you mischief. 
For a married woman to dream of being dressed 
in a silk gown, shows her husband is fond of a 
harlot, who will go near to ruin him. If a 
maiden dreams of it, she will speedily see her 

Silver. To dream of this valuable metal, 
shows that false friends are about you, and will 
attempt your ruin : in love, it denotes falsehood 
in your sweetheart. To dream you are receiv- 
ing or picking up pieces of silver money, if they 
are small as sixpences, denotes want and a 
prison ; if they are shillings, they indicate the 
receipt of a small sum of money, and the 
acquisition of some new friends : but if they are 
half-crowns, or crown-pieces, then they denote 
misery, a prison, and bad success in your 
undertakings, disappointment in your love, and 
loss of law-suits, attacks from thieves, and bank- 
ruptcy in trade. If a woman with child dreams 
of silver, it shows she will have a girl, and a 
good time, but the child will grow poor. 

Singing. To dream you are singing, shows 
that you will hear shortly some very melancholy 
news : to the lover, it denotes your sweetheart 
to be bad tempered, and of an unfaithful dispo- 
sition : to the tradesman, it denotes losses by 
sharpers : to the farmer, loss by a hay-rick taking 
fire : to the sailor storms and shipwreck. To 
dream you only hear singing and merry making, 
shows that you will have some agreeable news 
from a person long absent : if you are in a pris- 
on, it foretells you will speedily regain your lib- 

Small-pox. To dream that you or your 
children have the small-pox, shows that you will 
accumulate great riches by dirty and disgraceful 
means, and that you will hear from a long ab- 
sent friend, who is in confinement : to the lover, 
it denotes marriage. 

Snakes. To dream you see snakes or scr 



pents, shows that you will be imprisoned and 
encounter many dangers : if you are in love, 
your sweetheart will be false. To dream you 
kill a snake, shows you will overcome difficulties 
and enemies, and be successful in love, trade, or 
farming; but unsuccessful at sea. 

Snow. To dream you see the ground cov- 
ered with snow, or that it is snowing, is a very 
favorable dream : to a young man, it shows he 
will shortly marry a virgin, who is very fond of 
him, and that he will have children by her, 
chiefly girls : to a young woman, it foretells she 
will marry a rich man, that he will have chil- 
dren by her, who will become very affluent and 
rise to honors in the state : to the farmer, it. 
shows plentiful crops and increase of live stock : 
to the tradesman, it argues great increase of 
buisness ; to the sailor, a pleasant and very luc- 
rative voyage, and a rich sweetheart in a foreign 
port. If you are soliciting a place, this dream 
presages that you will obtain it ; if you have a 
lawsuit, you will gain it. 

Soldiers. To see soldiers in your dream, 
shows troubles, persecution, and law suits : to 
the lover, they denote that the object of your af- 
fections will be obliged to quit their present 
place of residence by command of a father, 
on your account : to the tradesman, they presage 
loss of goods, and quarrels with creditors. To 
dream they are pursuing you, shows that you 
will be imprisoned, and meet with heavy losses, 
and be much disliked by your rich neighbors. 
This is one of those dreams after which I would 
advise the party dreaming to change their quar- 

Spit. To dream you are in a kitchen turn- 
ing a spit, is the forerunner of troubles and mis- 
fortunes ; expect to be robbed, to lose your 
trade, to become very poor, and that your 
friends will desert you : if you are in love, it 
shows the object of your affections to be of a 
bad temper, lazy, and doomed to poverty and 

Squirrel. To dream of a squirrel, shows 
that enemies are endeavoring to slander your 
reputation : to the lover, it shows your sweet- 
heart is of a bad temper, and much given to 
drinking: if you have a law-suit, it will surely 
be decided against you : if you are in trade, 
sharpers will endeavor to defraud you ; and 
you will quarrel with your principal creditor. 

Starching. To dream you are starching of 
linen shows you will be married to an industri- 
ous person, and that you will be successful in 
life, and save money ; it also shows that you 
are about to receive a letter, containing some 
pleasing news. 

Stars. To dream you see stars shining very 
bright argues success to the lover and good 
news from a far distant country: to the farmer, 
they are forerunners of a good crop: to the 
tradesman, great increase of business : to the 

sailor, a speedy marriage to a woman with 
money. If you dream that they are very dim 
and scarcely to be seen, then expect some very 
heavy calamity, and many severe disappoint- 

Strange Place. To dream of being in a 
strange place denotes a good legacy from a rela- 
tion whilst you are in prison : to the lover, they 
show inconstancy and want of affection in the 
object of your love, to the sailor, sickness on 
his next voyage. 

Sun. To dream you see the sun shine, shows 
accumulation of riches, and enjoying posts of 
honor in the state, also success to the lover. 
To dream you see the sun rise promises fidelity 
in your sweetheart and good news from friends. 
To dream you see the sun set, shows infidelity 
in your sweetheart, and disgraceful news; to 
the tradesman, loss of business. To dream you 
see the sun under a cloud, foretells many hard- 
ships and troubles are about to befall you, and 
that you will encounter some great danger. 

Swallows. To dream of these harbingers 
of summer is a very favorable omen : they de- 
note success in trade, and riches to the dreamer : 
in love they denote a speedy marriage with the 
object of your affections. 

Swans. To dream of seeing swans, denotes 
content in the marriage state, and many chil- 
dren ; who will do well and become rich, and 
fill your old age with joy and happiness : to the 
lover, they denote constancy and affection in 
your sweetheart : in trade, they show success, 
but much vexation from the disclosure of secrets. 

Swimming. To dream you are swimming 
with your head above the water, denotes great 
success in your undertakings, whether they be 
love, trade, sea or farming. To dream you are 
swimming with your head under water, shows 
that you will experience some great trouble, and 
hear some very unpleasant news from a person 
you thought dead — in trade, it shows loss of 
business, and that you will perhaps, be impris- 
oned for debt — in love, it denotes disappoint- 

Tempests. To dream you are in a storm or 
tempest, shows that you will after many diffi- 
culties, arrive at being very happy, that you 
will become rich, and marry well. For a 
lover to dream of being in a tempest, denotes 
that you will have many rivals, who, after 
causing you a great deal of vexation, you will 
triumph over. It also foretells, that you will 
receive good news from a long absent friend, 
who will have overcome many difficulties. 

Teeth. To dream you lose a tooth, denotes 
the loss of some friend by death, and that troub- 
les and misfortunes are about to attend you : 
to the lover, it shows the loss of your sweet- 
heart's affection. To dream you cut a new 
tooth, denotes the birth of a child, who will 
make a great figure in the world, 


THUNDBB and LIGHTNING. To dream you 
hear thunder or see lightning, is a very good 
dream; it denotes success in trade ; good crops 
to the fanner, and a speedy and happy mar- 
riage to the lover ; if you are soliciting a place, 
you will obtain it ; if you have a law-suit, it 
will go in your favor; it also indicates speedy 
news from a far distant country. 

Toads. To dream you see these venomous 
reptiles, argues evil to the dreamer, they show 
enemies, and disappointment among friends: to 
the lover it denotes infidelity in your sweet- 
heart : in trade, loss by swindlers, and spoiling 
of goods. To dream you kill a toad, denotes 
that you will overcome an enemy, and discover 
a person who is robbing you, and in whom you 
place great confidence. 

Tombs. To dream of being amongst the 
tombs, denotes a speedy marriage, great suc- 
cess in business, and the gaining of a lawsuit ; 
also the birth of children, and unexpected news. 

Treasure. To dream you find a treasure in 
the earth is very ominous ; it shows that you 
will be betrayed by some one whom you make 
your bosom friend ; that your sweetheart is un- 
faithful, and grossly deceives you : if you should 
not be able to carry it away, then it denotes that 
you will have some very heavy loss : that if you 
have a lawsuit, it will go against you by the 
treachery of your attorney ; and that you will be 
way-laid by robbers, who will ill-treat you. 

Trees. To dream you see trees in blossom, 
denotes a happy marriage with the present ob- 
ject of your affections, and many children, who 
will do extremely well in life : to the trades- 
man, it denotes success in business : and to the 
sailor, pleasant and lucrative voyages. To 
dream you are climbing trees, denotes that you 
will make a fortune, and rise to honors and dig- 
nities in the state. To dream you are cutting 
down trees, fortells heavy losses by trade, and 
by sea ; and also the death of a near relation, or 
dear friend. 

Turnips. To dream of being in a turnip 
field, or that you see this wholesome vegetable, 
denotes acquisition of riches, and high employ- 
ments in the state : to the lover they argue 
great fidelity, and an exceeding good temper 
in your sweetheart, and that if you marry you 
will be very happy, have fine children, and 
thrive in the world. 

Trumpet. To dream you hear the sound of 
a trumpet, is a bad omen, and denotes troubles 
and misfortunes ; to the tradesman, it presages 
the loss of business; to the farmer, bad crops; 
to the lover, insincerity in the object of his 

Walls. To dream you are walking on crazy 
old and narrow walls, denotes that you will 
engage in some very dangerous enterprise, that 
will cause you much trouble and vexation : if 
you get down without hurting yourself, or the 

wall's falling, then you will succeed : if the wall 
should fall whilst you are upon it, you will be 
disappointed : if you are walking between 
walls, and the passage is very narrow and diffi- 
cult, you will be engaged in some quarrel, or 
other disagreeable affair, from which it will re- 
quire great circumspection and caution on your 
part to disengage yourself, but if you get from 
between them safe, you will, after some difficul- 
ties, settle well in life, marry an agreeable part- 
ner, have children, and become rich and happy. 

Walking. To dream you are walking in a 
dirty, muddy place, foretells sickness and vexa- 
tion : to the lover, it denotes your sweetheart to 
be bad tempered and unfaithful ; to the trades- 
man, it fortells dishonest servants, and loss of 
goods by fire. 

Water. To dream you are drinking water, 
denotes great trouble and adversity : in trade, 
loss of business, and being arrested : to the 
lover, it shows your sweetheart is false, prefers 
another, and will never marry you. 

Water-mill. To dream of being in a water- 
mill is a favorable omen : to the tradesman, it 
denotes great increase of business : to the 
farmer, abundant crops : in love, success, a rich 
sweetheart, and a happy marriage. 

Wedding. To dream of being married, or 
at a wedding, is a very unfavorable dream, 
especially for lovers; it denotes the death of 
some dear friend or relation, with loss of prop- 
erty, and severe disappointment. 

Wheat. To dream you see, or are walking 
in a field of wheat, is a very favorable omen, 
and denotes great prosperity and riches: in 
love, it argues a completion of your most san- 
guine wishes, and fortells much happiness, with 
fine children when you marry : if you have a 
lawsuit, you will gain it, and you will be suc- 
cessful in all your undertakings. 

Wood. To dream you are cutting or chop- 
ping of wood, shows that you will be happy in 
your family, and become rich and respectable 
in life. To dream you are carrying wood on 
your back shows that you will rise to affluence 
by your industry, but that your partner will be 
of a bad temper, and your children undutiful. 
If you dream you are walking in an extensive 
w r ood, it denotes that you will quickly fall in 
love, and also that you will be often married. 

Wool. To dream you are buying or selling 
of wool, denotes prosperity and great affluence, 
by means of industry and trade : to the lover, 
it is a favorable omen; your sweetheart is 
thereby shown to be of an amiable disposition, 
very constant, and deeply in love with you. To 
dream of having wool on your head instead of 
hair, betokens a severe fit of illness, and un 
pleasant news from a far distant country. 

Wounds. To dream you are wounded, is a 
very favorable omen, especially if it be with a 
sword ; to the lover, it denotes success in yow 



amours, and with an agreeable partner, who 
will be faithful and affectionate : to the trades- 
man, profit and increase of business : to the 
farmer, an increase in his cattle and plentiful 
crops : to the sailor a profitable voyage, with 
unexpected success in love. 

Yarrow. To dream of this weed, which is 
in general most abundant in church yards, de- 
notes to the married, deaths in the family ; and 
to the single, that the grim tyrant will deprive 
them of the first object on whom they rest their 

Yew-tree. An indication of the funeral of 
a very aged person, by whose death the 
dreamer will derive some benefit, or a protect- 
ing hand among the relations of the deceased 

Yewberries. To a young man it shows a 
great disappointment in setting out in life ; and 
to a young maiden it predicts dishonor if she 
gathers them, particularly if they stain any part 
of her clothes or hands. 

Zealander. To dream you see an Indian, 
in his native d^ess, shows to a man he will 
travel, and to afwoman she will wed a foreigner. 
To dream you see an Indian female, predicts to 
a man that he will wed a rich widow, and to a 
woman, that she will have a son who will raise 
himself to great power and honor in the Indies, 
and bring wealth and honor to his kindred. 






The Oraculum is gifted with every requisite variety 
of response to the following questions : 

1 . Shall I obtain my wish ? 

2. Shall I have success in my undertakings ? 

3. Shall I gain or lose in my cause ? 

4. Shall I have to live in foreign parts ? 

5. Will the stranger return ? 

6. Shall I recover my property ? 

7. Will my friend be true ? 

8. Shall I have to travel ? 

9. Does the person love and regard me ? 

10. Will the marriage be prosperous ? 

1 1 . What sort of a wife, or husband, shall I have ? 

12. Will she have a son or daughter ? 

1 3. Will the patient recover ? 

14. Will the prisoner be released ? 

15. Shall I be lucky or unlucky ? 

16. What does my dream signify ? ' 


Make marks in four lines, one under an- 
other, in the following manner, making more 
or less in each line, according to your fancy :-~ 

* * * * * 

* * * * 

* * * * # 

* * * * * 

* * * * * 

Then reckon the number of marks in each 
line, and if it be odd, mark down one dot ; if 
even, two dots. If there be more than nine 
marks, reckon the surplus ones over that num- 
ber only : viz., 

The number of marks in the first line of the 
foregoing are odd', therefore make one mark, 
thus * 

In the second, even, so make two, thus * * 

In the third, odd again, make one mark 
only . . ♦. 

In the fourth, even again, two marks * * 


You must refer to The Oraculum, at the 
top of which you will find a row of dots simi- 
lar to those you have produced, and a column 
of figures corresponding with those prefixed 
to the questions: guide your eye down the 
column at the top of which you find the dots 
resembling your own, till you come to the 
letter on a line with the number of the ques- 
tion you are trying; then refer to the page 
having that letter at the top, and on a line 
with the dots which are similar to your own, 
you will find your answer. 

The following are unlucky days, on which 
none of the questions should be worked, or 
any enterprise undertaken: Jan. 1, 2,4,6, 10, 
20, 22; Feb. 6, 17, 28; Mar. 24, 26; April 
10, 27, 28; May 7, 8; June 27; July 17, 21 ; 
Aug. 20, 22; Sept. 5, 30 j Oct. 6; Nov. 3, 29; 
Dec. 6, 10, 15. 

* It is not right to try a question twice in 
one day. 











































• o 

























































































1— t 



































































t— 1 

















• >o 


















o 1 








t- 1 








































t— » 

























* * 






* * 







What you wish for, you will shortly 



Signifies trouble and sorrow. 



Be very cautious what you do this 
day, lest trouble befall you. 


The prisoner dies, and is regretted 
by his friends. 


Life will be spared this time, to 
prepare for death. 


A very handsome daughter, but a 
painful one. 


You will have a virtuous woman or 
man, for your wife or husband. 


If you marry this person, you will 
have enemies where you little expect. 



You had better decline this love, 
for it is neither constant nor true. 


Decline your travels, for they will 
not be to your advantage. 



There is a true and sincere friend- 
ship between you both. 


You will not recover the stolen 



The stranger will, with joy, soon 


You will not remove from where 
you are at present. 


The Lord will support you in a 
good cause. 




You are not lucky — pray to God 
that he may help you. 




The luck that is ordained for you 
will be coveted by others. 


Whatever your desires are, for the 
present decline them. 



Signifies a favor of kindness from 
some person. 


There are enemies, who would de- 
fraud and render you unhappy. 


With great difficulty he will obtain 
pardon or release again. 


The patient should be prepared to 
leave this world. 



She will have a son, who will be 
learned and wise. 


A rich partner is ordained for you. 




By this marriage you will have great 
luck and prosperity. 


This love comes from an upright 
and sincere heart. 



God will surely travel with you, 
and bless you. 


Beware of friends who are false and 



You will recover your property — 


Love prevents his return home at 



Your stay is not here : be therefore 
prepared for a change. 



You will have no GAIN; therefore be 
wise and careful. 





With the blessing of God you will 
have great gain. 



Very unlucky indeed — pray to God 
for his assistance. 



If your desires are NOT extravagant, 
they will be granted. 


Signifies peace and plenty between 


Be well prepared this day, or you 
may meet with trouble. 


The prisoner will find it difficult to 
obtain his pardon or release. 


The patient will yet enjoy health 
and prosperity. 


She will have a daughter, and will 
require attention. 



The person has NOT a great fortune 
but is in middling circumstances. 



Decline this marriage, or else you 
may be sorry. 



Decline a courtship which MAY be 
your destruction. 


Your travels are in vain : you had 
better stay at home. 



You may depend on a true and sin- 
cere friendship. 



You must not expect to regain that 
which you have lost. 


Sickness prevents the traveler from 
seeing you. 


It WILL be your fate to stay where 
you now are. 




You will obtain a great fortune in 
another country. 


By venturing freely, you WILL cer- 
tainly gain doubly. 



God will change your misfortune 
into success and happiness. 


Alter your intentions or else you 
MAY meet poverty and distress. 


Signifies you have many impedi- 
ments in accomplishing your pursuits. 


Whatever may possess your inclina- 
tions this day, abandon them. 


The prisoner will get free again 
this time. 


The patient's illness will be linger- 
ing and doubtful. 


She will have a dutiful and hand- 
some son. 



The person will be LOW in circum- 
stances, but honest-hearted. 



A marriage which will add to your 
welfare and prosperity. 




You love a person who does not 
speak well of you. 


Your travels will be prosperous, if 
guided by prudence. 


He means NOT what he says, for his 
heart is false. 


With some trouble and expense, you 
may regain your property. 




You must not expect to see the 
stranger again. 





The stranger will not return so 
soon as you expect. 


Remain among your friends, and you 
will do well. 



You will hereafter gain what you 


You have NO luck — pray to God, 
and strive honestly. 


You will obtain your wishes by 
means of a friend. 


Signifies you have enemies who will 
endeavor to ruin you. 


Beware — an enemy is endeavoring 
to bring you to strife and misfortune. 


The prisoner's sorrow and anxiety 
are great, and his release uncertain. 


The patient will soon recover — 
there is no danger. 


She will have a daughter, who will 
be honored and respected. 


Your partner will be fond of liquor, 
and will debase himself thereby. 



This marriage will bring you to pov- 
erty, be therefore discreet. 


Their love is false to you, and true 
to others. 


Decline you travels for the present, 
for they will be dangerous. 


This person is serious and true, and 
deserves to be respected. 


You will not recover the property 
you have lost. 



By persevering you WILL recover 
your property again. 


It is out of the stranger's power to 



You will gain, and be successful in 
foreign parts. 


A great fortune is ordained for you ; 
wait patiently. 


There is great hindrance to your suc- 
cess at present. 


Your wishes are in vain at present. 


Signifies there is sorrow and danger 
before you. 

* _ 

This day is unlucky ; therefore, alter 
you intention. 



The prisoner will be restored to lib- 
erty and freedom. 



The patient's recovery is doubtful. 


She will have a very fine boy. 



A worthy person, and a fine fortune. 



Your intentions would destroy your 
rest and peace. 




This love is true and constant ; for- 
sake it not. 



Proceed on your journey, and you 
will not have cause to repent it. 


If you trust this friend, you may 
have cause for sorrow. 






This friend exceeds all others in 
every respect. 




You must bear your loss with forti- 




The stranger will return unexpect- 


Remain at home with your friends, 
and you will escape misfortunes. 


You will meet no gain in your pur- 



Heaven will bestow its blessings on 




Signifies that you will shortly be out 
of the power of your enemies. 



Ill-luck awaits you — it will be 
difficult for you to escape it. 


The prisoner will be released by 
death only. 


By the blessing of God, the patient 
will recover. 


A daughter, but of a very sickly con- 


You will get an honest, young, and 
handsome partner. 




Decline this marriage, else it may be 
to your sorrow. 



Avoid this love. 


Prepare for a short journey ; you will 
be recalled by unexpected events. 





Commence your travels, and they 
will go on as you could wish. 


Your pretended friend hates you 



Your hopes to recover your property 
are vain. 


A certain affair prevents the stran- 
ger's return immediately. 


Your fortune you will find in abun- 
dance abroad. 


Decline the pursuit, and you will do 



Your expectations are vain — you will 
not succeed. 


You will obtain what you wish for. 



Signifies that on this day your for- 
tune will change for the better. 


Cheer up your spirits, your luck is at 


After long imprisonment he will be 


The patient will be relieved from 



She will have a healthy SON. 



You will be married to your equal in 
a short time. 



If you wish to be happy, do not 
marry this person. 


This love is from the heart, and will 
continue until death. 





The love is great, but it will cause 
great jealousy. 


It will be in vain for you to travel. 



Your friend will be as sincere as you 
could wish him to be. 


You will recover the stolen property 
through a cunning person. 


The traveler will soon return with 


You will not be prosperous or for- 
tunate in foreign parts. 



Place your trust in God, who is the 
disposer of happiness. 


Your fortune will shortly be changed 
into misfortune. 


You will succeed as you desire. 



Signifies that the misfortune which 
threatens will be prevented. * 



Beware of your enemies, who seek to 
do you harm. 



After a short time your anxiety for 
the prisoner will cease. 


God will give the patient health and 
strength again. 


She will have a very fine daughter. 


You will marry a person with whom 
you will have little comfort. 


The marriage will not answer your 



After much misfortune you will be 
comfortable and happy. 



A sincere love from an upright heart. 

You will be prosperous in your jour- 


Do not rely on the friendship of 
this person. 


The property is lost for ever; but 
the thief will be punished. 


The traveler will be absent some 
considerable time. 


You will meet luck and happiness in 
a foreign country. 


You will not have any success for 
the present. 



You will succeed in your undertak- 


Change your intentions, and you will 
do well. 


Signifies that there are rogues at 


Be reconciled, your circumstances 
will shortly mend. 



The prisoner will be released. 



The patient will depart this life. 


She will have a son. 


It will be difficult for you to get a 





You will get a very handsome person 
for your partner. 




Various misfortunes will attend this 


This love is whimsical and changea- 




You will be unlucky in your travels. 


This person's love is just and true. 
You may rely on it. 


You will lose, but the thief will suf- 
fer most. 


The stranger will soon return with 




If you remain at home, you will have 


Your gain will be trivial. 


You will meet sorrow and trouble. 


You will succeed according to your 


Signifies that you will get money. 



In spite of enemies, you will do well. 


The prisoner will pass many days in 



The patient will recover. 


She will have a daughter. 




She will have a son, who will gain 
wealth and honor. 


You will get a partner with great 
undertakings and much money. 


The marriage will be prosperous. 


She, or He, wishes to be yours this 


Your journey will prove to your ad- 


Place no great trust in that person. 


You will find your property at a cer- 
tain time. 


The traveler's return is rendered 
doubtful by his conduct. 



You will succeed as you desire in 
foreign parts. 


Expect no gain ; it will be in vain. 


You will have more luck than you 


Whatever your desires are, you will 
speedily obtain them. 



Signifies you will be asked to a wed- 



You will have no occasion to com- 
plain of ill-luck. 


Some one will pity and release the 


The patient's recovery is unlikely. 





The patient will recover, but his 
days are short. 



She will have a daughter. 



You will marry into a very respecta- 
ble family. 



By this marriage you will gain 


Await the time and you will find the 
love great. 


Venture not from home. 


This person is a sincere friend. 


You will never recover the theft. 


The stranger will return, but not 


When abroad, keep from evil women 
or they will do you harm. 


You will soon gain what you little 


You will have great success. 


Rejoice ever at that which is ordained 
for you. 


Signifies that sorrow will depart, 
and joy will return. 


Your luck is in blossom ; it will soon 
be at hand. 



Death may end the imprisonment. 



The prisoner will be released with 


The patient's recovery is doubtful. 



She will have a son, who will live to 
a great age. 


You will get a virtuous partner. 


Delay not this marriage — you will 
meet much happiness. 


None loves you better in this world. 


You may proceed with confidence. 


Not a friend, but a secret enemy. 



You will soon recover what is stolen. 


The stranger will not return again. 


A foreign woman will greatly en- 
hance your fortune. 


You will be cheated out of your gain. 



Your misfortunes will vanish and 
you will be happy. 



Your hope is in vain — fortune shuns 
you at present. 


That you will soon hear agreeable 


There are misfortunes lurking about 





This day brings you an increase of 




The prisoner will quit the power of 
his enemies. 


The patient will recover and live long. 


She will have two daughters. 


A rich young person will be your 



Hasten your marriage — it will bring 
you much happiness. 


The person loves you sincerely. 



You will not prosper from home. 



This friend is more valuable than 


You will never receive your goods. 


He is dangerously ill, and cannot 
yet return. 


Depend upon your own industry, 
and remain at home. 


Be joyful, for future prosperity is 
ordained for you. 



Depend not too much on your good 



What you wish will be granted to 


That you should be very careful this 
day, lest any accident befall you. 



Signifies much joy and happiness 
between friends. 


This day is not very lucky, but rather 
the reverse. 



He will yet come to honor, although 
he now suffers. 


Recovery is doubtful ; therefore, be 
prepared for the worst. 


She will have a son who will prove 


A rich partner, but a bad temper. 



By wedding this person you insure 
your happiness. 


The person has great love for you, 
but wishes to conceal it. 



You may proceed on your journey 
without fear. 



Trust him not ; he is inconstant and 


In a very singular manner you will 
recover your property. 



The stranger will return very soon. 



You will dwell abroad in comfort 
and happiness. 



If you will deal fairly you will surely 




You will yet live in spendor and 



Make yourself contented with your 
present fortune.